Friday, August 27, 2010

Game Plan 2010… The Final Stretch

We’re into the last few months of 2010. I’ve stayed pretty focused through most of the summer, cranking out an incredible number of 28mm WW2 figures. I was only briefly distracted over the last couple weeks with ideas of things fantastical and/or ancient… (and almost distracted by some micro sci-fi!?)

This last week or so I’ve been doing some organizing and “tidying” and taking stock and got refocused on things (relatively) modern. My plan, for the balance of 2010, is to complete the 28mm WW2 era stuff that I currently have.

Taking stock I’ve found that I have 1233 World War Two era figures (in 28mm). Of those 781 are painted, and 452 are not-so-painted. Looking over at the totals on the left there it seems I’ve currently painted 604 28mm foot so far this year and purchased 1041… So if I manage to paint ALL of them by the end of the year I will succeed in my goal to paint more figures than I’ve purchased. Well… at least more of the 28mm foot… mounted, vehicles and big baddies – I’ll have to get caught up on next year.

Breaking down the WW2 era infantry I have (Painted/Not-So-Painted):

Soviets 166/0
German Heer (European Fronts) 79/75
German late War SS 20/20
German Fallshirmjägers 11/36
German DAK 34/23
Italians 0/53
Canadians 49/56
British/Candian Paras 59/32
British Commandos 47/32
British SAS/LRDG 28/0
French Foreign Legion 30/0
Japanese 38/0
Australians 27/3
U.S. Marines PTO 10/0
U.S. Army ETO 15/42
Armed Civilians/Partisans/Resistance 47/22
Pulp Adventure 121/50

(I’ve included all the “Pulp Adventure” skirmish figures as there is a fair bit of cross over – in fact it was hard to determine sometimes which should be classified simply as “Armed Civilians/Partisans/Resistance” and which should be “Pulp Adventure” – of course there was a great many that could be either “Pulp Adventure” or “Victorian SF/Horror” or “Back of Beyond”, etc, etc…. anyway… they’ve been nominally organized into appropriate drawers and those currently in the “Pulp Adventure” are included…)

Of course then there’s tanks and vehicles… I’ll try and get those done as well, but the main focus in the infantry.

For Vehicles we have (again... Painted/Not-So-Painted):

Soviets 6/0*
German Heer (European Fronts) 7**/10
German late War SS (Use Heer stuff above)
German DAK 0/1
Canadians 0/6
U.S. Army ETO 0/1

* I might order myself a few T-34s this weekend… we shall see…
** six of these are pre-painted plastic models that are pretty good… I may repaint them sometime, but for now they are passable and useable.

I’ve even come up with a bit of a schedule:

August (like, this weekend)
Finish up the armed civilians

September - Commonwealth
The Canadians (including the tanks)

October/November – Germans
Heer (including tanks and vehicles)
Late War SS

December – The Rest
Pulp Adventure
(and Soveit tanks, if I get them…)

I may not get it all done… but it’s good to have something to shoot for!

So, for 2011…? In the new year, after finishing up any WW2 era stuff I haven’t quite finished I thought I might try and finish up the rest of the early twentieth century stuff (Great War Western Front/East Africa/RCW/Back of Beyond forces), and some Victorian SF/Horror skirmishy stuff… and after that I want to get cracking on some DBA and HOTT armies. My plan, for the following three or four years, is to finish up one DBA/HOTT army every month… I have plenty armies with all options ready to be painted:

Viking x2
Anglo-Danish** x2
Early Imperial Rome x4
Early Germans
Classic Indians
Lion Clan*
Unicorn Clan
Dragon Clan
Crab Clan
Scorpion Clan
Shadowlands (oni)
SYW Englsih**
SYW French**
SYW other?
ECW Parliament x2
ECW Royalist* x2
ECW Scots Covenanters
ECW Scots Royalists*

*Armies that I have a start on and just need to finish up
**Armies that I have a complete army that can be fielded but need some extra options or that I have a second complete army/command to paint!

Also over the last week of looking through the bins and seeing what I have I’ve come to the realization that I have enough…

Yep, you read that right: I HAVE ENOUGH STUFF

(Well, for some time at least – and with one, small, exception… being the aforementioned T-34s)

I’ve decided that (after this weekend) I am not going to buy any more toys until at least 2012. Oh, there’s a few other things I can think of that I might like (1940 French, SAS mounted Jeep patrol, Italian tanks, more early war Russian and German tanks, etc…) but, seriously… I’ve got to get some stuff DONE before I can be buying any more stuff!!!

Back to assembling the Humber and panting armed civilians…

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  1. I can both sympathize and empathize with this post! The final stretch indeed!

    Good stuff Tim.