Friday, August 27, 2010

The HUMBER – Part Two

Well, now that I’ve actually sorted out what sort of Armoured Car it actually is… (Humber, NOT Staghound – DOH!!!)…

These were part of Infantry Division Armoured Car Regiments, and as the infantry I am painting up are Regina Rifles (from the Third Canadian Infantry Division)… that would mean my little Humber is going to be from the 7th Reconnaissance Regiment (17th Duke of York’s Royal Canadian Hussars) (Now the Royal Canadian Hussars (Montreal)).

Some more websites:

Canadian War Museum
Royal Canadian Armoured Corps Association
Juno Beach
DND Website

B squadron apparently landed on D-Day as traffic control, beach exit parties brigade contact detachements.

I found enough pictures on the internet to figure out pretty much where everything is supposed to go, and so we begin…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

I had to do a fair bit of filling with Miliput between the two main body parts – though a lot of the joint was covered by the slab-like thingies on the back.

I busted out the green stuff and paperclips to model a shovel on the left side – as pretty much every picture I saw had a shovel there – I thought it would be remiss of me to leave off. Of course there’s also a pick-axe head just rear of the shovel in most pics… and I was just too lazy/impatient to add one of those on…

On the right side there were two bar-like things opposite the shovel. I’m not really sure what they are… but they’re there in most pictures… so I added a couple on.

I'm also going to have to drill out that hole for the turret (it's just not big enough...).

The barrel on the turret was horribly bent when I received the model and no amount of bending seemed to be getting it straight – but I noticed it was about the same gauge as the jumbo paper clips I do love to use for modeling (spears and pikes, mostly…). So I nipped off the existing one and replaced it – using a bit of the left over miliput to taper the barrel a bit and add a flared bit on the end. The one that it came with had a slight flare to it – an some of the models I’ve found pics of do… some don’t…? It looks a little big yet – I’ll probably have to file that down a bit more. If I gets to thin and just breaks off I’ll just leave it off…

The turret commander didn’t come with the kit – I got him in an ebay lot of assorted vehicles commanders and drivers.

NEXT: Wheels, and maybe some stowed kit (if I don’t get too lazy). Then on to priming and basing and painting!!

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More of the Humber… and some Canadian infantrymen… and perhaps some more resistance/partisan/armed civilians…

With the German big cats that arrived yesterday my replacement tracks arrived for the Shermans - so I'm awfully tempted to get to work on those... I think I'll finish up this Humber first. Then maybe the SHermans. Though, it would probably be more sensible to work on the German tanks first... but then when has sensibility ever dictated what I should work on next!?


  1. The bar-like things are pick-axe handles.

  2. One might be an axe...

  3. In one picture one of the bar-like things looked like it was wood - and I thought of pick-axe handle (odd that the head would be on the other side of the vehicle - but then nobody ever accused the army of being "efficient").

    The other one, however, looked like it might be a metal bar...? maybe part of a two-part lug nut wrench assembly...?

  4. The assembly is looking pretty good Tim.

  5. I was doing a google image search and in one picture those two bars look like an axe handle and possibly a metal pry-bar. As far as 'military logic' goes, the handle could be a spare and there are multiple maintenance uses for a pry-bar.


  6. Well one of them is definitely a pick axe handle... idea on the other though (i'd go with crow bar based on a couple of modelling sites)...

    Either way - it was the crewman I wanted to comment on - nice figure!

  7. Thanks Steve!

    The crew guy is pretty nice. Too bad I hvae no idea who made him! It might be Battle Honors - as a number of the others in the lot that I picked up I was able to identify as Battle Honors (as I picked up a Battle Honors M10 Tank Destroyer and a number of the very same crew figures came with the model!) but I can't say for certain.