Monday, August 30, 2010

Canadian Rifle Platoon Complete

Despite a plan to finish off all my armed civilians this month and work on Canadians NEXT month I spent the weekend working on a 7th Reconnaissance Regiment Humber and a handful of Canadian Infantrymen to finish out a full platoon.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These chaps are a mix of Warlord Games/Bolt Action Miniatures, West Wind Productions, and, I think, First Corps

This batch finishes off a full strength/war establishement Rifle Platoon.

The Full Platoon

The platoon is a mix of Warlord Games/Bolt Action Miniatures, West Wind Productions, First Corps, Artizan Designs, and Crusader Miniatures.

Of course putting together a full strength platoon is a bit of an absurdity… even IF they had full strength on their nominal roll – the full platoon would never go into battle together. The British and Canadians had an LOB system (Left out of Battle). I’m not entirely sure how it was administered, but the idea was that some would be left behind/in reserve when the unit went into battle in case the unit was utterly wiped out those left behind would form a cadre around which the unit could be reformed… or something like that…

I seem to recall reading… somewhere… That in North west Europe it was rare for a section (of, in theory, ten) to field more than FIVE riflemen!?

I had originally planned on taking pictures of each of the sections individually, but the “light sprinkle” that was starting when I went out to take pictures this morning quickly turned into “steady rain” and we had to beat a hasty retreat back indoors…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

The last of the Armed Civilians (well… not including those classified as “Pulp Adventure”…)

After that I’m back on to Canadians – I have psrt of a second platoon to finish up (thought I had a second full strength platoon, but when I was looking last night I realized I only have about 2.5 sections and no officer or sergeant!?), an Armoured Troop (4 Shermans), a few Pioneers, an MG team, a Universal Carrier, and a few other odd and sundry items…

After THAT it will be either the Commandos (one section to finish up, plus a couple extras) or the Paras (a second Platoon to finish up – plus a couple extra support types)… and that should keep me busy for pretty much all of September…


  1. I'm a but disappointed our brave Canadian lads would flee from something as minor as a slight shower. Nice painting, mind you!

  2. Looks great Tim ..... your making my 28mm WWII itch start ..... and I don't need that right now

  3. Sorry... I think there's a cream for that...

  4. Well done Tim, lovely looking unit.

    By the by, I'm painting some Canadians for a client an I hope you maybe able to assist in the greener colour for the uniform and what colour for the equipment. I imagine thye ahve red shoulder flashes etc.

    Thanks a million,


  5. Thanks Helen!

    Not all Canadian units had red shoulder flashes. That was specific to the Regina Rifles. Every battalion had their own, individual unit title.

    Below that was a rectangular patch denoting division; Red First, Blue Second, Grey Third, Green Fourth, Maroon Fifth. There was also Corps patches (diamonds, I think) and patches for the independant armoured brigades.

    Histoire & Collections has a great book that shows all of them; "The Canadian Soldier; From D-Day to VE-Day" by Jean Bouchery. I'll see if I can't find a website which a bunch of them, though...

  6. ...and a couple links concerning Canadian battledress:

    The General's Tent

    Illustration by Ron volstad

    Canadian Battledress Blouse

    Painting by Alex Colville (Official Canadian War Artist)

    It's just a bit Greener than the British. Please don't ask what paint I used - I mixed up my own in a spare jar and it took me forever adding various greens and brown and comparing to some pants that I have... eventually I gave up and said "close enough!?" (mine are post war anyway... which aren't so green)

  7. Thank you for your assistance.

    That's okay about the paint. It's always nice to hear what other artists use for painting their miniatures as it provides ideas only.

    Thanks again,