Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Distractions – Darkest Africa/Gothic Horror

So… these are neither 20th Century armed civilians nor WW2 Canadians. So much for “The Plan”…

I should be back on track shortly. I just can’t decide if I should finish off the Armed Civilians (that I planned to finish off in August) before launching forward on the Canadians (planned for this month).

For anyone wondering why the blog seems to be all about painting these days and where all the game reports have gone… I’ve mostly been playing Savage Worlds (mostly WW2 skirmish actions and some pulpy-Cthulhu type stuff…) and have been posting the game reports over at Savage Timmy’s Playhouse!

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These are some Eastern European Politzei from West Wind Productions Gothic Horror/Vampire Wars line. The blue ended up a tad lighter that I had originally imagined in my mind’s eye… but… oh well… Not going to repaint them – I mean how often am I going to use them anyway!?

Some more Darkest Africa types. I tried to paint the European officer to look like a German Schutztruppe officer (as I need another one or two…).

I guess I did do something mildly WW2 related… I finished off my Russian anti-tank bomb dog…. I should try that out on Wednesday… just hope it runs towards the right tanks!!

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Back to the 20th Century with some armed civilians and/or Canadians.


  1. Antitank bomb dog? Cool model. Did these dogs sniff out bombs? How did they work?

  2. Oh no! No, nothing quite so humane or sensible...

    See that thing strapped to it's back? It's a bomb.

    They apparently trained dogs to run towards tanks and try to crawl under them. That stick protruding from the top - that's the detonator - when they tried to crawl under something - BOOM went the dog and whatever it crawled under...

    Unfortunately sometimes the dogs got freaked out in gen-u-ine combat and ran back towards the people it was familiar with and tried to hide under them... or their jeeps.. or trucks... or wagons.. or whatever...

  3. I wonder if they will ever put that into FoW? Germans engineer remote control tanks, and the Soviets use dogs!

    I've seen video of these dogs...crazy.

    what do you use for lining? I've just started using a wash, but its still not really want I want. I've read about technical pens, but no one in Canada seems to know what they are.

  4. You can get Rapidograph technical pens at Michaels (the big chain craft supply store). I think there was an art supply store out of... Ottawa? or Montreal...? that had them too...

    That's not what I use though. I just underpaint everything black and paint colour on in flat blocks upto the border of where the colour would end but leave a fine black line around everything... it that makes any sense. It's not as tricky as it sounds... quicker than washes and, I think, more effective for bringing out detail...

    Video of the dogs? like, in training? or actually blowing stuff up?! Yikes!

  5. This isn't the one I was originally thinking of, but they seem to have technical pens: