Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Padre

Painted up a Regimental Chaplin for the Regina Rifles I’m working on…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The figure is from Bolt Action Miniatures.

…and comes complete with silver cross and wooden stakes – in case the going gets WEIRD for the Rifles in their campaign through Northwest Europe…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More of the Rifles.


  1. When your post first loaded, I saw the picture of the padre holding the cross and thought "what no nazi vampire?" and damned if I didn't scroll down and there he was. You made might knight. And your ESP is freakin' me out.

  2. “No man knows till he has suffered from the night how sweet and dear to his heart and eye the morning can be.”

  3. Nice work, I love your lining. Those must be 28 mm. I'm not so sure I could do block painting like that on a 120 15mm russians.

    I think i'm going to try again at finding a radiograph pen.

    I do a thick dry brush on my soilders and they look good, but it takes for ever, and I go through so many brushings from dry brushing.

    i'm going to try airbrusing a base coat and then lining them, if the pen has a small enough point. or i'll try the wash.

    I'm really trying to find ways to speed up my painting while still increasing quality.

  4. cheers!

    I used the same technique when I was painting 15mm. works the same - super quick once you get the hang of it. Does require steady hands though.

    I used a rapidograph once on a 1/72 tank. I have a feeling the detail on a 15mm tank (or infantry!?) might be too fine for lining it with a pen - but give it a try!

  5. FYI: The Regina Rifles (A Coy) will be featured in a new Canadian movie called "Storming Juno" on History Television Nov 11, 2010. The two other units featured are the 1st Cdn Parachute Bn & the 1st Hussars, whose tanks supported the Reginas on D-Day. Google "Storming Juno" for related articles, photos, & videos.
    A companion piece, "Remembering Juno" featuring D-Day veterans will also be shown.

  6. Lots of the FoW guys use the radiograph pens. I tried the gel pen, because no one knew what a technical pen was here in regina.

    but it will all depend on how fine the tip is.

    I don't know seems like block painting would take way longer. I block painted my tanks. but now that I have an airbrush, that is out the door.

  7. Thanks for the tip "anonymous" about Storming Juno. I don't have a TV but I'll have to track that down at some point - hopefully our public library will get a copy on DVD.

    Gel pen!? Like a ball point gell pen? Oi! Yes - rapidograph will work much better! Look for a really fine one - 3xO/.25 or smaller.

    That 's interesting that lots of people are using them. Whatever works, eh? I just can't imagine drawing all those details being any quicker than painting them though...? I've block painted everything for years and no one who's seen my collection would ever use the word "slow" to describe my rate of production.

    If speed is what you're after washes and drybrushing might work better...?

  8. no not a ball point. its almost like a marker. 2mm point. I tried it on a Stug, and it didn't look to bad. gives it the cartoony look that some guys like. but ya it took a long time. but infantry already takes me a long time. i'm thinking airbrush and then pen in the creases, and then highlight the raised edges...not sure if it will be faster.

    I'm almost done some German Armour. I airburshed and washed jsut like my IS-2's on my blog, but I refined my wash. the lines turned out way better. you'll have to let me know what you think.

    it was definitely way faster then block painting.

    I'd have to say the effect is different, not sure if better or not yet.

    We'll see when I matt coat it.

    I have a few T-34's to do, and then i'll going to try airbrushing some german grenadiers. so I guess we'll see. I just takes me way to long at this point to paint so many infantry.

    I appreciate the tips. your lining is so good, I'm inspired.