Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More Gebirgsjäger

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Painting night with the Tims.

Mr. Miller and I have started having painting nights again. They’re not set to any particular day of the week – just whenever he has a night off that corresponds with a night that I am painting (which is pretty much EVERY night – that I’m not playing a game…). We used to do this regularly but after nearly a years hiatus we are back at it!

Here’s a few more of the Gebirgsjäger that I finished up last night…

These fellows are from Brigade Games “Ends of the Earth” line. Lovely figures. I’ll probably finish off the rest of them in the next couple days…

I’d originally tried to take pictures of these on a plain white background - to make them look like they were on a glacier somewhere - either in the Alps or the Caucasus or the Antarctic... I took pictures indoors and outdoors, but it just didn’t seem to work out. I’m thinking it was too high contrast. The white was just to bright and caused the shutter speed to be higher than was necessary for good colour….? Anyway, I thought I’d include those, too, anyway.

Indoor light white paper background

Outdoor/natural light (on a cloudy day). Set on styrofoam packing material.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

the last of the Gebirgsjäger… Painting the Shermans… WW2 Canadian infanty… More Germans… ECW Scotts!? Epic Scale Eldar!? I don’t know…


  1. Excellent to see your painting space! Pretty snazzy there :) Nice figures as well.

    As for the images, it looks to me like your indoor lights are giving off a bit more red than the outdoor lights. I typically set me camera colour mode to incandescent whenever I take pictures, as it takes the red out. But I'm still an amateur, so what do I know ;)

    Looking good though man!

  2. Hi Tim, nice looking squad of Gebirgsjager.

    Do you have the late war variants too?



  3. No, I just picked up the first three packs. That gives me fifteen troops, which is probably enough for my purposes. I figure I can get away with using these throughout the war... It'd be a little harder to explain MP44 armed Gebirgsjåger in the Antarctic in 1936....

    Then again, it'd be pretty hard to explain any sort of armed Germans in the Antarctic in 1936... so what was I worried about!?


  4. Great figures! What did you use to create the shading on the miniatures? Magic wash...Army Painter wash?

  5. Thanks Reinwood!

    I don't use any washes. I underpaint everything black - anywhere that you see black outline/shading are simply areas that I applied no paint to.

  6. Oh, and that's just a temporary painting space. Normally I'm semi-permanently set up on a card table upstairs in our room by the DVD viewing machine (so I can sit up there and... well... listen to DVDs that Amanda's watching in the evenings - when she's not at Yoga...). I move it all downstairs and set up on the game table just for painting nights with Mr. Miller.

  7. nice, as usual.

    very cool light demo. interesting.