Sunday, September 22, 2019

September Games - Week Three

Carrying on into the third week of my September Game-A-Day Challenge 2019...

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Finnegan and I  got in another game in our Necromunda campaign. I had a terrible night and very little sleep so bailed on my own Sunday afternoon Dance class, and Amanda ended up taking Keira to hers - while they were out, Finnegan and I set up and played a game.

You can check out the full report here:

The Pit

Later in the evening, after the Grrrlz got home and had had supper, we watched more of Stranger Things, Season Two...

Monday, 16 September 2019

Monday evening, Amanda and I have a Ballroom Dance class that we are now attending... unfortunately this Monday we were out late at an appointment with Finnegan and weren't back in time to go out to that. We had thought after Ballroom Amanda and Keira could get in their game of Necromunda, but by the time we were home and had had supper, no one was really interested in a more involved game of Necromunda...

So Amanda and I had a quick game of 7 Wonders Duel...

It was a weird game, I very nearly won with Military power. Amanda ran away with science, but I mostly ignored it, thinking I was so far ahead in so many other things that she couldn't possibly get enough points out of it - and we were both under the impression that you had to have almost all of the PAIRs to win with science. As it turns out you can win with science as long as you have six (I think) different science symbols - which she totally DID have!! So Amanda won with SCIENCE for once! Woo!

I had filled out a score card as we'd gotten to the end of the game, and then I had this sneaking suspicion that maybe it wasn't pairs she'd needed and thought I'd double check the rules... so she should have ended the game a few turns earlier when she picked up her sixth science card.

Afterwards we watched MORE of Stranger Things, Season Two, and finished it off...

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

After I got home from taking Keira to dance classes (and we were waiting for Anand to get home from HER dance class) I talked Keira into playing a game with me!

We played Eco Flux (now called Nature Fluxx?) - which was a lot of fun. I haven't played a FLuxx game for some time. It was pretty tense - there were a few times both of us were about to win, only to be thwarted (either on purpose or by chance) by our opponent.

In the end I won. Keira played a Goal (Clouds) that I just happened to have both of the Keepers for (Air and Water)!?

When Amanda got home we started in on How I Met Your Mother Season Nine. There were FOUR TV series waiting for me when I did my library run last Saturday! Luckily they've changed their borrowing policy and they now loan TV series and other multi disc sets out for TWO weeks, instead of just ONE! Still - it's a LOT of TV watching to get through all of this - even in two weeks!)

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

After getting home from Keira's WEDNESDAY dance class, we played a game of Splendor - it was fun to play as we hadn't played in a while. It's rare that I've played with less than four and I think this is the first game I've played with just TWO. It was an interesting game as there was less people to potentially mess with your plans (by taking the card you wanted before it was your turn again) but you're also playing with much fewer gems... so you really have to build up a stock of the cheap ones to afford the bigger ones that give you points - something Amanda often just ignores and collects up and hoards piles and piles of gems of ONE COLOUR until she gets the things she wants - and somehow she WINS with this strategy!?

I ended up winning this game. It was more luck than anything - about half way through the game there just happened to be a bunch of easy cards I was jut able to pick up with the cards I already had in play - like for four or five turns in a row! Those allowed me to pick up the merchants - or collect up a few higher points cards... and that was it... ended the game with 17 points!

Afterwards we watched a few more episodes of  How I Met Your Mother Season Nine. After Amanda went to bed, I stayed up and watched the first four or five episodes of Jack Ryan - one of the other series I picked up from the library. It was pretty good. Reminded me a bit of Homeland... which I also liked. I also like the few Tom Clancy books I read, back in the day - so it was fun to see this modern adaptation of classic characters.

Thursday, 19 September 2019

Whoopsie... totally forgot to play a game today...

It was a long day... orthodontist visits, sore mouths, another appointment with Finnegan and a diagnosis (which was, at this point, just a confirmation of what we already suspected, but will hopefully mean we will now be able to access resources and programs that will help the fellow out!)

Amanda also had more dance classes (a tap class that she took, followed by a yoga dance class that she taught). When she finally got home we watched a few more episodes of How I Met Your Mother Season Nine and then I finished off Jack Ryan Season One.

Friday, 20 September 2019

Another late night... and a quick game of patchwork with Amanda (before watching a few MORE episodes of How I Met Your Mother!)

I thought I was doing so well getting the board filed out and even scored the bonus for filling in a 7x7 area... but I just could not get enough buttons! counting up buttons and then subtracting the penalty for unfilled areas I ended up with -7!? Amanda was +6, so, she totally won! (Of course before we were even half way through the game she was moaning about how well I was doing and how I had it "in the bag!")

Saturday, 21 September 2019

Saturday afternoon, Finnegan ran his regular D&D game. Almost a full house this week... only one girl was missing!

Later in the evening Keira ran a game of the Song of Ice and Fire RPG for the family!

Part of Keira's homeschool Language Arts program was to READ a half dozen of these role-playing games she's collected up over the years and regularly hinted at wanting to run, but never actually got to. The idea is for her to READ them - which is, y'know, READING - but not JUST reading - it's very TECHNICAL reading - reading that she has to do and comprehend well enough that she can later EXPLAIN said rules and run a game with players that totally don't know those rules. Also requires presentation ability and the ability to focus a discussion and creative ability to describe situations and people and... and... Yeah, I'm still high-fiving myself over this one...

I played Nicholas Rivers a bastard of the Riverlands... I decided he was a recent convert to the Lord of Light...

It was a very quick game of three short encounters - to basically learn the rules of the game. They seemed easy enough.

The deal was to run at least a one-shot adventure, but if she was SUPER STOKED about the system or setting, she could just carry right on running games for us. I think she's going to take a break from this one (though said she liked it enough she might come back to it...),  but wants to move one and run a game of Epyllion - a game where you role-play youthful dragons!!?

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Hopefully this evening we'll get some Necromunda games in and I'll post reports of those early in the week.

I also have a bunch of Epic Marines I finished up and will post pics of the entire force so far...

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