Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Roger’s Rangers

Here is a stand of “Jägers” for my18th Century British DBA army…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These are from RAFM’s French and Indian War range. I’ve had these for ages and just repainted them to bring them up to current standards and fit in with the rest of the army. I have a bunch more… I guess I could do another two stands or so for when I get around to doing REALLY BIG battles…

One more stand of British and I can play a game… I guess I COULD play with one short… or use one of the French guns as a British one (They’re both in blue coats with red facings, right?) or something like that…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I had hoped I’d be able to finish off the Norman Army this week, but two board meetings and a Halloween party are putting a serious cramp in my painting productivity… that and I’ve been doing a massive stock taking of all the 28mm miniatures I have to get an idea of how many I actually have and what percentage are actually painted!? More on that soon!

Hopefully I will finish up stock taking AND maybe finish up the Normans on Friday night... ? We shall see..

Unfortunately I just bought 40 new figures!? They're old AEG Clan War Samurai - similar to (if not the same as) the ones still being sold by Magnificent Ego for about $5US a piece - and I got the whole she-bang for just over $30US including shipping!? How could I pass that up!?I should still be able to paint more than I've purchased this year..


  1. Woo-hoo! Stock taking! I am certainly very interested in that! And more new miniatures? Wow! That is a good deal though, especially considering the price difference. I'm looking forward to seeing those come together for sure!


  2. Ugh.... the stock-taking is taking forever... and the results are a little embarrassing... so much unpainted lead (and plastic)! I mean, I knew it was all there, and that there was a LOT of it, but to look at the actual numbers... Oi!? It was a little startling to discover I have over a thousand unpainted fantasy figures.... and that's just the fantasy ones...

    I've been working through the historical stuff starting with ancients and working up through the dark ages and on to the Renaissance... Which was also a little demoralizing (since I JUST BOUGHT a few hundred ancients during the RAFM sale...). Hopefully as I get towards teh 20th centruy stuff the percentage of unpainted stuff will go down a bit as I have a lot higher portion of my modernish stuff complete.

    I am torn as to whether I should finish off the stock-taking or finish off the Normans. I could probably do one by the weekend, but not likely both...

  3. I'd paint first, take stock later; those figs will wait to be counted for sure :) And it's always good to break up the monotony!


  4. Paint first. Then stock take and make a pile of stuff to trade away.

  5. Something you're looking for, Bob?

    I think the next block of stuff to trade away will be the rest of the 15mm WW2 stuff... which I'm not even taking stock of at the moment....

    Then again, all this stock-taking has caused me to start thinking about reorganization of the armies. For example - I have a pretty decent Elf HOTT army (almost 40AP - lots of options...). I have twice as many again unpainted stuff... so Should I organize second and third Elf HOTT armies to eventually paint... or should I start getting rid of some and not even waste my time painting them....?

  6. I was actually working on the Normans last night. I have four stands of knights nearly completed - I'll finish up the shields tonight and get them based tomorrow. I will then have a complete Norman army!

    I may not have ALL options, though. I know I don't have the two Cavalry options, but I will have enough Knights and the Light Horse option and the Bow and Spear... but not the Psiloi... and that may have to stay that way for a bit...

  7. Paint a second elf army (maybe evil elves?) so you can do eleven civil wars and then sell the third army (painted even) to raise money for other purposes!

    No particular wants for me right now! But 15mm WW2 is popular enough you can move it fast on Bartertown.

  8. I thought I'd try and make one "High Elf" army and one "Wood Elf" army... keep some for skirmishing and dispose of the rest!

  9. I've had the best luck when I have traded away "armies" (painted or not). So the other guys knows what he is getting and knows he's getting a useful and complete set.