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Campaign for Kümer – Year Three Spring

The Map

Starting in the south, The Orcs of Grummsh decided to take a slightly different approach to their campaigning. Despite their capitol being threatened by the Sapphic League they surged northward into the land of Ronarok, laying siege to Skohln. The Orcs of the south, while ferocious in battle, are not the most adept at siege works. The city was surrounded and assault after assault were thrown at the walls, each to be beaten back by the valiant defenders of Skohln. Eventually The Orcs just decided to camp out and starve the defenders out. Then ill tidings arrived from the south….

The Sapphic League marched on Marrow, expecting to find it defended by the Host of Grummsh. They were surprised to find the hillfort all but deserted. The walls were quickly stormed and the city sacked, many slaves were taken, and most of the rest were put to the sword. Would the Warriors or Grummsh accept The Sapphic League as their overlords or would they be wiped out of existence or driven from the lands of Kümer…?

Further north the Ronarokings sailed from Marhan to Cognomen – a rough passage in the spring as the Tria Nominians can attest. A number of ships were lost in the crossing. Arriving in Cognomen they found the Elves already departed north and so marched east to Toctglenn. There they found the mountain fastness held by a small garrison or Orcs. Though the garrison small the mighty Dwarven fortress is darned near impregnable and the orcs could not be winkled out.

The absence of the Orcs weighted heavy on Jarl Thorvald Skardsen's thoughts. “Where could they have gone?” he pondered. The answer arrived as a shocking dispatch from King Claudius; the Orcs of Valishog had stormed down from the mountains near Weinglenn and overrun the city of Marhan!!

The Legions of Tria Nomina mustered in the spring and readied to march back to Cognomen in, yet another attempt to wrest if from the Elvish invaders. The Elves, it seems, were lighter of foot and caught the Tria Nominians as they just began their march south from Praenomen.

The Second Battle of Praenomen

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The Legions of Tria Nominia marshal to defend the gates of Praenomen.

The Elvish lines are drawn up for the attack.

The lines close.

There was a brief cavalry skirmish on the flanks where the Tria Nominian auxiliary horse came to a bad end.

With their flank threatened by the Elvish riders the Tria Nominians tried to redeploy.

First the Auxiliary Archers guarding the flanks were ridden down…

Then the first century in line was ridden down. I t started to look like it might be a very short battle with the Elvish Cavalry taking all the glory.

The next Century in line, however was made of sterner stuff! They charged down the hill after the Elvish horsemen…

…and wiped out one squadron of them.

The Elvish cavalry was taken off guard by the sudden ferocity and violence! The second squadron was engaged…

…and vanquished!

There was some skirmishing of the main lines of foot. The Tria Nominians General drove two units of Elvish archers off the field of battle. It looked like the tide had turned….

But then the Tria Nominian General’s unit was surrounded and destroyed by the Elvish sorcerer while elvish archers blocked their escape.

There was some shoving of heavy foot which accounted for very little

Eventually a unit of Auxilliary spearmen were driven from the field by the withering hail of deadly accurate Elvish archery. The Tria Nominians were forced to seek terms….

Country: Tria Nomina – Vassal of the Ilferien
Race: Humans
Head of State: Aculeo Bibaculus Mediocrito, Imperator of Tria Nomina
Commander of the Field Army:
Capitol: Praenomen
Other Cities: Nomen, Agnomen
Location of Field Army: Praenomen
Prestige Points: 11
Army Size: 16AP

Country: The Sapphic League of Unity and Togetherness
Race: Mixed – WOMEN!!
Head of State: Myrah the Mighty, Chairperson of the Council of Empowerment of the Sapphic League of Unity and Togetherness.
Commander of the Field Army: General Libby
Capitol: Thatcherton
Other Cities: Bhutto, Beauvoir, Otisburg
Location of Field Army: Marrow
Prestige Points: 24
Army Size: 24AP

Country: The Ilferien
Race: Ilferien (Elves)
Head(s) of State: Consul Rhalasa
Commander of the Field Army: Consul Sundiasen
Capitol: Melitele
Other Cities: Anasterele, Wynstrele, Dyladele, Cognomen
Location of Field Army: Praenomen
Prestige Points: 4
Army Size: 20AP

Country: Toctland – Vassal of Transil-Valishog-Atania
Race: Dwarves
Head of State: King Malaius MacDoogleg
Commander of the Field Army: General Gilgidi MacAuslin
Capitol: Ghillebrae
Other Cities: Weinglenn,
Location of Field Army: Ghillebrae
Prestige Points: 2
Army Size: 12AP

Country: Ronarok
Race: Humans
Head of State: King Claudius Hrosskellsen
Commander of the Field Army: Jarl Thorvald Skardsen
Capitol: Ludharn
Other Cities: Skohln
Location of Field Army: Toctglenn
Prestige Points: 14
Army Size: 16AP

Country: Transil-Valishog-Atania
Race: Orcs
Head of State: Vladimeag Votostogish (Vlad the Kinslayer)
Commander of the Field Army:
Capitol: Brasog
Other Cities: Gorj, Dolj, Toctglenn, Marham
Location of Field Army: Marham
Prestige Points: 12
Army Size: 22AP

Country: Grummsh – Vassal of the Sapphic League?
Race: Orcs
Head of State: Bolg Skullcrusher
Capitol: Marrow
Other Cities: Crudd
Location of Field Army: Skohln
Prestige Points: 8
Army Size: 16AP

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