Monday, October 19, 2009

Not Quite Dark Ages…

I finished up a fair chunk of stuff this last week.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

First of all... I finished up the shed!

These are some medieval axemen. I think most of them are from the Old Glory War of the Roses Line, though there are a few old foundry figures mixed in there. I have to admit, I did just because I knew they’d be easy and I could get them done and out of the way quickly…

They will be used as Blade in a “Generic Medieval” Hordes of the Things army. They join three stands of Shooters (Archers). I have at least another three stands of Shooters (Crossbow, maybe more archers), and three more stands worth of Blades (halbardiers). I’ll probably split these up into the foot element of two separate armies.

I haven’t painted a banner for the stand in the middle yet. I’ll have to decide on the names and backgrounds of the armies. I may resurrect Duc Phillipe Lapin – a character I used when I played warhammer… goodness… 20 years ago!? Duc Phillipe’s coat of arms had lots of rabbits on them.

If I did the second army as his nemesis – what would their coat of arms be…? Turtles…? Foxes…?

I have two or three old Bretonian Knights from Games Workshop and some old citadel mounted crossbowmen I could use as Riders… but I’ll need some more knights. I’ve been eyeing up some of the Perry Miniatures Hundred Years War mounted men-at-arms to use as knights… Or perhaps just some more Old Glory… We’ll see. It’s not a big priority right now.

These are some Grenadiers made by my friend John Bertolini. As with most of his figures they are meant to be very generic. I’ve tried to paint them as “British”. I actually started painting these figures… oh… eight years ago… but recently decided I really wanted to try out the DBA Extension for 18th Century battles. I have easily enough French, but need a few more stands of British. Two Guns and Crew and maybe a stand of Jägers should finish them up.

This is a Keltos figure… I’ll use him with my Picts.

Some children from Reaper Miniatures.

A Viking berserker/Ulfehdnar from Gripping Beast.

This is Tsathoggua a Great Old One from the Cthulhu Mythos. It’s an old Grenadier Miniatures Call of Cthulhu figure I’ve had for ages – recently stripped of paint and repainted and based to be used as a God in Hordes of the Things - should anyone ever want to play an army of Great Old One worshipping cultists….

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I’m just finishing up the basing for a stand of Viking berserkers (Warband) – not something I really NEED (as I HAVE two already)… but at least it’s getting me on track with the Dark Ages stuff… Most of the stuff left on the workbench is Normans… I’m going to try and finish that army off in the next week or two. Then it’s on to the Irish!


  1. Yay shed!

  2. Shed!?

    I thought YOU'd be all excited about the Great Old One!?

  3. Yay Tsthaguogguauuooogua!

  4. Some very nice mini painting again. I especially like the Cthulhu model. Looking forward to seeing all your Dark Age/Early Medieval armies ranked up and facing each other.

    Sheds - hmm, every man needs a shed. Can't wait to move home so I can get a shed.

  5. Ah, the shed I've only just painted is actually the "old shed", or "Bicycle Storage Facility Mk. I"... which I built when we first moved into our current house. It's only finally being painted after... uh... eight years or so...? Long after it was out-grown and "Bicycle Storage Facility Mk. II" or "The Bike Barn" was built (and painted....). It currently houses an assortment of gardening tools, the lawnmower, and a pile of scrap wood....