Friday, October 30, 2009


When I was last telling you lies, mentioned how much I liked Neldoreth’s approach to keeping tabs on the pile – Keeping a tally of Unpainted Figure Totals. While I’m not planning on having an ongoing tally of what I haven’t painted, I did decide to get a clearer idea of just how much crap I HAVE and how much of it is painted versus unpainted… So, over the last week I’ve stayed up to absurd hours tallying up all the lead and here’s what I’ve come up with…

I should mention that this is only the 25/28mm stuff, which is all I’m really concerned with and seem to paint these days – I have scads of 20mm stuff and I don’t even want to think about tallying that right now. I do still have a few 15mm items after THE PURGE – but that’s pretty static – I won’t ever be adding to it and most of it is painted, I also have a handful of micro sci-fi stuff… not really worth counting at this point…

I’ve only counted foot, mounted, vehicles and guns… some things aren’t exactly what they might seem they should be… some fantasy giants I classed as “mounted” because I figured they involved as much work as a typical cavalryman… stuff like wolves (which are classed as mounted in HOTT) I counted as foot (unless, of course it had a rider). I counted war elephants with crews and chariots both as “vehicles”…. Guns, including any artillery piece (catapults, ballistae, etc) I counted them separate sometimes… others, if they were small and simple I think I just counted as “foot”…

Some things I counted I knew I would never, ever use (stuff bought in a pack of 6 and I only need four, etc…) I thought about not counting them at all… but I do HAVE them so they are counted for now… At some point when I have finished the projects they are for and I’m certain I will never use them I’ll dispose of them… but I’m not sure how, I mean what do you do with three 25mm Mysian Peltasts… or two 25mm Illyrian Light Cavalry…? It would cost more to mail them to someone than they are worth… I guess I should just worry about it when I get done with them… probably just melt them down…


“Generic” Fantasy
Humans - Painted: 112ft, Unpainted: 88ft/12mtd
Dwarves - Painted: 86ft/1mtd, Unpainted: 146ft
Elves - Painted: 73ft/10mtd, Unpainted: 142ft/14mtd
Undead - Painted: 55ft, Unpainted: 142ft/4veh/11mtd
Orcs - Painted: 101ft/18mtd, Unpainted: 99ft/2mtd
Halflings - Painted: 21ft, Unpainted: 16ft
Dark Elves - Painted: 5ft, Unpainted: 26ft
HOTT Chicks - Painted: 53ft/3mtd, Unpainted: 76ft/2mtd
Narnia - Unpainted: 18ft
Centaurs - Painted: 4mtd, Unpainted: 13mtd
Assorted Monsters and Minions – Painted: 50ft, Unpainted: 33ft
“Generic” Fantasy TOTAL - Painted: 574ft/36mtd Unpainted: 783ft/52mtd/4veh

Lord of the Rings
Rohan - Painted: 13ft/15mtd, Unpainted: 15ft/18mtd
Isengard - Painted: 84ft/2mtd, Unpainted: 7ft/6mtd
Mordor - Painted: 29ft, Unpainted: 45ft/1mtd
Moria - Painted: 5ft, Unpainted: 85ft
Other stuff Painted: 12ft, Unpainted: 75ft/7mtd
LOTR TOTAL: Painted: 133ft/7mtd, Unpainted 227/32mtd

Fantasy TOTAL: Painted 707ft/43mtd, Unpainted: 1013ft/84mtd/4veh


Macedonian Successors
Cassander/Antipatros/Macedonia - Painted: 1veh, Unpainted: 60ft/6mtd
Lysemachos - Unpainted: 61ft/5mtd
Antigonos - Unpainted: 54ft/8mtd/1veh
Seluekos - Unpainted: 44ft/8mtd/3veh
Ptolemaios - Unpainted: 60ft/8mtd/1veh

Classic Indian - Unpainted: 45ft/6mtd/3veh
Skythian - Unpainted: 18ft/30mtd
Thracian - Unpainted: 38ft/9mtd
Assorted extras: 80ft/18mtd

Early Imperial Romans - Painted: 85ft/7mtd Unpainted: ~300ft/30mtd/8veh
Early Germans - Unpainted: 86ft/10mtd

Ancients TOTAL: Painted: 1 Elephant, Unpainted:793ft/138mtd/

Dark Ages
Anglo-Saxon/Danish - Painted: 122ft, Unpainted: 88ft/2mtd
Norse - Painted: 137ft/6mtd, Unpainted: 144ft
Normans/West Franks - Painted: 40ft/25mtd, Unpainted: 18ft/8mtd
Pre-Feudal Scotts - Unpainted: 61ft/5mtd
Norse Irish - Painted: 25ft, Unpainted: 41ft
Welsh - Painted: 4ft, Unpainted:98ft/3mtd
Picts - Painted: 19ft/4mtd, Unpainted: 51ft/1veh
Assorted dark ages junk: Unpainted: 80ft/7mtd

Dark Ages TOTAL: Painted: 347ft/35mtd, Unpainted: 581ft/25mtd/1veh

Samurai Japan - Painted: 74ft/3mtd, Unpainted: 168ft/5mtd

English Civil War - Painted: 43ft/4mtd, Unpainted: 283ft/43mtd

18th Century
British - Painted: 108ft/2mtd, Unpainted: 141ft/2guns
French - Painted: 173ft/9mtd/2gun, Unpainted: 93ft/13mtd
Indians - Painted: 10ft, Unpainted: 77ft
Jacobites - Painted: 29ft, Unpainted: 54ft
Pirates - Painted: 83ft, Unpainted: 65ft
Civillians - Painted: 54ft, Unpainted: 25ft/3mtd

18th Century TOTAL: Painted: 457ft/11mtd/2guns, Unpainted: 355/16mtd/2guns

Late 19th Century
British/Indians - Painted: 109ft/3mtd, Unpainted: 59ft
Mahdists - Painted: 31ft, Unpainted: 9ft
Zulus/Darkest Africa - Painted: 8ft, Unpainted: 17ft
Martians - Unpainted: 39 ft/1mtd
Wild West - Painted: 41, Unpainted: 32ft/1mtd
Canadians - Painted: 14ft/5mtd, Unpainted: 12ft
Metis - Painted: 5ft, Unpainted: 12ft
Victorian Horror/SF –Painted: 115ft, Unpainted: 40ft/1mtd

19th Century TOTAL: Painted: 323ft/8mtd/1gun, Unpainted: 213ft/2mtd

Great War

Western Front
Canadians - Painted: 248ft/1mtd, Unpainted: 18ft/14mtd/2veh
Germans - Painted: 159ft/7mtd/1gun, Unpainted: 10ft/1veh

Back of Beyond
White Russians - Painted: 126ft/22mtd/1gun/1veh, Unpainted: 4ft/1gun
Bolsheviks - Painted: 104ft/3mtd, Unpainted: 10ft/1veh
Chinese - Painted: 160ft/14mtd, Unpainted: 5ft/1veh
Turks - Painted: 8ft/1gun, Unpainted: 9ft/5mtd

Great War in Africa
British - Painted: 60ft/1veh
Germans - Painted: 36ft

Early 20th Century TOTAL: Painted: 901ft/47mtd/2gun/2veh, Unpainted: 56ft/19mtd/5veh/1gun

Pulp Adventure - Painted: 93ft, Unpainted: 41ft/2mtd/4veh

World War Two

British Commandos - Painted: 55ft, Unpainted: 40ft
British/Canadian Paratroopers - Painted: 59ft, Unpainted: 22ft/1gun
LRDG/SAS/Desert Commandos - Painted: 20ft, Unpainted: 11ft
Legion Etranger - Painted: 30ft
Deutches Afrika Korps - Painted: 35ft, Unpainted: 13ft
Germans - Painted: 64ft, Unpainted: 38ft/1gun/1veh
Resistance/Partisans - Painted: 26ft, Unpainted: 7ft

WW2 TOTAL: Painted: 339ft/1veh, Unpainted: 173ft/3veh/3gun

Americans - Painted: 83ft, Unpainted: 4ft/4veh
ANZACs - Painted: 8ft
Vietnamese Civillians - Painted: 20ft
Vietcong - Painted: 67ft
PAVN - Painted: 35ft, Unpainted: 4ft

Viet Nam TOTAL: Painted: 213ft, Unpainted: 6ft/4veh

Modern Military
British Desert SAS - Painted: 19ft
Afghans - Painted: 18ft
Russians - Painted: 33ft/1veh
British 70’s/80’s - Painted: 19ft/1veh
British 1990’s+ - Painted: 24ft
USA - Painted: 9ft
Canadians - Painted: 5ft
SWAT - Painted: 13ft
East Germans – Painted 8ft
Mercs – Painted 8ft

Modern Military TOTAL: Painted: 156ft/2veh

Other Modern
Super Heroes & Villains - Painted: 20ft, Unpainted: 26ft
Civillians - Painted: 49ft, Unpainted: 44ft

Other Modern TOTAL: Painted: 69ft, Unpainted: 66ft

Eldar and Harlequins - Painted: 14, Unpainted: 55ft/3veh (+40ft)
Imperial Guard - Painted: 18ft, Unpainted: 34ft/1veh
Other stuff - Painted: 103ft/1veh, Unpainted: 140ft/7mtd/1veh

Sci-Fi TOTAL: Painted: 135ft/1veh, Unpainted: 269ft/7mtd/5veh

Critters – Pianted: 28ft, Unpainted: 30ft

3971 Foot
158 Mounted
7 Vehicles
5 Guns

4047 Foot
341 Mounted
34 Vehicles
10 Guns

Hmmmmm… So that’s what it all adds up to after 20 or so years at it… (after a couple of purges…). Based on how much I picked up this year and a notion that I did the same last year… about a quarter of what I currently have was acquired in the last two years…

I’d say about a HALF of the painted stuff was painted in the last three and a half years – when I started getting really focused on projects and trying to STAY focused on them.

Of course, as I mentioned earlier, this doesn’t even take into account the 15mm and 20mm stuff I still have… Oi!!

So, if I didn’t buy ANY more toys… and continued to paint at the frenetic rate I’ve been going at all year… I could be finished all this in four years… Yeah… that’s going to happen (no, not really). Still I should really sit down and figure out some sort of plan or schedule or priority list to get a clear sense of when I'm going to get to what and work on shrinking the damn pile!!

I should do this again in December… Compare the painting total versus what I purchased and what I’ve still got to do… and add that to the running total of "vital statistics" I keep tabs on...

Damn… I just realized I have a box full of Blood Bowl stuff hiding somewhere… I should have dug that out as that might have put me over on the painted vs unpainted foot at least… Ah, well…

When I started out on this I had originally broken things down into figures on stands (for DBA/HOTT/etc) versus individually mounted for skirmishing. It got to be too much of a pain in the ass right off because there was a lot of fantasy stuff that I wasn’t sure if I’d ever get around to using for HOTT and figured, thus, that I’d just base anything that wasn’t individually and use it for skirmishing…

I should really go through all these again and really sort out what I definietely AM going to use at some point and get trade away some of the stuff that I KNOW I never will… like the 40 or so plastic Eldar (that I only just bought this year!?) – I ended up getting a pile of older metal ones (some from Cory, some from ebay) and the plastic ones are just junk by comparison… really, when am I ever going to get around to painting the 50+ cool ones… let alond do anything with those plastic ones!?

Here’s the really stupid part… despite that huge pile of unpainted lead (and plastic) there’s other things I’d still like to pick up!? Oh… not piles… not another 1000 or so… but I would like to pick up enough stuff to be able to put together TWO Samurai armies – and have a few more for skirmishing… I’d like to pick up a few more highland dwarves so I can field an entire HOTT army of them… There are the Ghost Miniatures SAMURAI DWARVES…. Plus a few other bits and individual figures that might be fun for this or that…


Anyway… back to painting!!!

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I finished up 12 Norman Knights (4 stands) earlier this evening, I just have to finish the basing details… pics should be up in teh next day or so – then it’s on to Anglo-Saxons/Danish!!


  1. Wow. Just Wow. I guess I am starting to feel pretty good about my pile of minis. Keep painting man!

  2. Tell me about it...

    I thought maybe I'd have a thousand... or two... unpainted... but 4000 foot and 350 mounted!? Aye-yi-yi!!!

  3. I'm pretty sure I don't have anywhere near that many painted or unpainted minis! I do have ones I'm sure I'll never paint, and as you said, often not worth shipping to someone. Some of those I've already melted down for casting some of my own minis.

  4. That's probably what I'll do with SOME of mine... melt them down... Though that doesn't necessarily put me any further ahead - melt one down so I can cast another...?

    I've also been so crazy busy painting I haven't worked on any masters for a while...