Friday, October 2, 2009

What to do about Thrud...?

Anybody remember Thrud the Barbarian...? Started as a Comic strip in White Dwarf... waaaaaaaay back before it was a monthly advertisement for GW games....? At one point I had a collected book of the strips (which I have lost) and apparently he went on to have his own comic book, which I have never seen.... I don't really remember much about the strips, I just have a hazy recollection that he was the strongest and stupidest barbarian that ever walked the earth...

Citadel Miniatures made a mini of the pin-headed barbarian and I had one of said miniatures. I titally loved the figure... not sure if i ever USED it in any games... but it was fun to have! For some years it disappeared and I had no idea what had become of it... probably gave it away... Anyway, in June my friend Cory returned it to me. I must given it to him during one of my purges and forgot about it. Bless his heart, he just up and gave it back, completely unaware how I had anguished over it (Thank you, sir!)

Now... it's not exactly up to current painting standards....

..and I have been wondering what to do about it ever since it's return...

Obviously he's going to have a pinesol bath and get a new paint job. The question is how to base him!?

On one hand I'd like to put him on a big metal washer and use him for skirmishing.... On the other hand, maybe I should just put him on a big 60x60mm MDF base and use him for Hordes of the Things...

I COULD do the metal washer plus sabotted base for HOTT... which I have done for other things... but honestly I'm not so keen on how they look.

Would I really EVER use him in a skirmish game? I mean, if I did base him for skirmishing what would his Savage Worlds stats be? Ag d8, Sm d4(A), Sp d8, St d12, Vg d10, Fighting d12...? Anything else...? Trade mark weapon...? Combat Reflexes (too stupid to know he's been hurt)? Bloodthirsty, Mean...?

If I did base him for Hordes of the Things, What would I classify him as...? Hero...? Behemoth...? something else...?

Decisions, decisions....


  1. I vaguely remember Thrud.
    Now does anyone remember Finieous Fingers? (another old magazine comic, of which I have a few miniatures, and a collected comics of, from back in the day)

  2. Check out Heresy:

    Sweet moinis....

  3. yeah, I've seen the heresy ones... and they're super cool looking... but seriously, how many Thruds does a guy really NEED!?