Saturday, December 20, 2014

Irish Kerns

I know, I said I was pretty much done with the Medieval stuff… I has started these before that post and rather than shuffle them back off to their storage boxes half-painted I decided to quickly finish them off before forging ahead with new things.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Medieval Irish Kerns from Crusader Miniatures. There was supposed to be eight in the pack, but I only seem to have gotten seven. I’ll hassle them about it in the new year – perhaps when I order stuff from them again. North Star Figures (which distributes Crusader) decided to move warehouses in the middle of xmas rush season. I imagine that has caused no end of nightmares – so I just couldn’t go hassling them right now to send out a single figure they missed when they are likely up to their necks in orders they need to fill!

I like these figures – as with most Crusader stuff (maybe some of the WW2 stuff is a bit on the chunky side – even for me…) – but it’s kind of an odd pack with one in four sculpts being a dude with his foot on a head… If I were to make units of them – one quarter of all the units would be resting their foots on beheaded heads… a grisly scene – to be sure - that would strike fear into the hearts of their enemies… but… I don’t know… I think it would look weird. As it turns out I won’t be making entire units with these, I just bought the one pack to mix in with all the Irish I already have – to give them a bit of variety.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

There’s some Great War figures on my workbench – some from Great War Miniatures to finish up the 7th Infantry Brigade – others are newly arrived from  Brigade Games and will make up the 9th Infantry Brigade. I also have a small handful of Ancient/Mythical Greeks which I’d like to finish up as they are the only remaining ones I have to finish up (well… that are individually based… I have many, MANY more that are to be painted and put together on multi-figure bases to make armies for DBA/HOTT.

I also have in my hot little hands the new draft of Galleys and Galleons – so expect another game report of that in the next few days.

The kids finished up the last of their activities today so for the next three weeks we got nothing going on but gamin’ and reading and painting miniatures and maybe watching a few movies… (and if Amanda has any say about it, I’ll be building a few more bookshelves…). So there should be plenty of painting updates and game reports in the coming weeks.

I’ll also be writing some posts about plans for the upcoming year. 


  1. They look great, beautiful poses...and paint brush!

  2. Nice ones! The shield designs are splendid.

    1. Thanks! There is startlingly little information about what was on those shields - but I figured by this point they were all christian so I tried to go with crosses with celtic knots...