Sunday, December 21, 2014


Um… yeah… long story…

So, I’d been looking at picking up Mice and Mystics to play with the kids. Seemed like it was all the rage on BGG for a bit – near the top of The Hotness list, #96 on the overall Boardgame Rank… I was kind of back and forth about it…. it’s not inexpensive… I was at the point of trying to talk myself out of it… I do have a LOT of board games already… So I thought I’d tell Amanda about it – thinking she’d just say “NO” and that’d be that – but then SHE (Ms. “Why-Are-You-Spending-More-Money-On-Games-Don’t-You-Have-Enough-Already?”) actually said – “Oh, that sounds CUTE, go ahead and get it!”. So then I actually showed it to the kids and they were a bit interested… after further discussion it came out that they were lukewarm to the idea of playing humans turned into mice running through a castle to warn a king or whatever and were actually mostly just interested in the toys and floor plans which they’d like to use for “their own games”.

So I decided I’m for sure not going to get it (but I may change my mind tomorrow… or on Boxing Day…) – if it’s mice they want to play with – I HAVE Mice!? I bought these two or three (or FOUR!?) years ago!? I have Mouseguard: the Role-Playing Game - or A Song of Blades and Heroes or A Tale of Blades and Heroes for that matter.

So I busted out the mice to paint up. We may or may not play games with them in the near future.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

The bunch so for. They are from Reaper Miniatures.

Assassin and Pirate

Warrior and Ranger – The Girl said she like the ranger one and wants to play with it…

Bard, Paladin, and Monk.

I had been considering putting some static grass on these – but then realized if they’re actually supposed to be mouse-sized mice grass would actually be taller than them… But then I figured they could actually be giant-sized (relative to actual mice), post-apocalyptic, MUTANT mice… (I could use them with  Mutants and Death Ray Guns!?)

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Games… Toys… The Usual… 

I do have a few more Mouselings... 


  1. I have always loved those figures. Lovely paint job!

  2. At one point I was thinking about running the Mouse Guard RPG but not telling the players that they were mice, and seeing how long it would take for them to catch on.

    1. I imagine it wouldn't take terribly long though - especially if there were any Mouseguard fans among the players... especially when you go to describe the scenes:

      "You go to visit a city in the oak tree."

      "It is cool standing in the shade of the grass"

      "You eat an almond for supper... man are you FULL!"

  3. Nice work!
    I've been tempted to get some of those figures - but so far talked myself out of them. I don't know what I would use them for (but then again, I do buy and paint some miniatures just because I like the look). Now I'm tempted again. I actually have Mouse and Mystics and played it once a while back. It's not a bad game. Better than many I've tried.

    1. Thanks!

      I figure Song of Blades and Heroes could be adapted... but who will I use as foes? I suppose I could just have mice fighting each other. I wonder how the Splintered Light minis would look next to these guys?

      Mice and Mystics at least has foes - looks like mostly bugs and rats...? Apparently I'm still wavering. How much re-playability is there?

    2. Well, one of my questions was answered here (comparison of Splintered Light and Reaper Mouselings):

    3. Yeah, there are rats, spiders, roaches and centipedes. That's in the base game, which is all I have at this time. I don't know if the expansion/s have more/other foes. I've only played once or twice, so I can't speak to replayability. There is a campaign, and an expansion or 2, so I'm guessing it would be similar to other dungeon crawler kinds of games in that respect. If you're looking for foes for your mouslings I know various manufacturers have giant spiders, scorpions, other creepy crawlers. Snakes and other mouse predators could be another option for foes. Although most of the even "giant" snakes sold as miniatures aren't very big. If you want some "big bosses" that are closer to real scale maybe some larger scale toy figures of snakes and such would do?

  4. Those are cool looking figures :)

  5. Great job! So funny looking! :)

  6. Very nice! Patiently waiting for the Bones II mouslings. Who am I kidding, I still have to find my Mousling tavern and paint those guys up first.

    1. We got in on the Bones II kickstarter as well - to be split between me, The Boy, and the Girl. Before today no one seemed to interested in those little mouse creatures. Now, suddenly, there have been arguments over who will get to paint which one!? Aye-yi-yi!