Wednesday, December 31, 2014

One Last Post – Mech!

Thought I’d squeeze in one last post before the New Year...

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

Reaper Bones CAV mech of some sort. I have no intention of playing CAV – but I did get in on the Reaper CAV: Strike Operations Kickstarter to kit myself and the kids out with giant fighting robot ‘mech-like-things so we could all play Samurai Robot Battle Royale (and possibly Mighty Monsters…)

This is the first of the plastic CAV mechs I’ve painted – I actually finished painting days ago, but didn’t get around to finishing the base until last night.

We’ll have to build some micro buildings (and rubble - for when we smash them to bits!)

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Looking back as 2014


  1. I like that camp scheme, very nice! Also approve of no canopy being painted on - makes it look cooler this way somehow. The gun barrels seem a little off kilter though? How does it scale up against a 28mm?

    1. Thanks Ragsta!

      I was trying for something like I did on my old "Timashek Legion" vehicles:

      ...but it didn't quite turned out how I wanted it to - I was going from memory (instead of, you know, just walking into the next room and pulling them out of a drawer to LOOK at them) and I ended up using a dark red instead of the orange - so there was a lot more contrast between that and the yellow and... well... I wasn't as pleased with it initially, but it's growing on me.

      I wasn't sure if that was supposed to be an exposed cockpit. It seemed kind of silly to me to have an armoured behemoth - with a big, vulnerable, exposed cockpit in the middle of it. I guess the look maybe they were going for was more "fighter jet" than "tank"... Ah well...

      The barrels are a bit wonky - as are ALL the longer barrels on the plastic CAV mechs. I tried a couple methods of straightening bits on these (and other wonky Reaper bones stuff) but nothings really worked well. I figure once I have a dozen of them on the table battling each other no one will notice if the barrels on a few are a bit wonky

      The base is 40mmx40mm. I'll try and post some other stuff with them when I have a few more done for scale comparison.