Saturday, October 18, 2008


I stayed up waaaaaaay too late last night working to finish these off. I was suffering under the delusion that these were the LAST of my partisans and I was really excited about the prospect of finishing something off… Unfortunately as I wen through my drawers to gather all for a big group photo I realized that these are only the last of the Partisans WITH RIFLES! I stil have another eight, mostly armed with sten guns (and one MG42, and a masked fellow with a rifle and bolt cutters…).

Ah, well. One step closer to completing one batch of figures.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

There’s quite a variety of manufacturers represented here in such a small group. There’s one from West Wind Productions, and a couple from The Foundry, Black Tree Design, and Bolt Action Miniatures.


  1. Nice, Tim!

    I like you color schemes, look good. You output is painting output is amazing..

  2. Thanks, Patrick.

    Yeah this past month I've been a bit of an out-of-control painting fiend. Looking back at the posts over the last month and the figure tally, it's been a little over-the-top, even for me.

    The kids are generally in bed and lights out by eight, then I paint until midnight... or later... five nights a week (the other two I actually PLAY games!?). That's 20 hours a week right there. plus I've been known to slip in a little bit of painting here and there on the weekends, etc...

    I've got to slow down a bit, though. It's been telling on my health - a nasty cold that just won't go away., etc.

    It's hard to do, though. I just love painting - and there's nothing more satisfying that seeing stuff completed!

    Next week I think I've got to try change my routine again. In bed by ten, up early and go for a ride or something.... even if it's just on the trainer...

  3. Tim - you considered embossed plastic card (with brickwork effect) to speed up your building production??

    Try here for what I mean:

    ...about half way down the page under title "Wills Plastic Sheets".

    Just a thought.. ;o)

  4. That is definitely neat looking stuff! Looks like it might get a bit pricey, considering my megalomaniac dreams of filling my table with large buildings over which to fight (BWA-HA-HA-Ha-ha-ha...!).

    I like just making stuff out of junk i have lying around. scrap bits of MDF, etc.