Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yet Another Painting Update

This weeks Game got me all excited about using Savage Worlds for WW2 and so I cranked out another batch of Russian infantry. There’s a few more on the way, and when I’m done them… I’m DONE! Goodness, I’ll probably have enough for an under-strength COMPANY(!?) when the dust settles.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Here they are, twelve more Russians. Eight of them are from The Assault Group and four are Crusader Miniatures.

A couple Germsn Tank Hunter/Engineer types. These are all from Crusader Miniatures, Four are from one pack, one is from another… Hopefully these will be able to deal with th KV!?

Just for fun a USX figure from RAFM; “Harold Smith, white collar survivalist”. The name should really be “William Foster, unemployed defense contractor on the edge…” He’ll probably be used as “Dick Buttens: Sporting Goods Salesman Turned Zombie Hunter” in my upcoming Zombie Run campaign.

Next I have some 20mm Canadian Airborne that I’d like to finish up for Cold War Commander. Then I really, really ought to get cracking on that next batch of Descent figures for John…

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