Friday, October 17, 2008

A Couple More Mongrels

I finished up a few more Mongrel Miniatures last night. Now I just have some East Germans to finish up to keep the Moderns off the “to paint” list. Of course there should be a few more toys arriving in the mail in the next week or two, but after that, that’s it for a while.

After I get caught up with the modern (military) 28s I’ll be back to wondering about what to do next again. I’ve knocked a few off the list from last month; WW2 Russian infantry (though I’ve got a few more now, though…), the PAVN and ANZACS, and a few of the modern civvies… Of course now I’ve got another couple Descent figures I really ought to just crank out for John…. And I REALLY need to get working on some new terrain!

I’ve also got the micro sci-fi stuff I’ve been digging out in anticipation of the arrival of Future War Commander. What I should really do is finish up the 20mm Canadians and Russians for Cold War Commander - that would probably be a quicker project to complete.

Anyway… here’s the stuff I finished up last night.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

A Mujahideen Stinger team (guess I better get those Russian helicopters put together…).

A British Milan team (guess I'll have to get some Russian Tanks....).

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