Saturday, October 4, 2008

Last North Vietnamese Infantry Section

I finished off the last of the PAVN infantry squads that I have. There’s still a handful of support weapons and officers and such, but this is IT for the infantry. Also in the Vietnam collection there are the 8 ANZACs, a few more villagers and VC, and some vehicles – a tanks, APC, Helicopter and a Swift Boat. Though I don’t think any are directly needed for the Screaming Eagles scenarios I think I’m going to try and keep chugging away at these because I’m getting awful close to the point of saying “Okay, these are DONE!!”

Oh, and I have the West Wind “Montagnards” pack… Which look more like the crazy natives out of Apocalypse Now than any actual photos Montagnard CIDG types I’ve ever seen… but, whaterver. They’ll make great “Cham” fighters in Tour of Darkness.

Of course I also still need to make a bit of terrain...

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These are, like all the others, all from West Wind Productions.


  1. Are you keeping tabs on Joe?
    He just posted some GI's on his website.

  2. Oops, here's the link

  3. I look in from time to time. I hadn't seen those new Americans yet (or "Imperialist Aggressors" as he calls them..).