Saturday, April 25, 2009

Switching Gears Again

Well productivity has dropped sharply around here this last week. That’s mostly due to me being very sick. I don’t think I’ve done any painting since last Saturday. I have a feeling, thought, that it’s not going to be back to what it was when I’m better…

The sun is out, the road is clear and I’m feeling like a fat bastard. I haven’t done any cycling all winter (or any other physical activity other than getting from here to there)… I did get a bit fitter last summer and shed a few pounds… unfortunately due to a resurfacing medical issue in the fall, followed by surgery at the beginning of December and spending the following month or so lying prone in bed or gingerly hobbling around the house… Not to mention the extremely cold winter which kept us all further housebound and going a little stir-crazy… I’ve lost any fitness I may have gained last summer and likely gained all the weight (and probably more) back since as well (I can’t say for sure because I haven’t even gone near a scale as it would be just too depressing...) and my health, both mentally and physically, has been suffering because of it. So it’s time to get back on the bike!!!

Oh, I’m still SUPER stoked and fired up for the HOTT Campaign Weekend, and I’ll still be plinking away at a few more things for that and other hobby projects…. But there won’t be posts of new figures painted every other day and weekly battle reports.

If you’re really desperate to know what I’m up to otherwise you can follow all my cycling shenanigans over on the Other Blog.

I have no plans to do any racing this year so there won’t be any “training”. Just a lot of long distance riding; some Centuries or longer “randonnées” and maybe a few short tours with the family.

I thought “switching gears” would be a clever title because of the figurative meaning - switching from focusing on one passion (the hobby) to another (cycling), but also it alludes to something many do while cycling. It’s not all that appropriate for me however as all the bikes I currently have operational are singlespeeds, a couple of which are fixed gears…. Ah well… you get the idea right?

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  1. But I need my daily fix of you painting. Your priorities are all out of whack! God heavens, after a week-long email campagn you can't expect me to go cold turkey.

    We'll miss you at MayDay, but I promise to roll lots of 1's in your honour. Looking forward to June!

    Bob in Edmonton