Thursday, April 2, 2009

Two on Tuesday

I had two quick games of Hordes of the Things on Tuesday evening. Mr. Miller was coming over for a painting night so we decided to throw down with some quick HOTT action beforehand (it is almost always a quick game between Mr. Miller and I…). John also stopped by and brought along some prospective new players – his friend Rick and Rick’s son and daughter, Jackson and Allie.


In the first game with Mr. Miller I took all of my Lord of the Rings Orcs and so the force looked a little like this:

1x Warband General
5x Warband
1x Blade
1x Spear
2x Shooters
1x Behemoth

Mr. Miller took some Viking types (which we could pretend are Rohanians…) and I think he had:

1x Blade General
7x Blade
3x Shooters
1x Warband

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

My initial Dispositions.

The game was frightfully quick. John, Rick, Allie and Jackson all arrived jus as we were setting up. We spent a moment or two trying to explain the game and then Mr. Miller crushed me in three or four quick moves.

sigh… Here’s how it looked at the end. I’m not even going to explain how it worked out because it is simply too embarrassing… Short version: Tim #1 is a rash, impetuous, idiot. Tim #2 is a clever and calculating tactical genius. Tim #1’s general died. Game over…


Having proved to the newcomers just how frightfully quickly I can be beat down, Jackson decided to have a go at it. Being 13 years old and never having played a miniature wargame before in his life we were probably a little more evenly matched… he probably had a slight advantage lacking my propensity towards rash, impetuous, idiocy…

I took the same army. He took some Dwarves:

Knight General
1x Shooter
1x Artillery
1x Lurker
8x Blades

Our initial deployment.

Where things were when we called it a night. We had started rather late… things were taking a bit longer as we were explaining everything as we went… and it was a school night… Probably for the best – my ego can only take so many crushing defeats in one night!!

Anyway, the Rick and Jackson and Allie seem a fun and enthusiastic lot. Hopefully we’ll see them again soon!

Afterwards I got to work on the Norman Spearmen…


  1. ?!? How did TimM beat you so quick? Your warbands should have been a match for his blades...

  2. What part of "Dead General" did you not understand...?

  3. (I'm sure if you took a REALLY CLOSE look at picture #2 you could figure it out....)