Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Battle of Lyeldil

Amanda decided she’d had so much fun playing he battle on the tabletop that she’d like to play out her second battle. Especially since it seemed like it would be a short one and we would both be able to get in bed at a decent hour even after I prepared all of the evenings reports.

I was keen to play it out as well to see how games with greatly reduced forces would play out.

Well.. they play QUCIK!!

Summer 832NA, Lyeldil, Eilf


After the debacle at Morgond the wounded Queen Amandalyll led the shattered remains of her forces back to their own lands. They landed at Lyeldil and preformed the rites for the dead. But their peace was not long….

Grunnlaug Crowbeak pursued them hastily as he figured now was the only chance he would ever have to bring the Elves to heel!



1x Hero General
1x Rider
1x Cleric
1x Shooters
1x Spear
1x Lurker


1x Blade General
2x Blade
1x Shooter
1x Magicians


(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The Narns array for battle

The Elves prepare to defend their homeland.

Amanda recruited a little helper – Princess Keira (future conqueror of nations) was official dice-roller for the elves.

Some sneaky Halflings (Lurkers) that had infiltrated the Elvish lines fell upon some archers in the woods. The Elves dispatched them with witheringly accurate archery.

Grunnlaug Crowbeak and his pitiful few horsemen charged headlong into the lines of Elvish infantry. The right recoiled form the ferocity of the charge…

Then the center fell, along with the Elvish General and the resistance of the Elves faded. They abandoned the Island to the humans and made for the Center of Light: the Isle of Quewedel.



1x Blade General

Well…. it WAS quick!!

What will Grunnlaug Crowbeak do now – pursue them to their capitol or return to narn to lift the siege of Relais…?

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