Tuesday, April 14, 2009

HOTT Campaign Play-Test: Summer 824

Summer 824

(Refer to the map here: Campaign Map)

The summer started with the fall of Starsgard. A year and a half of war on two fronts exhausted the Nordlanders. Their army was vanquished and dispersed. Many marched east to live in the Anglaw – which was at least ruled by humans, others sailed for new lands – some would settle in Angland, some in Narn, some ventured further in seek of richer lands. Some accepted their fate and their new rulers the, The Dwarves, and hoped to make the best of it and live in peace with them. A few remained to bide their time, sabotaging the Dwarves were they could and wait for the return of their King!

Meanwhile the Orcs abandoned their siege at Sykl to relieve the siege on their “oasis resort vacation land”. The Orcs and undead battled it out in the shifting dunes and the undead were thrown back into the desert from whence they came. The shattered remains of King Christiankhamun V retired to the Necropolis at Amundabad.

The arrival of King Aethelbert at Galordon rallied the spirits of his men and they marched with all haste back to Morgond. Just west of Morgond they met the army of Narn already marching towards Galordon. The men of Angland gave a better account of themselves in this battle – led by their king who it was rumoured had “returned from the dead” to lead the Anglish to victory over their invaders! The Narns were beaten down hard and retired to their ships and sailed back to Relais.

Field Army Location: Nalgabad
Field Army Size: 14AP
Areas Controlled: Korrt*, Underyun, Garlac, Nalgabad
Prestige Points: 8

Field Army Location: Amundabad
Field Army Size: 6AP
Areas Controlled: Amundabad*, Tashaklabad
Prestige Points: 0

Field Army Location: Relais
Field Army Size: 7AP
Areas Controlled: Nean*, Boulgeaus, Relais,
Prestige Points: 29

Field Army Location: Starsgard
Field Army Size: 22AP
Areas Controlled: Bohl-dur*, Harra-dur, Khalin-dur, Behln-dur, Hammar, Starsgard
Prestige Points: 24

Field Army Location: N/A
Field Army Size: 0AP
Areas Controlled: N/A
Prestige Points: 0

Field Army Location: Mrognd
Field Army Size: 10AP
Areas Controlled: Galordon*, Scael, Sykl, Morgond
Prestige Points: 30

Field Army Location: Quewedel
Field Army Size: 6AP
Areas Controlled: Quewedel*, Andild, Lyeldil,
Prestige Points: 0


  1. How will your tally points for the winner? Just prestige? Or prestige plus army plus territories?

    Bob in Edmonton

  2. For this? I hadn't really thought about it. I've always been thinking "it's just a play-test"... But since everyone's really gotten into it I should have thought about it more, eh? As the game weekend will last a bit longer I'm hoping one player will clearly come out on top... it there's a question as to who the "winner" is I guess we'll go with prestige.

    At the end of the game you get prestige for each city you own - in addition to all the prestige you've collected throughout the campaign.

  3. Cripes - could my luck be any worse? Let's sum up. 2x failed seige. 2 battles, both with 50% or more losses, while inflicting no more than 4 APs at any point.

    Oh well - you know what they say about bad rehearsals vis a vis good performances...