Saturday, April 18, 2009

Horsemen and Other Stuff…

Well I’ve been busy with the HOTT Campaign playtest… and playing games… and other stuff…. But I have still been painting! I’ve just been doing little bits on this and that and working in large batches. So today I have a MEGA painting update!!

First up the last of the Normans for CVT’s DBA/HOTT army…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Some Knights – these are a mix of Gripping Beast and Old Glory.

Some Cavalry and Light Horse (or “Riders” in HoTT)– these ones are just Old Glory.

Crossbowmen - Gripping Beast

…and here’s the whole army together! What he’s got here is:

1x Knight General (or Hero General for HOTT..?)
8x Knights
1x Cavalry (or “Riders”)
1x Light Horse (or “Riders”)
2x Bow (well… Crossbow…) (or “shooters” )
3x Spear
2x Psiloi
1x Cleric

I still have some Dark Age civilians to paint up as “Camp Followers” but that’s about it… Now to finish painting MY Norman army!!

I have been working on a few mor things for myself in the meanwhile…

Two more stands of Riders for my Rohirrim (Lord of the Rings figures from Games Workshop)

A stand of dismounted Rohan Archers (GW/LOTR as above)

The mounted Rohirrim, so far... I have another 12 horsemen (6 stands worth of "Riders") and a mounted version of Eowyn and another Mounted Royal Guardsman on the way - these I will mount with yet another Mounted Guardsmanto make a third stand of "Knights"... or maybe I'll track down an ERkenbrand or Theodred... we shall see... Whatever I end up doing I shall be able to field an entire mounted army!!

Because I apparently can't take enough pictures of these... here's the entire army of Rohan... so far... in addition to the extra mounted mentioned above, I think I'd like to pick up a box of Warriors of Rohan and make a couple more stands of bow, spear, and blade.

Finally a stand of old Games Workshop/Marauder Miniatures) Dark Elf Witch Elves. These are for Amanda’s “ALL-HOTT Chick Army” (the Saphistic League of Unity and Togetherness). I’ve got another stand of these I’ll probably finish up in the next week or so…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

What next indeed…? I have enough stuff I could run my Campaign Weekend right now if I had to. I think I’ll try and finish up a few more Dwarves and Orcs…. Maybe plink away at the Rohirrim… Definitely need to work on some terrain… There are a few other things CVT send along I ought to paint up and send home with him…


  1. Tim

    Your output is prodigious, and inspirational.. thanks!!


  2. I am pretty amazed. You have cranked out a tonne of stuff. When did this stuff get to you? February? Wow! Thanks!

  3. You've been busy! Nice painting and basing, as always!

  4. Always fun reading your blog, good to see so much work done too :)

    I'm currently very take with your Timashek Legion.

  5. Thanks!

    I hope to get back to work on the Legion some time this summer.... So many projects, so little time.


  6. I love the Rohan army, looks great!