Monday, April 13, 2009

HOTT Campaign Play-Test: Spring 824

(refer to the map here: Campaign Map)

The Sping of the year 824 of the new age was a spring of sieges.

The Dwarves marched east from their new territory of Hammar to the Nordlanders capitol of Starsgard. King Njarl refused to meet the Dwarves in battle and burned all fields and stores in the path of the Dwarves march. He scattered the remains of his army to the hills and harassed the Dwarves with raids and murder in the night. The Dwarves laid siege to the city of Starsgard – and the pitiful few that remained there held on through the spring….

Meanwhile Orcs marched down the coast to once again invest Sykl. The Anglanders were ready and prepared to hold for some time.

The Army of the Undead King Christiankhamun V rose out of the desert at Nalgabad and besieged the Orcish garrison within. The orcs, too, held on through the spring….

The Anglish made ready at Morgond for another expedition to Relais. But the Righteous fury of the new King of Narn drove him to take risks. He set sail for his return to Angland before the seas had settled. Some ships were lost at sea, but despite this the risk paid off as the Anglish were caught still making their preparations when the Narns arrived on their coast!

King Aethelbert quickly marshaled his troops and marched to meet the Narns. They met on a hill near the town of Bastings. The Battle was short and relatively bloodless (compared to the bloodbaths of the previous year...!). After a short sharp clash a rumor spread through the Anglish ranks that King Aethelbert had fallen, struck in the eye with an arrow (Again with the arrow in the eye!?). His army panicked and abandoned the field. Many deserted and headed for home. Some retired to the capitol of Galordon. Rumors continued to spread – was the king really dead and left on the field of battle? Had he been captured? Gone into hiding? No one seemed to know for sure…

The Elves decided they’d had enough of the wars of men and abandoned them to their own fate. They began to rebuild. They would not venture forth from their island homes for some time...

Field Army Location: Sykl (besieged)
Field Army Size: 18AP
Areas Controlled: Korrt*, Underyun, Garlac, Nalgabad
Prestige Points: 4

Field Army Location: Nalgabad (besieged)
Field Army Size: 14AP
Areas Controlled: Amundabad*, Tashaklabad
Prestige Points: 0

Field Army Location: Morgond
Field Army Size: 17AP
Areas Controlled: Nean*, Boulgeaus, Relais, Morgond
Prestige Points: 29

Field Army Location: Starsgard (besieged)
Field Army Size: 22AP
Areas Controlled: Bohl-dur*, Harra-dur, Khalin-dur, Behln-dur, Hammar
Prestige Points: 20

Field Army Location: Starsgard
Field Army Size: 10AP
Areas Controlled: Starsgard*
Prestige Points: 0

Field Army Location: Galordon
Field Army Size: 16AP
Areas Controlled: Galordon*, Scael, Sykl
Prestige Points: 22

Field Army Location: Quewedel
Field Army Size: 6AP
Areas Controlled: Quewedel*, Andild, Lyeldil,
Prestige Points: 0

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