Thursday, April 9, 2009

Second Battle of Lyeldil

Autumn 832NA, Lyeldil, Eilf


After wresting Lyeldil from the Elves the Narns made preparations to pursue the severely depleted Elf Army to their capitol of Quewedel. However, before they could sail the Elves returned to battle them again!



1x Hero General
1x Rider
1x Cleric
1x Shooters
1x Spear


1x Magician General
1x Shooter


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The Narns deployment in front of their newly built keep…

The Elves Deployment

Amanda’s plan was to leave the archers in the woods – if anyone tried to come and root them out… let them – and use the magician to zip around the field avoiding contact with anyone and, when PIPs allowed, blast the Hero General in hopes of ensorcelling him. Unfortunately that darned cleric was still around making this plan difficult to execute fully…

The Narns plan was to chase the magician down with the Riders. The Hero General hoping to provide overlap or flank support – not wishing to get into it directly with the wizard for fear of being ensorcelled.

The archers thought the riders to juicy a target to pass up and left the woods to harass them. AS they galloped away the archers turned their attentions on the cleric – hoping that perhaps they might be able to get them out of the way…

As it turned out Amanda got extremely lucky (she rolled 6, I rolled 1) and took out the Riders…

What’s a Hero General to do now!? Well, for starters, ride down those pesky archers out in the open.

The elf wizard continued to dance about the table, occasionally blasting nasty spells in the general direction of the Narn’s General. The Narn’s tried to slowly back it into a corner where the Clerics and Spear to force it into contact and shove it off the table… eventually I just said “to heck with it” and took a bit of a gamble – the hero General charged into contact with the Elf Wizard to end the game. A dicey proposition; the Hero gets a quick-kill against magician, but if he loses he is ensorcelled and considered “lost” for the purpose of the game. The gamble paid off. Amanda rolled a one and the wizard was slain!!

Thus the Elves were left with no Field Army to Speak of!!! Luckily they held onto their capitol and one other Island and would be able to raise 6AP… which is what she had for THIS battle… the Narns of course will have the survivors of this but will also be able to raise another 10AP!? Bringing them back up to 21…

The time of the elves draws to a close. Perhaps it is time they abandoned men to their fate and board their ships and sail off to the undying lands over the ocean…

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