Friday, April 3, 2009

Goblin King of Moria

Last night I finished up my Goblin King of Moria (and his entourage). After I finished it I thought I probably should have crammed another three or four goblins on there… and maybe converted one to be carrying a banner… Ah well, I could always tear them all off and put them on a new base with some more extras as some point if I so felt the urge to do so

The big little man (or “goblin”, rather) himself. Yet another Lord of the Rings figures from Games Workshop.

I have, not one, but TWO Moria Cave Trolls on the way and I already have a PILE of plastic Moria Goblins… I was thinking my army of Moria might look something like this:

1x Waraband General
2x Behemoths (Cave Trolls)
14x Horde!

I think I have enough for that many Horde… damn that’s a lot to paint…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:


  1. That would be quite an army - next time we play you should try it out!

  2. GAH!!

    If you're going to wait until I have that army painted to play again you're going to be a long time waiting!? This is the only stand I have finished!

    I have 14 stands of goblin horde to paint - at 8-9 figures per stand... that's 120 figures to paint!? Even at my rate that's be 6 weeks - if that was the only thing I painted... and I couldn't take that kind of monotony...

    Maybe in the fall...!?

    I have to say I'm not a big fan of the hordes so far... Maybe I just haven't been using the right combination of stuff or playing them correctly?

  3. that's more what I was getting at - you know me, I'm far less picky about "matching units" or "paint", or stuff like that. How would a horde army work? You would have to have the gen'l at the back, so as to not get flanked, and you would have to stick to the back of the reinforcement edge. You would need lots of open terrain to take advantage of flanking, too...

  4. As you said Tim, it's pretty tough to get the pips to bring Hd back on the table, so I think you'd have to use your numbers and try to get a quick win before your troops disappear. I'd spread them out, and go for the flanks.