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HOTT Campaign Play-Test: Spring 823NA

Spring 823

(You can refer to the map for this campaign here: Campaign Map)

Early in the spring the men of Angland rallied to the standard of their new King Aethelbert (the Almost Ready) raised at Morgond. Having recently ascended to the throne of Angland Aethelbert decided it was time to expand his new empire. When as many men as could sail on the fleet assembled had arrived they quietly slipped out to see under cover of a cool morning fog.

The men of Angland rushed onto land a few days later in Nordland near the city of Sykl. The quickly enveloped the city and began “pacifying” the surrounding countryside. From prisoners, mostly old men and boys, they learned that all the men of fighting quality had left headed for Staarsgard, gathering to the Raven Banner. He later learned from his spies and outriders that the army at Staarsgard had long since marched west towards Hammar.

The Siege of Sykl had only just started when sails were spotted on the horizon… Could these the be Nordlanders was the march to the west only a fient? Had they boarded ships at Hammar only to sneak around and attack the Anglish from the sea? Such a long way around they must have sailed to be arriving from the east..?!

Alas, this was not the case. As the ships slowly sailed about some distance off shore the men of Angland made ready to meet their enemy – but before the ships ever reached the shore an army of the dead rose up out of the ocean and rushed the Anglish lines. The battle was furious, but the stout-hearted, shieldwall of the Anglish stood firm and cast the unholy terrors back into the sea!

After the citizens of Sykl witnessed the ferocity of the battle just outside their gates they flung open their gates and hailed Aethelbert as their savior and champion!

At this point Aethelbert learned that the Army of the Nordlanders had sailed for Scael and were at this moment trying to reduce it’s walls. Should he sail back to Angland to defend his people or march on the undefended Staarsgard….?

King Njal Rorikson was not having so easy of a time. The women, children, old men and malingerers of Angland appeared to be made of sterner stuff… or at least were more terrified of what the Nordlanders might do to them if they did surrender…

As the Siege and pacification of Scael ground on into the late spring Njal learned that not only had Aethelbert taken Sykl but the treacherous Dwarves had marched down out of their mountains and besieged the city of Hammar! If it fell their supply line would be cut off! With this news more and more of his army faded away with each passing day. If he could not reduce Scael soon he would be in grave danger of losing his entire army!

Meanwhile at the other end of the Island strange events were shaping up….

High Queen Amandalyll of the Elves considered all the reports of her eagle scouts and seers and it seemed difficult times were indeed upon them. Usually unconcerned with the troubles of men it seemed for the first time in centuries the instability and chaos of the north could indeed spill into the neighboring isle of Angland. Indeed if the growing evil were able to work their way to the Human kingdom and it were to fall what would stop them for reaching the islands of the elves… The Anlgish seeing the desperate times ahead had treated with the elves, pleading for their assistance. While not wanting to send her people too far abroad she accepted the new Anglish King’s invitation to help defend his lands and peoples (and by extension keep open warfare out of her own domain). Thus the army of the Elves sailed for Morgond… but when they arrived they found the city already besieged by the Narns!?

These Narns had been corrupted by the evil influence of Christiankhamun V – Lich king of the undead hordes sweeping down out of the northern wastes. Queen Amandalyll arrayed he forces for battle – the siege must be lifted! The battle was an epic struggle and looked like things were going to turn out for the forces of light, but in a Heroic last ditch charge the last of the knights and riders of Narn – along with the bishop of Relais and his order of combat clerics – followed their heroic King in one last ditch charge against the Elvish line. The King rode down a second unit of archer while one group of sorcerers were thrown back by the knights. The Bishop Of Relais himself smote the “Witch Queen” and the riders on the extreme flank rode down some more wizards and the Elvish line crumbled….

The elves loaded back up onto their ships and headed back for the Islands of Eilf to lick their wounds and perform the rites for their dead. It was a crushing blow for the forces of good. How long can they hold out against such reckless hatred and violence…?

With the Elves gone the narns turned their attention once more to reducing the city of Morgond. The Anglish held on though. It would be at least summer before they gave up their city….

(We actually played this one out on the table-top – a report of the battle can be found here: Battle on the Plains of Morg)

In the North The Orcs under their Warboss Timmillur (“the Clean”) marched into the desert and occupied nalgabad without much resistance…

So the General situation…

Field Army Location: Nalgabad
Field Army Size: 24AP
Areas Controlled: Korrt*, Underyun, Garlac, Nalgabad
Prestige Points: 4

Field Army Location: Boulgeaus
Field Army Size: 12AP
Areas Controlled: Amundabad*, Tashaklabad
Prestige Points: 0

Field Army Location: Morgond (besieged)
Field Army Size: 14AP
Areas Controlled: Nean*, Boulgeaus, Relais
Prestige Points: 4

Field Army Location: Hammar (besieged)
Field Army Size: 22AP
Areas Controlled: Bohl-dur*, Harra-dur, Khalin-dur, Behln-dur
Prestige Points: 0

Field Army Location: Scael (besieged)
Field Army Size: 22AP
Areas Controlled: Starsgard*, Hammar
Prestige Points: 0

Field Army Location: Sykl
Field Army Size: 20AP
Areas Controlled: Galordon*, Scael, Morgond, Sykl
Prestige Points: 12

Field Army Location: Lyeldil
Field Army Size: 12AP
Areas Controlled: Quewedel*, Andild, Lyeldil
Prestige Points: 0

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