Saturday, April 4, 2009


I am running a Hordes of the Things Campaign weekend in June (5-7 June).

Friday night (the 5th) will be more of an open gaming evening. An opportunity for folks to meet up and try out their armies in some one off games or play other stuff (I have a few board and card games and no shortage of other miniature games…!). Maybe I’ll make some of my homemade pizza…

Most of the action will be taking place on the Saturday and may or may not continue on Sunday morning. I imagine we will play one year of the campaign in the morning, then go for lunch somewhere. In the afternoon we’ll play out another year of the campaign, then head out to Amigos for supper. In the evening we’ll probably play a third,or maybe fourth(!?), year depending on when folks want to call it a night.

If the power still hangs in the balance and people are still up for it we could potentially play another turn or two Sunday morning…

I’m working on the assumption that games will be played in one hour or less. I’m using a modified version of the campaign rules in the book so all battles for a season will take place simultaneously. It is likely that not all players will be involved in battles during each turn. Those not involved in a campaign battle can play others in one off games (of HOTT or other games I have handy), be a spectator or bugger off for an hour!

I will have seven armies available for the weekend; Dwarves, Elves, Orcs, Undead, and Three Human kingdoms… I may be able to throw together others… we shall see. For the time being I’m working with there being seven spots four of which are filled (That’d be Bob, CVT, Cory and CK – assuming he isn’t suddenly shipped off to defend our freedom in Afghanistan… or Shilo… ) (Oh and Mr. Miller may show up with his own army… which would make eight).

The map I was planning to use for this camapaign can be seen here:

Campaign Map

This may change depending on how many participants I get. Also there may be another Orc army involved… If necessary I will make a new map the week before when I have a better idea of who’s coming and what armies are being used…)

I’ll have a draft of the Campaign Rules up shortly (today or tomorrow). Sometime shortly thereafter I’d like to run a quick play-by-email run-through of the system just to see how many battles it generates and how quickly players could get knocked out of the game. If you’d like to help out just drop me a line!

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