Saturday, June 12, 2010

Still More WW2 Canucks!

Nothing to do with the east front campaign but still keeping with the WW2 theme and the general interest in the early twentieth century that’s taken hold at the moment.... (I will, at some point however, be running a campaign involving Canadians when the east front campaign peters out... )

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Most of the chaps with all the Stens are from Crusader Miniatures (the six in the middle). The two riflemen on the left of the picture are from West Wind Productions. the Rifleman and radio operator (also with a sten) on the right are from First Corps (though they don’t seem to list any British/Commonwealth troops currently…).

I tried painting a unit flash on some of these (went with the Regina Rifles – keeping it local… sort of…)

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

The GAZ is darn near complete (probably later this afternoon…) and the Stug is patiently waiting in the wings.

Bobbies and Diggers seem next closest to the front of the painting table, however.

I think my goal for this year will be to finish up ALL the 28mm World War Two and Pulp Adventure stuff that I have. I think it’s easily attainable. I should take stock and come up with a plan…


  1. Nicely done as always. And helpful, for inspiring me to go continue sorting out my WW2 troops.

  2. Is there much difference equipment-wise between the Canadians and the Brits? I suggest a Battle of the Scheldt campaign for these guys. Have you read any of Mark Zuehlke's books? I have Terrible Victory, but have only read through parts.

  3. Equipment-wise, no not really... the main difference is the Canadian made battledress had a considerable greener hue...

    I've read Zuehlke's Ortona and it was great. I have The Liri Valley and The Gallant Cause (about the Canadians in the Spanish Civil War) - but haven't quite gotten around to them yet... been eyeing up the Juno books... Terrible Vicotry looks good too... so much to read, so little time...