Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Soviet Tank Crew

I’ve been mostly prepping and priming and rebasing and stuff this last week, but I did finish up some bailed out tank crew for the Soviets – in an effort to keep on top of the Soviets! After the first game with the tanks I realized I needed some bailed crew…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These comrades are from Bolt Action Miniatures. If I have to bail out a KV-2 I’m kind of out of luck… but then, how often am I ever going to field the KV-2 let alone have it hit hard enough to bail the crew!?

One would think all black uniforms would be EASY. They’re not. I fretted over how to paint these guys for hours about how to give them SOME contrast?! Eventually I painted the helmets and leather jacket with Americana Charcoal Grey, the overalls I painted with a Delta Creamcoat dark grey of some sort – which may very well also have been called “charcoal” – and the boots I just left plain old black… Maybe I should have lightened up the coveralls a bit more (mixed the two “charcoals” for something in between)?

I need to makes some burning tank markers…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Hmmmm… Hard to say… I’ve been working on some African villagers(!?) and some German sailors (from the Great War!?), but there’s also a handful of Canadians working their way on to the work bench and the ever-present, desperately-wanting-attention Elves…


  1. Nice work Tim on the Soviet tank crew.

    I just painted a crewman for my T26 an I painted his helmet brown and his tank jacket black with Vallejo German Tanker (black) as the highlight. The latter is a very good colour for using over black. It sounds like your colour does the same.



  2. If you want to be really hard core about painting black, mix together some dark grey and night blue as your base coat. Then give it a black wash. That makes it black with the appropriate nothing is actually black just very dark xxxx highlights.

  3. Boy you just keep rolling out 28mm these days!

    In Soviet speak your production quota is achieved with ease comrade!

  4. Nice work as usal!
    Black can be tricky when the figure is almost all black. Another way to do it is to use black for the deepest shadows and just sparingly highlight it with a fairly dark color like a dark brown or dark blue, then maybe additionally just the barest of highlights on the tops and edges with a lighter color. Lots of things aren't totally black anyway; uniforms are something you might expect to fade a little over time.

  5. Great effort Tim. And nice figures from BAM.