Monday, June 7, 2010

Last of the Commie Horde

This is the last of the WW2 Russians that I have in my possession! They’re all done. Well, for now… I did actually make one last little order to Bolt Action Miniatures/Warlord Games to pick up a Dismounted Soviet Tank Crew – when they show up in a week or two they’ll be the first thing painted so I can stay on top of things here…

I like things being done. I like not having stuff to paint – even if it’s in just one sub-category of only one of many genres/periods/scales. I think I’m actually going to paint up some Elves next week – to finish off my plastic GW Elf HOTT army. Oh, I still have more elves… and many, many more figures for other HOTT armies. But I only have a dozen or so of the plastic Elves left and I could get them done and say “that army is complete”

(It also might help inspire Neldoreth to keep on track!)

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

This is a BT-7 from Army Group North Miniatures. Have I mentioned that I like AGNM? I do. I’d like to get a couple more (maybe order a platoon of three for a total of four…?) at some point.

A few more of my “reds in white” - some Soviet scouts from West Wind Productions that I didn’t really NEED so I decided to paint them up in winter coveralls (unfortunately HALF of them are carrying MP-40 Submachineguns!?)

Here’s the whole lot of them:

That’s 132 foot (including crew), 2 guns, 4 tanks, and one armoured car.

The company is understrength – but I’m guessing that was the norm for the Russian army for most of the war. I think the “on paper” soviet Rifle company by the end of 1941 (or 42..?) had three platoons of four sections – two of which were “heavy” section containing TWO DP Light Machine guns!? The Osprey Warrior series book on the Soviet Rifleman assures me that the companies in the field very rarely looked anything like their theoretical war establishment – sometimes fielding only tow or three sections per platoon – with much less men per section than was called for…

So I think I’m done with the Infantry. If I were to add anything else to these Russians it would be in the form of equipment – mostly more tanks. As mentioned earlier I wouldn’t mind another three T-26 and/or BT-7. I might pick up a second armoured car at some point. A Platoon of T-34 would be pretty cool too… (just in case anybody’s wondering what to get me for father’s day… or my birthday next year!!)

Aw, crumb!! I’m totally lying – I forgot I still have that little GAZ truck and crew to finish…!? Ah well… You get the idea…

And now for something completely different…

A British Bobby from Artizan Designs. I have another eight of these that I’ll probably finish up pretty soon. Not sure why I thought I’d ever need so many. Three of them have SMLE rifles… and I’d like to pick up a few more of those (someday)… for putting down potential insurrections in the troubled 1930s…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Krauts, Elves, Bobbies and Canucks… maybe some Japs and Diggers… hard to say.

I “should” probably get working on some more opponents for the Russians (i.e. GERMANS) since I’m running an East Front campaign and all… I’m really having a lot of fun with it. Seems like the players are too – even though some have experienced a pretty high mortality rate!

Though I’ve been looking around for other little side projects – stuff that I a) have all I need and b) don’t require a lot of painting to “finish up”. The aforementioned Elves being one… maybe some other WW2 stuff not really related to the East Front, per se…


  1. Love your commie horde! I never cease to be amazed at how much quality work you can do in what seems like comparatively little time!

  2. Perhaps the MP40s are scavenged for the same reason that the Western front troops sometimes did, which was that they were fairly plentiful and easy to pick up more ammo for? Particularly if you're creeping about in German rear areas.

    I'm reminded of the very atmospheric mission from Call of Duty, I believe it was, where you are loaded up with a bunch of other untrained recruits and sent forward with either 3 or 5 rounds of ammo and a rifle. The only ones not short on ammunition are the commissars, so that they have enough to shoot anyone who tries to flee. The only way you get more ammo is by plucking it from the fallen weapons of the dozens of comrades dying around you in your charge.

  3. You mean the first set of Soviet missions of the original Call of Duty, which roughly recreated the opening scene of Enemy at the Gates but with a slightly more successful attack? Very atmospheric alright, and a good clue that this wouldn't be your regular FPS game.

  4. Hi Tim,

    Great work on the Soviets. I'm using this week to get some done as well.

    Your collection look fab, well done.


  5. Most excellent, and congrats on finishing the Soviet company! Very snazzy and inspiring indeed! I'm looking forward to seeing the elves come together as well ;)


  6. You could always pit your Bobbies against Daleks!

  7. According to the Osprey book on the Red Army in ww2 MP40s were pretty common in Russian Scout (Razvedchik) units!

  8. Great army. A think it have little amount of HMG for support, but it is good anyway.
    Can i ask u a question? Where did u buy this BA? I can't find any of them through the web.

  9. The BA-64? It's from Bolt Action Miniatures. It seems to have been withdrawn from their line at the moment - perhaps it is just being remoulded...?