Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More 28mm WW2 Japanese

Another lot of Japanese...

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These are from Battle Honors. I got them in trade from The Teenage Visigoth, which, curse him, got me started on this whole “WW2 in the Far East” thing… Oh sure I had and even painted up the previous bunch that I picked up off of ebay first… but I only picked them up because I had arranged the trade…

A couple of comparison pics – the chap on the left in each picture is from Battle Honors, on the right is the one from First Corps. The First Corps figures do look a little bit “better fed” than the Battle Honors fellows, but not so much to cause me distress (I’m not all that fussy!)

I had planned to do more (some standing vs. kneeling, etc) but some recent rain (a LOT of it) has products CLOUDS of mosquitos and if I'd donated any more blood taking pictures I might have needed a transfusion myself!

When you get a pile of them together on the tabletop It gets harder to sort out who is who (as long as they are all painted the same!)

This is it for the Japanese… for now… but only briefly.. because… I, um… well I just picked up another lot of First Corps Japanese off ebay last night and I’m bidding on some more from Battle Honors?! DOH!?

If I win the Battle Honors ones that will put me at platoon+ strength – probably close to two platoons or an understrength company…?! The only additional items I would need would be a few HMGs and some tanks. But that’s kind of counting chickens – maybe I should wait and see if I do get that second lot…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Two stands worth of ECW musketeers somehow made it on to the painting desk?! (curse you neldoreth!!)


  1. Do you just epoxy the two washers together for the prone fellows? Or just glue them both to the figure and fudge the basing a bit to make it look like a peanut-shape?

  2. Usually in a batch of washers there are a few mis cuts that have a flat side - I set those aside and when I have prone figures I'll glue the two flat edges together and then glue the figure to the two washers, and then when I go the base gooping I slosh a bit more around teh side to smooth things out... so yes.. a bit of both.. (if that makes any sense!?)

  3. Tim, What colour paint did you use for the light khaki shirts and helmet covers?

  4. Paul - it was a mix of Folk Art Acrylic "Fawn" and Deco Art Americana "Fawn" (one "fawn" is considerably lighter than the other - and I wanted something in between)