Thursday, June 10, 2010

More WW2 Canucks

Just to switch gears a little I decided to paint up a couple of my 28mm WW2 Canucks – staying with the general era – just switching fronts.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The Miniatures are mostly from Bolt Action Miniatures/Warlord Games except for the chap on the far right of the picture who is from West Wind Productions.

I painted them with the grey patch of 3rd Division - the ones that landed on D-Day. I’ve debated whether to paint a unit flash above it… Does that pidgeon hole me into using them only as members of that one battalion? Is it better to just leave the Grey patch? Should I have left the divisional patch off as well (so they could also be fielded as troops from any other Canadian formation…)? Or do a unit patch (which will be cool to point out whenever I happen to actually use them as that unit), but use them for whatever is required/desired because, honestly, NO ONE BUT ME will know the difference anyway!?

This figure is from a BTD “Resistance Casualties” pack.

Just… don’t ask… (it was an ebay thing….)

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Should be Germans, but there’ll probably be more Canadians as I’m having fun with them. Though I have actually got the GAZ and the Stug assembled and primed, so they’ll likely be finished up soon enough.


  1. Is that British Uniform Green from Vallejo?

    Or another?

    Excellent work :)

  2. I use cheap craft paints and just mix my own when I don't have one that's close enough....

  3. Gotta love the unforms on the Canucks. Stop tempting me to do some. I have too much to do.