Tuesday, June 22, 2010

More Pulpy-Modernish-Civilian (not-so-useful) Stuff

A few more odds and sods rolling off the painting table…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

From left to right we have: a “Wild West Women” from Shadowforge Miniatures, a script girl from Pulp Figures Movie/Film Crew, and a figure that I’ve had forever and just decided to repaint (entirely) – I think I actually got her as a part of a box of Dr. Who miniatures produced by FASA…? Or Maybe GW for FASA…? I don’t know – it was 20 years ago!!

From left to right, again, we have: some weirdo I have no idea when it came from… might have been something I got in a trade from Bob or The Teenage Visigoth, or something Jolo gave me at some point… or I may very well have just bought it years ago and had it in storage… anyway, no idea of the manufacturer (though I have a funny feeling it might be Grenadier... I don't know... it sort of has that "look"), supposed to be some fantasy wizard of some sort but I thought it would work fine as a pulpy mystic/cult leader of some sort. Then we have some sort of “Scientific Mastermind” from Pulp Figures

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Japanese… really – whole squad nearly complete, probably finish them up tonight and post tomorrow. I’m a painting fool!! There's very little else ON the painting table right now. Last week I cleared it off and decided to only have one or two project batches on the table at a time - it's really helped to stay focused on one thing.


  1. I completely agree about the painting table dwellers. The more stuff I have on there, the slower things go as my wheels tend to spin a bit more... Looking forward to the Japanese though!


  2. Also, I like the civilian types... I've been looking at the Doctor Who miniature game rules, and the genericish modernish type figs would be excellent for that! Great stuff!


  3. Yes, only a few projects on the table helps me immensely. I find having one I'm prepping,one I'm painting and one I'm basing is just about right. Gives me some flexibility (depending on my mood) and also allows enough drying time if I switch between projects.

    No idea who the mystery figure is from; not mine! Now if it was a dead cowboy, it would definitely be one of mine.

  4. Lovely miniatures.

    I'm my own worst enemy when it comes to having a number of miniatures on the painting desk at anyone time.

    Keep up the great work Tim on your collection.


  5. Nice work! I wouldn't want to cross that Shadowforge gal!

    I tend to go in fits and starts - recently I had painted most of my "prepped" minis so I got into "prepping" mode for a while and now I have a bunch prepped. I have left most put away and try to only pull out the ones I'm currently painting.

  6. Thanks everyone!

    My process these days seems to be to base and prime figures as soon as I get them - whether on a permanent base if they're for a skirmish game or on a temporary painting base if they're for multi-figure bases (DBA, etc). Then store them away in the drawer they will inhabit. This, in theory, keeps me on top of storage space and I always know where miniatures are when the mood strikes me to paint them.

    Unfortunately when the mood strikes I generally shift too many of what I want to paint to the paint table. Usually I work in batches of six to twelve, occasionally more, but on average ten. But I'll move, say, all three squads of a platoon to the painting table, finish one... but by then some other mood has struck and I've moved some other project on to the table (thrity of them) without removing the twenty remaining from the first thing...

    The other way things seem to accumulate is by tiny amounts. I'll find a couple solitary figures - like the ones in this very post - and think to myself I'll work on these while I'm working on the current project. Y'know while waiting for stuff to dry or whatever. And I DO do that - work on side things but I'll maybe finish one unrelated character figure while working on a squad/unit of something else... but meanwhile it's been three days and each of those days I brought out one to three character figures to work on... suddenly there's a half dozen polluting my table!?

    I'm trying to be a bit more judicious about this now. Only having one current project on the table, one "on deck" waiting in the wings and no more than a half dozen odds and sods!

  7. The mystery mini is Sarah Jane from Doctor who- sculpted by Aly Morrison for citadel but also released by Fasa on solid bases in the states. A really nice civilian in action mini though t'aint she?

    Lovely work as ususual btw!