Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More HOTT Chicks

Amanda has decided she’d like to play a “HOTT Chick” army – a Hordes of the Things army comprised entirely of Women. I have dubbed the force the Saphistic League of Unity and Togetherness (is that going a bit far…?)

So far she’d be able to use my HOTT Dwarf Chicks of which there are three stands – all “Blades” (the rest of them can be seen HERE). I suppose there’s also the Dryads she could use as Lurkers. And she has a couple of options for wizards (both Elf and Human varieties – though I’d have to make new bases for both).

Now I’ve finished up a stand of elfie shooters for her:

(Remember: click on the pictures for a slightly bigger version)

I think these are WOTC/D&D figures…? Picked them up in a bargain bin. Wish I could have gotten a few more. Ah well…

I’d like to add some Shadowforge stuff at some point – especially some of the Dark Temple Centaurs!!

I am working on a Narnian White Witch which could also be used…

I’m trying to convince here she needs a Hero General from Hasstlefree Miniatures


  1. I think she is hooked, wouldn't you agree lol


  2. I have a full set of Copplestone's corporate babes with guns.

    Mind you, my wife and daughters think that I am a sad old man.


  3. Don't forget you are also going switch over those two elven riders so that the SLUTs can be together.

  4. *sputter!*

    When did I say I was going to do THAT!?

  5. LOL!

    That barbarian queen on cat is very cool! That should make the army invincible! (or at least more fun)

    The old Celtos minis had quite a few "Celtic-like" females, on foot, on horseback, mostly with huge weapons and little clothing, I think they would look great with the barbarian queen. (and yes, I do have quite a few of them myself - along with many of their male counterparts)

  6. Libby is very cool, I have one of her without the cat. She just might join my Anglo-Saxons.

  7. I started a new blog to basically catalog my existing fantasy minis (plus the odd new one I paint every now and then). The reason entioning it here is the first batch of posts cover most of my Celtos minis, including some of the lasses.
    The blog is Tales of Mirth at