Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Rohirrim

I finally finished off the Knight General stand for my Hordes of the Things Army of Rohan. Here’s a couple pics:

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These are Lord of the Rings figures from Games Workshop. King Theoden is in the Center there flanked by Gamiling/Royal Standard Bearer and a Mounted Royal Guardsman.

Another shot of the same

and again…

Here he is commanding the rest of the Rohirrim thus far mustered – a stand of riders and another stand of Knights.

I am going to have one more stand of Knights, the rest will be riders. One of the stands of knights I might occasionally field as a “Hero”. Eventually I’ll pick up some Warriors of Rohan and have some foot options – blades, spears shooters, etc.

I have two more stands worth of riders to paint at the moment, and another three stands worth on the way… I’ll just need one more box to finish off the riders and then two more mounted guardsmen and a character of sorts (Theodred or Erkenbrand – whichever I can pick up off ebay for 50% off or more – which is what I’ve done with the other character models I’ve picked up - there’s no way I’d pay the absurd suggested retail!?)

I've been playing too many games this week... it's slowing down my painting productivity level...

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Normans…. no, really…


  1. A refreshing new use for GW's LOTR models, and nicely painted! I'll bet it was fun creating HOTT armies appropriate to Middle Earth. Are you finding good deals on eBay?

    I'm all in favor of not following official rules and minis.
    While you are using GW models for non-GW game, I've been collecting non-GW models for their LOTR game. As a consequence, I can't play my army in my local hobby shop. My next plan is to use 1/72 scale WWII models for Flames of War.

  2. As always, just wonderful work and with such speed.

    How long do you work at each sitting and what is the basing system you are using for HotT?

  3. Andrew -

    Yeah, I've picked up a few good deals on Ebay.... There's just no way I could pay the full suggested retail. I mean they're beautiful figures... but I ain't made of money and they ain't cheap.

    There's a local guys that plays FOW with 20mm/1:72 stuff.

    Adept -

    The kids are in bed with lights out by eight. I will often sit down and paint for a couple hours, sometimes until midnight, almost every night.... I dont' watch TV or play computer games.

    I use the standard 60mm frontage but most of my bases are 40mm deep so I can fit two ranks on as I think it makes the stands look more like "units". It changes the game as it makes it more likely for some unit types to recoil and die than they normally would.. but since I'm gaming in a bubble here (I own all the armies locally and don't travel to conventions with them) it doesnt' really matter everyone is equally affected. Cavalry is on 50mm or 60mm deep bases - whatever seems appropriate. Some Warbands are also on 60mm deep bases...

  4. Cool! I've always loved the Rohirrim since I first read LOTR way back when.
    Great work on the banner, too! I've never felt I did a very good job at painting banners/flags, so mostly I make mine on the computer and print them out (did the same with some shield designs, too many moons ago - works fine for flat shields with raised edges like the old GW shields - cutting out little circles of paper seemed easier than consistently painting a nice design on 20 or so shields!)

  5. Nice; your willingness to paint their eyes is amazing--I am too lazy (as you well know) and often end up just using a shader to suggest deep eye sockets.

    Also, your productivity puts me to shame!

    Bob in Edmonton

  6. I don't know... Looks like you've been cranking out a serious amount of nice looking 15mm Dark Ages stuff...?!