Friday, March 20, 2009

The Fords of Robaart

On Thursday evening the Orcish hordes of Timmillur the Clean descended on border post near of the Fords of Robaart on the Rumbeer river – the border between Civilized Lands and the Dark Wilderness…. Waiting for them was the Army of King Timm II (also known as Timm the Brown – or Timm the Unclean…).


Army of Timmillur the Clean
1x Knight General (big, mean, nasty, heavily-armoured orcs of poor overloaded and meaner for it wolves…)
2x Behemoths (Giants, Trolls)
3x Beasts (Wolves sans riders)
1x Warband (Orcs)
6x Hordes (Goblins)

The Army of King Timm II
1x Hero General
1x Knight
1x Rider
1x Warband
7x Blade


(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The army of King Timm II ready to meet the hordes descending form the wilderness…

The Hordes of Timmillur the Clean

The Moutned element peel away to deal with the beasts that have cross the river further to the west…

… While the line of infantry advance to hold the south bank of the Rumbeer River

Uh… who rolled that one…?

The Heroic King Timm II rashly charges in to head off the beasts making for the rear…. His Knights following a bit too close behind. The ferociousness of the wolves took King Timm a bit off guard and forced them to recoil into the knights which caused chaos and confusion – rumours quicly spread that the King had been killed and the army abandoned the field in panic and disorder!

Game Over.

I was a bit of a dumbass and could have set that up better. Heck, I could have waited another turn before making contact – waiting for the knights to move up and support with an overlap… Ah well…


1x Hero General

As that was over in a hurry we played another game…


The forces remained the same as the orc army poured across the northern ford onto the Isle of Robaart (an Island caused by a split in the river).

When the route of King Timm’s army slowed and the forces gathered back and assured that the King was in fact not dead they rallied ans tried to retake the fords… attacking the south ford…

The Army of King Timm II advancing on the South Ford… from the South…

The army of Timmillur the Clean holding the border fortress on the Isle of Robaart.

Both Generals seemed to have the same plan – hold the river… flank on the right…

King Timm and his knights try to force their way across and toll up the flank of Goblin Horde!

Timmillur and the beasts attack the east end of King Timm’s line.

The Berseks and Blades at that end of the line did sterling service holding off relentless attacks by the ferocious wolves – against all odds…!

Time and again the wolves attacked and were repulsed!

…despite their lack of communication with the King at the far end of the line…

Finally the Day was won much the same way The Orcs had won the previous day – Genearl Timmillur found himself in a tight position and was forced back into the river by the fury of the Human Berserks. While Timmillur was okay his favouite Dire Wolf mount ("Fluffy") was drowned and floated down the river past the Horde holding the bank. Thinking their General was himself lost, chaos and confusion ensued and the Orc army fled the field…

They will likely regroup in the wilderness and return… but King Timm II will be ready for them!

From that day forward Timmillur was known as Timmillur the Unlucky… (or sometimes Timmillur the Soggy or Timmillur the Moistened – but never to his face!)


1x Knight General
1x Horde? I might have knocked out one or two… maybe three… I know at least one was returned to the tabletop… Whatever.. they’re hordes they don’t really even count.

1x Blade

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  1. If I had a dime for every time I ended a game early due to lining up my figs incorrectly I would have... well... a lot of money! It's nice to see I am not the only one ;) That Rohirrim and Viking/Norman/Saxon force has a lot of character and works together very well considering the genre differences!

    The orcs rock the spot of course!

    Good stuff man!