Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Because one can NEVER Have “Too Many” Orcs

Another stand of LOTR Mordor Orcs:

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Once again these are Games Workshop plastic Mordor Orcs. I like the more brownish red-orange I’ve been using for flesh on these.

I have one more stand worth of these to paint up and I’ll probably do that next. Then I'll finish off that last stand of Dwarven Highlanders (for now...) then it's on to the horsemen (Normans... and maybe a few Rohanians...!?).


  1. Very nice idea! I've been reading The Hobbit to my 6-yr-old, and have been meaning to do the something similar. I found someone online that made up LOTR armies for DBA, and I thought I would use Caesar Miniatures' 1/72 plastic fantasy minis. BUT, I like your idea of using all these 25mm plastic models from the GW boxes. I have a ton of them laying around because I only bought the box sets for the rule books (I'm using non-GW 28mm models instead)

    Is HOTT pretty much the same as DBA? I tried getting a rulebook a while back, but at the time I couldn't find anyone selling it.

  2. Thanks Andrew!

    Yes, Hordes of the Things is a fantasy version of DBA. The best place to get it from in right from the source: Keep Wargaming/WRG.