Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday Night Hordes of the Things

Usually my friend Mr. Miller stops by one evening a week to hang out and paint toys. I’ve got him interested in Hordes of the Things now though, and as the games are quick we can get in a quick game AND still do some painting. Mr. Knudsen also had a free evening so he joined us for a game as well!

Mr. Knudesen showed up a bit early so I played a quick game with him first


Tim B. – Orcses
1x Warband General – big nasty Orcs
3x Warband – Orcs
6x Horde – Goblins
1x Behemoth – Trolls
3x Beast – Wolves

Chris K – Vikingish
1x Blade General
8x Blade
1x Hero
1x Rider


The Vikings were attacking an Orc stronghold which had been sending out raids into the viking border areas… terrain and forces were deployed…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The Orc defenders…

The Vikngs advancing with a sneaky reserve of to the rear…

The wolves flanked around through the woods and ate some Vikings on the falnk before the reserve could be deployed…

Then the reserve moved up and that was the end of that pack of wolves.

The battle lines meet! CRUNCH!! Steel shattered bone! Blood spattered about and soaked the earth…

The Generals warband punched a hole through the Viking lines! The goblin hordes vapourized!? GAH!!

Mr. Knudsen making so clever tactical maneuver that likely spelled my DOOM! DOOM! I tell you!!

The General that punshed through the lines was quickly surrounded, cut off…

… and destroyed… The rest of the gobliny-orcish army fled back into the wilderness in panic and disarray!

Jarl Knudsen orc-slayer was made a hero in many Vikingish songs and epics.


2x Blade

4x Horde
1x Beast
1x Warband General


Mr. Knudsen and I finished out game just before Mr. Miller showed up. Chris decided to try out the orcs but wasn’t so interested in Hordes…


Chris K – Orcses
1x Hero General – big nasty Orcs
4x Warband – Orcs
1x Horde – Goblins
1x Behemoth – Trolls
2x Beast – Wolves
1x Artillery - Catapult

Tim M.– Elfsies
1x Blade General – Elfie axemans
2x Blade – Elfie axemans
1x Hero – Elvish knights
2x Riders – Elvish outriders
4x Shooters – Elf Archers
2x Lurkers – Dryads and Leprechauns


This time Elves were making a foray into Orcland to punish them further. Isn’t that just like an elf to kick a guy when he’s down… Turn him into a pincushion by filling his back full of arrows as he flees…

The forces deployed… What is with those elves…? They got somethgn tricky up their sleeve…?

Hmmmmmm…. maybe they're "hiding" behind the woods and going to launch a sneak attack...?

Once again wolves head for the woods, but things turn out a little differently here. With his single pip Mr. Miller marched the column of Elf archers into the woods – I was beginning to wonder if the elvish commanders name was Braddockadyll..?

GRAAAARRR! The wolves descend upon the elves in the woods. The elves send then scurrying away with their tails between their legs.

The with a blocking force of Dryads and Leprachauns(!?) The wolves are cut off and…

...utterly annihilated… Those sneaky bastards…

Most of the battle turned into a fight for the woods as two of the orc warbands were thrown in there and the Orcish “hero” general also made a foray into the woods…

The Orc “Hero” didn’t like fighting in the woods so much so he went out to chase down some Elfie horse riders…

Hmmm that seems to be it for pics. I think what ended the game was the elvish hero pulling out of line and wheeling around on his own to flank the trolls and wipe them out .


1x Lurker
2x Shooters

2x Beast
2x Warband
1x Behemoth

Then we put all the toys away and did some painting. I worked on Gamling – the army standard-bearer for my HOTT Rohirim and some other figures sitting at the front edge of the workbench. Mr. Miller painted some Space Marines. Christian just hung out for a bit and read some rules and yapped with us.

These gaming-painting combo nights are really working out for me… We should do this more often!


  1. Those horde don't stick around very long, do they?

  2. Nope.

    Those vikings just had to fart in their general direction and they headed for the hills.

    The "bring 'em back on for a PIP" seems cool in theory... but you have to HAVE spare PIPs to bring them on in the first place... then you have to expend MORE PIPs to bring them back to the front edge of battle...

    I realized I made some mistakes in my set up. Should have had the Behemoth front and center next to the General, etc.

    I'm sure there's got to be some way to use them to some (small) advantage...