Saturday, March 7, 2009

Last of the Mordor Orcs…

…for now.

This is the last of the Mordor Orcs I got in trade that I’ll be painting up until I buy another box – which may be a while…. Because I could only cram 7 on each stand I have three left over – unfortunately it wasn’t until after I had finished the second stand that I thought perhaps I should have left the archer figures off and kept them aside to make stands of “Shooters”.

I’m not entirely sure what to classify this lot as. I’ll probably go with “Warband” in the end. Part of me would like to call them “Horde”, but that would mean I would have to buy (and PAINT!) an awful lot more of them!? I’ve also briefly considered calling them “Blade” to make them a bit more “badass” … but they look a bit more like a warband here…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The stand in the center is the most recently painted. These are, like the others, Games Workshop plastic Mordor Orcs. It will probably be some time before I pick up any more. I think the first two Middle Earth forces I’d like to put together are Rohan and Isengard. Before I buy ANY more, however, I should really finish up the Generic Fantasy armies I’m working on!? (Think that will happen…?)

...and just to mix things up a little I also painted a sci-fi secret agent type from Reaper Miniatures Chronoscope line. I’m tired of special agents in black. I figured she’d really be wearing some high-tech stealth suit that would adapt to whatever terrain she was in. how to paint that though…? Paint it how it looks then it’s turned OFF!! Grey seems as good a colour as any for that… so…

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

HORSEMEN!!! I have three stands of Normans at the front edge of the painting table nearing completion and three more prepped and ready for priming. As soon as Gamling and Eomer show up I’m sure the Rohirim will start rolling off the table in earnest as well!

Oh yeah… and I had wanted to finish one more stand of Dwarves… DOH!


  1. I'd call them warband too, they look to tough to be horde, and not disciplined enough to be blade. If they had some shields...

    That Reaper fig is nice. I like to throw unrelated figures into the production line. It helps to reset the paint brain.

  2. Yeah I'd only ever call them horde if I ever had too much money and too much time on my hands to be able to acquire and paint enough to field them as hordes! And then I'd only do it because it would be fun to have... well... HORDES of them on the table for the good guys to cut swathes through - trampled under the hoofs of the charging Rohirim!