Monday, March 23, 2009

More Knights (and a wizard)

Here are a few more Knights for Chris’ Norman Army… I know… they have surcoats… He bought them. They were probably “crusaders” and he thought they were “close enough”. I pointed out that Normans are usually depicted as not wearing surcoats. He pointed out that really we have very little idea when Normans actually wore and maybe they DID wear surcoats and I said fair enough! Who am I to argue with that? I’m no historian!? If you think it’s “wrong” tell Chris about it - and tell him to his face so he can poke you in the eye with a pointy stick!

I did at least replace their shorter more medieval-ish shields with the longer Norman kite shields…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

I think these are all from Old Glory

Saruman – another Lord of the Rings figures from Games Workshop.


  1. Surcoats!?!?!

    Nice paint job. And even if we know precisely what people wore, does it matter that much if they got dressed up for the day of battle?

    Nice shield replacement--did you just happen to have some kite shields laying about?

    Bob in Edmonton

  2. Old glory sometimes throws in a few extra shields. I did some mixing of things - some of the infantry that were supposed to have kite shields will be getting round shields and becoming saxons or something... I also have some Celtos Elves - they came with kite shields... I may have to use some of those...