Friday, March 27, 2009

Odds and Sods

Another stand of Warrior Womyn (or not-so-Warrior Womyn, in this case) for Amanda’s Saphistic League of Unity and Togetherness and some “horse-men” of a different sort.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These are Reaper Miniatures “classics”. Three Female Halfling Rogues (or something like that..) to be used here as “Sneakers”. WE haven’t used them yet (Sneakers that is) in a game. I was explaining to Amanda how they work and she thought the idea was pretty cool and is pretty stoked to use them. She’ll have to wait for a week, though, because she just left for a week in San Diego….

These are some Centaurs from Mega Miniatures. I’m really quite pleased with these. I picked them up because they were very reasonably priced and there just isn’t that many Centaurs out there (I’ve always dreamed of having an army of Centaurs!). I don’t think the pictures on Mega Minis site really does them justice. I was quite pleasantly surprised when they arrived. I imagined they would have been smallish and without a lot of detail – I was wrong on both accounts! I bought one pack of 8 – this will be a stand of riders, the rest (which are more heavily armoured and have hand weapons) are going on stands of three and I’ll call them Knights. It’ll probably be a while before I realize the dream of an entire army of centaurs… but these will be a cool allied contingent for many I’m sure and provide a mounted contingent for my Narnians….


  1. Would you be able to provide measurements for the Mega Miniatures centaurs from hoof to withers and hoof to top of the head? As you mention, centaurs are hard to find, and centaurs compatible with the one true scale even more so.

  2. This fellow pictured is about 22mm to withers and 34mm to the top of his head. He is also 25mm from his belly to the back of his rump not including tail! Others are harder to tell as they are rearing or lunging. on of the others is 22mm to withers, 25mm fron to back but closer to 36mm to the top of where his scalp would be.

    Hope that helps!

  3. Thanks for the info. This would make them perfect for me. I'll probably do a comparison between Mega Minis, Ral Partha, Grenadier, and Eureka centaurs on my blog sometime in the near future.

  4. Cheers! I'll keep an eye out for that!

    I have a couple old, old Centaurs (I think they're Ral Partha - they're a fair bit smaller) as well as some Grenadier ones myself. One of these days I'll strip and repair them and add then to my Centaur... uh... "herd" doesn't seem to be quite the right word... "Army", I guess...

  5. How do the Mega Miniatures centaurs compare to the dimensions of the Splintered Light centaurs?

  6. Aren't Splintered Light Miniatures 15mm (or "18mm")?

    If so, I imagine they'd be some larger. But I can't say for sure as I've never seen them in the flesh.

    Mega Miniatures are "25mm".