Monday, January 12, 2009

More Picts!?

Uh… yeah… and I have enough for another two stands of nekkid warrior fanatics sitting on the workbench…. THEN I swear I’ll get back to the Elves and Dwarves.

Honestly I’m feeling a little… daunted(?) about doing the orcs… There’s so damn many of them!? I think I planned on doing 8 hordes with 8 figures per stand?! GAH!!

Maybe Picts will replace the orcs on the map if things don’t pick up!

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

So this is the same Druidic/Pagan Warrior Priestess from the previous post - I’ve just made her a HOTT base and added a couple of nekid fanatic bodyguard types…

The nekkid warrior mens are, of course the Picts from The Foundry

Amanda was checking her out last night and actually said she might play Hordes of the Things with me if she could play her… and maybe a whole army of HOT(T) warrior wimmin…

I best get working on the Ghost Minis Dwarf Dwarf Shield Maidens… and start looking around for some other “amazon” types…

Anyone out there know of some reasonably priced HOT(T) Warrior Wimmins..?

Ghost Minis has some Valkeries

There’s no end of female figures at Reaper (508 results for “female” in the figure finder…) …but that could get a bit pricey!!

I might have enough bonus Celtos Female Elf Warriors to make a stand or two…



  1. Check out for female warriors (Products | Fantasy | Dark temple range)

  2. Nice one Glassboy!! Cheers!

    I LOVE those Centaurs! and the Valkyries....

    They could kind of fall under the "could get a bit pricey" category... Might have to save up for some though.

    Of course I could try and convince Amanda to buy them for me for my birthday (which is coming up soon enough)! I'd be sort of a gift for me... but really for her. Sort of like lingerie... except in reverse... (y'know sort of for her, but really for me..?)

    Uh... ahem... yeah.. well...

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