Thursday, January 22, 2009

15mm DBA Persians for trade (or free to a good home!)

The last of my non-WW2 15mm stuffs to trade away (maybe some day soon I shall ditch them too...). Somehow I thought I might fix these up a bit before trading them away, but that’s never going to happen. I’d really like them to be just gone and will trade them away for a song… well… maybe a bit more than a song… maybe some busted-ass, half-painted 28mm junk figure(s) you’ve got…?

They are in a sad state of disrepair. The all could do with some re-basing, many need some touch-ups here and there, most need new spears. A lot of the cavalry are not attached to their horses…? Which is odd because I’ve almost always attached riders before painting… maybe I was going through and “experimental phase”

I think they’re all from Irregular Miniatures..,?

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

The mounted contingent. 1x3Kn, 4x3Cv, 2x2LH. There seems to be 5 or 6 riders missing and many spears!

Two more 2LH – these are from Essex and I’m pretty sure I picked them up to replace The busted up ones in the pics above.

I also have a unopened pack of Falcon Miniatures AW-15 Greek Heavy Cavalry – might have ordered them from the Sentry Box to replace the Kn but were sent the wrong pack or something…? Or maybe I actually ordered these hoping they might be “close enough”… I don’t know… They’re part of the deal, though!

The painted FOOT! 2x2PS, 2x4Bw, 2x4SP? (or 4Ax?), 2x 3AX

The not so painted and busted up Foot! 2x4Sp (Greek Mercenaries), 2x3Ax.

All of the foot need new spears (well… at least the ones that SHOULD have spears!)

Anyway, if anyone’s at all interested and got something good to trade (or could convince me they’re going to a good home where they will be fixed and played with and not just sold on ebay… and willing to pay for postage) post a comment with your email address – I won’t actually PUBLISH the comment…. It’s just a way of letting me know how to get in touch with you without having to publish my email address on this blog….

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