Monday, January 26, 2009

HORDES for Hordes of the things!

I painted up my first stand of goblin HORDES for Hordes of the Things this weekend. I have an awful lot more to do…

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These are GW plastic Night Goblins. Nice and quick and easy to paint – which is good because I think I have another 5 stands (45 figures) of THESE ones to paint… then there’s the Orcs (which I am now considering basing as Warband rather than Hordes…)… and then there’s some Moria Goblins heading my way as part of a trade!? (starting to get rid of some of the 15mm WW2 stuff – and some surplus 28mm Commandos)

I didn’t get rid of ALL the surplus commandos, though… I saved a handful to paint up for my friend John who has from time to time threatened to pick up Hour of Glory and/or Bunkerstorm!. I thought these guys – who are all armed with thompsons, pistols or knives - would be perfect for those games! I liked the way the base turned out. I just modeled the flagstones with green stuff - pretty simple. (Don’t worry, John, I’ll get on that next batch of Descent minis one of these days…).

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  1. I really like your goblins! Not your typical "greenskins" (my own gobbos are green), they look very good.