Saturday, January 10, 2009


Why work on the armies I “SHOULD” be working on when I can work on what’s just arrived in the mail! As I mentioned I got a PILE of Pictish infantry off ebay and I couldn’t help painting a stand or two before carrying on with the planned projects.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

These are Picts from The Foundry.

Same lads, another angle.

The nice thing about Hordes of the Things is it’s really easy to take an historical DBA army and turn it into a HOTT fantasy army by simply adding hot scantily clad women.. or… er.. other fantastical elements.

This lass if from Reaper Miniatures. I actually ordered her before I won the Picts, thinking she’d make a great druidic priestess for some Celtic or other paganish/barbarian HOTT force. When both her and the Picts arrived the same day... well…

I’ll be making a HOTT base for her like the Elf mages. I’ll add a couple of the surplus pictish naked fanatic warriors to the base.

I’d best get on with the Dwarves and Elves and orcs!


  1. Nice work! I especially like the blue and white plaid on the kneeling Pict.

  2. Yes, really like the capes your picts are wearing...

  3. Yup.. certainly easy

    Robin (eying up those Tomb Kings for HotT Skeletons..he! he!)

  4. Throw the Picts in your HOTT game anyway. The more the merrier.

    You know who else needs one of those HOTT chicks (get it?)? The English. Maybe wearing a nun's habit.

  5. What... Like Sister Marie or Sister Candace or Sister Catherine...? maybe I should just get the pack of Battle Nuns! (actually, to tell the truth, I already have the pack of Battle Nuns... picked them up when the Den was selling off a bunch of old REaper stuff 50% off... thought they'd make a great unit for Rippers).

    Seriously I had thought of picking up some monks and calling them "Clerics". Were there nunneries in the dark ages? How did nuns dress?

  6. Those are looking awesome! I defintely like the warrior Nun from Reaper.

  7. I think dark ages nunneries were places to put women who were too troublesome to marry (at least until it was politically expedient).

    I've a funny feeling that AS nuns dressed a lot like the noblewomen they were before being locked up, but that's no fun.

    Those battle nuns would be great for Mordheim, but they'd fit in just fine!