Friday, January 30, 2009

HOTT Dwarf Chicks

I’m going to wear out that “HOTT This” and “HOTT that” pretty quick aren’t I…?

Another stand of dwarves finished – this time some Dwarven Shield Maidens:

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

Most of these are Ghost Miniatures from Old Glory, Though the leader (front and center) is from Reaper Miniatures. The Ogre Head on the standard is from GW.

I’m not entirely happy with the standard. I made the standard bearer out of a shield maiden with a spear – cut of the spear, drilled out the hand, insert rod/pole… I was originally thinking I’d make a flag to put on there. but then I realized none of my other dwarf standards have flags… they’re just standards with a bunch of junk on them – so I quickly tried to scratch build something for this unit and the results seem a little uninspired. At some point I may replace it, either with a flag or maybe a better standard – take a shield and build up some sort of icon on it with greenstuff of brownstuff… so it’s more in line with the rest of the armies standards.

A flag might not be so bad after all – sure it’d be different from the rest of the army… but this unit is different from the rest of the army!

I had a spare so I mounted her singly for use in skimishy games…


  1. Nice figures. I think, though, given the slab-faced nature of lady dwarfs, you have strayed from a strict dictionary definition of "hot" with your plan on words. The pun police will be along to speak to you about these dwarves shortly :)

    Bob in Edmonton

  2. Bob, that was a low blow! Anyone who would stoop to such comments should be given short-shrift! (sorry, couldn't resist!)

    (I'm NOT looking forward to any post titled something like "HOTT orc babes"! lol)