Monday, September 16, 2019

The Pit

For them which comes from below, it seemed only natural and right that they should try to seize control of the Mine Workings - it does stretch down into their realm and impinge on the personal space of the Patriarch which rules over all of them. The sneaky ones in black were making their move to control the area. They had to be taught a LESSON!

This week Finnegan and his Average Joes Genestealer Cult challenged my One-Eyed Red Snakes Delaque gang for control of The Pit - an abandoned mine shaft, extending from the lower parts of the Bronze Gates to some place much, much darker far below even the lowest reaches of the under hive.


We played a Sneak Attack Scenario - Finnegan's Genestealer Cultists were attacking into the territory of the Delaque Gangers to deface their relic... I got to set up 5 sentries who did sort of random stuff until the alarm was raised. Finnegan got his whole gang - or at least all the ones that he had figures for (I think her recruited a few new members last game, but didn't get figures painted for them) and the Magos and other champion were out recovering from serious injuries.


Things were going poorly for me since I'd lost two out of action for a game and a third captured in my last game, hadn't gained territory and collected very little income from my sole territory... So before we got started, I petitioned my House for aid... and they came through with a trainer. Four (d3+1) characters gained d6 experience. I gave the experience tp my leader and Rutubulum (both of whom were missing this game, as well as Mus and Rotis. Mus and Rutubulum both gained enough that they were able to roll on the Ganger advancement. Mus got smarter (improved Intelligence score) and Rutubulum increased his toughness! Later I decided Artifex would spend 6 of his XP to increase his Ballistic Skill.

After we set up the battlefield, I could set up my sentries anywhere and had to set up a gang relic somewhere on the board within 6" of the board edge.

So I moved a few wall sections around so the wall section tagged with their gang logo could be the relic the Genestealer Cultists were wanting to deface.

The Genestealers came from two directions. One group had the Hybrid Acolyte and three neophytes with shotguns.

The other, smaller group just had two with autoguns.

For the first round they all just moved up to doors.

I got my remaining ganger - a newly recruited Juve (Neo 86753) - just happened to wander up a hall towards one of the groups of Genestealer Cultists stacked by a door just outside the hall with the gang relic.

They totally gunned him down... but that raised the alarm. Raising the alarm meant my gangers now acted normally... but none of them had ready tokens - so Finnegan got to finish out his turn before my gang could act.

The other group of Cultists charged into the room and shot Oraculum three times - wounding and causing flesh wounds every single time - the third one reduced his toughness to her and took him out of action.

Two out of six down - not looking good. Luckily with the home turf advantage, I passed by bottle check.

Round two was just a brutal, point-blank shoot-up! The One-Eyed Red Snakes took down Joe Schmoe, but then Joe Gazebo entered the battle blazing away with his autogun and took both Glacies and Rotis out of action in a single burst!

Down to two... I voluntarily bottled and fled with the last two...


So the Genestealer Cultists took over the mine and gained 130 credits (from scenario rewards and income) and recruited another Neophyte for free and got a pile of reputation (+3, I think...) - So as long as he gets them PAINTED he should have little problem fielding two more cultists in his next game (he DID assemble the rest of his Genestealer Cultists a week or so ago, and last week they all got primed, so...) - and have his leader and Champion back!

Unfortunately Glacies was captured after the fight. Rotis and Oraculum were both seriously injured enough that they'll now have to miss the next encounter - Rotis actually ended up with a permanent eye injury and has had his Ballistic Skill reduced to 5+!?

From the scenario rewards I gained only 20 credits and my territory only provided 10 credits of income... Luckily I had 15 left over from before so I was able to pick up a Power Axe and some Filter Plugs for Artifex. and now I'm broke again, and down to five fighters...

My entire crew for the next game... yikes! Looks like I'll be petitioning the House for aid again!

Hopefully The Grrrlz will get in a game tomorrow!

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Another report for our Bronze Gates Campaign - as the Two Escher gangs face each other!

I have a large group or odd and sundry items that have been making their way off my workbench. Some of them are sort of related to Necromunda... the rest is at least sort of 40k-ish...?

Sunday, September 15, 2019

September Games - Week Two

Still doing pretty good on the SECOND week of my September Game-A-Day Challenge...

Sunday, 8 September 2019

We started our long anticipated Necromunda Dominion Campaign this evening!

There is some background and details of the starting gangs and territories here:

The Bronze Gates Campaign (A Necromunda Dominion Campaign)

It was a short and brutal fight that ended with the leaders of the two gangs in a vicious melee together!

Full details of the game can be found here:

Encounter a Fahr's Pipe

Monday, 9 September 2019

On Monday Evening, Keira and I then played our first game.

It did not go well for the One-Eyed Red Snakes (my House Delaque gang)...

Full details of the game can be found here:

Battle at Bilton's Corner

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Keira humoured me with a super quick game of Retro Lunacy after her dance classes.

I won.

and then I went to bed... not feeling really well - but I got in my game for the day!!

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

One Wednesday we tried out Twilight Squabble. Keira bought this when it came out a couple years ago. I'm not sure why...? She hasn't seemed particularly motivated to read the rules and figure out how to play. So, I finally sat down and ran us through a game (the card pack hadn't even been opened - it was still in plastic!?).

We tied in the balance of power, but I was just ahead in the space race - so I won!

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Thursday evening Amanda and Keira played Century Golem Edition with me.

Our starting market - so many men generating cards! And a victory card that's 20 and all pink... and everything else was green and yellow!? So Weird.

Been a while since Keira's played, she said she'd forgotten how fun it was. Hopefully this will mean she'll be interested in playing it more often..?

I squeaked out a win, but just barely. 78 points. Amanda had 73.

Friday, 13 September 2019

Friday we played Mysterium. Originally we though we'd have seven, but then two bailed and it was just us and Laura - which was fine. Everyone figured out who their suspects were with a turn to two to go... Finnegan guessed who the murder was... but he was the only one... Ah, well...

Saturday, 14 September 2019

Finnegan did run his D&D 5E game in the afternoon... They actually finished up the adventure, levelled up (to third level already!) and then played a funnel adventure for Dungeon Crawl Classics...

And in the evening....? Well, I picked up Stranger Things Season Two on DVD from the library (Yes, we have not seen Season Two - or Three!! - yet. Amanda won't let us get Netflix because she says we'll never get ANYTHING done if we do... she's probably not wrong... so we have to wait for things to be released on DVD...) So we started watching that and I didn't get to play any games. But there WAS a game on Saturday, at our house, that half the family played it... so I'm counting it as a successful week!

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More games in our Necromunda campaign!

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Battle at Bilton's Corner

Bronze Gates Necromunda Dominion Campaign - Game Two

On Monday evening Keira and I got in our first game in our Necromunda Dominion Campaign.

For a bit of info on the campaign background, the territories within the Bronze Gates and our starting gangs check out this post:

The Bronze Gates Campaign (A Necromunda Dominion Campaign)

for an After Action Report of Game One (between Finnegan's Genestealer Cult and Amanda's Escher Gang) check out this post:

Encounter a Fahr's Pipe

As Bung's Hole had already been snapped up by The Crimson Wave, I challenged Keira's Pink Punchers for control of D52 - the region's Gambling Den...


We played a quick Tunnel Skirmish scenario, just as Amanda and Finnegan had in their game. As I was the challenger, the One-Eyed Red Snakes (my Clan Delaque gang) was the attacker and the Pink Punchers were the defenders. The battlefield was set-up accordingly and Keira began her deployment.


Keira chose to set up her gang in one tile (defender had the option of setting up in one tile, or within 3" of a board edge).

I had a fancy gang tactic that allowed me to move some barriers up to 3"... so I thought I'd be tricky and take away her cover...

And set up my guys, basically in the same room!

This was a mistake... Delaque are stealthy and sneaky. I should have played them that way, instead of making a big gamble like this - having and instant big shoot-out with the whole gang...

Unfortunately, the Pink Punchers got priority, which meant half their gang went before I could do anything.

Straight off, Zuzana charged out and sprayed half my gang down with her Chem-thrower (mental note - need to invest in respirators - or at least filter plugs!!) - I got EXTREMELY lucky and only my leader lost a wound and the other two just happened to hold their breath and/or duck out of the way of the gas cloud.

I did my sneaky-beaky thing - threw a smoke grenade into the middle of the room - now I could see them, but they couldn't see me!

Part of the Pink Punchers made a run for it and tried to outflank the One-Eyed Red Snakes.

Unfortunately, with all the Chems still in the air from Zuzana's Chem-Thrower, the smoke dissipated VERY quickly.

Rotis retreated out into the hall and threw a smoke grenade down there as well to try and make the Escher Gangers think twice about coming that way.

He was joined by Mus and the two of them took pot shots at the Pink Punchers in hard cover at the end of the hall. A Seriously wounded Glacies crawls their way looking for help (I'd forgotten until part way through the game that if you had a Standing and Active fighter next to one that was Prone and Seriously Injured in the end phase they can offer them assistance - allowing them to roll TWO injury dice and discarding one of them - increasing the chances of re-entering the game with only a flesh wound and diminishing the odds of bleeding out).

Back in the room where things had all started... Rutabulum had popped another smoke grenade blinding the Escher gang. Artifex, the Delaque leader, had then moved out from cover and shot Elicia, The Pink Punchers leader. She was only pinned and had crawled away to cover to recover. Zuzana, unable to see any targets to shoot, had charged into the smoke and encountered Artifex - who got in a lucky jab with his stiletto and took her out of action! Then the smoke cleared and Elicia charged ARtifex and totally took HIM out of action! Yikes! Then Rutabulum unloaded his clip at her, pinning her in the open... but failed an ammo check!

As both had lost people bottle checks were made, and FAILED!

Travona, Krystal Q., and Defay hiding in cover at the far end of the hall cover by Mus and Rotis. One of them got a lucky shot with their lasgun and injured Defay.

Rotis decided he'd had enough and left during the Flee step of one turn (it made sense, he was down to ONE toughness - having sustained TWO flesh wounds!!)

Nico Skullz had had enough of hiding in cover and blazing away at the Delaque Gangers in cover, and ran out and tried to shoot Rutabulum pointblank before he could reload his autogun!

Shortly after this Defay, Elicia and Glacies would all fail cool checks and scarper.

This left only Rotis and Rutubulum and Travona, Krystal Q., and Defay. Rutubulum joined Rotis who was still exchanging fire down the hallway while hiding behind hard cover. Travona decided she'd had enough of this and rushed them. Rotis, who was also down to One Toughness scarpered leaving only.

A blast from Travona's plasma pistol pinned Rutubulum.

Travona rushed around the barrier and shot Rutubulum again,  pointblank with her plasma pistol, seriously injuring him. Defay then ran around the barrier as well and performed a coup-de-grace, removing the final Delaque Ganger from the table and ending the game.


Artifex and Rutabulum's injuries were serious, indeed. They will both be missing the next game. Partem was less seriously injured but while he was crawling away in the dark, a group of the victorious Pink Puncher came upon him and tied him up and dragged him back to Punchville! Ugh! First game and my leader is out of action along with another ganger, and another ganger is captured! Down three when I only started with eight! I'll only be able to get Partem back if I choose to do a rescue mission the next time I face the Pink Punchers, but considering how depleted my gang is, that may be a SUICIDE MISSION into the Pink Punchers den in Punchville!

Zuzana, the only member of the Pink Punchers that was taken out of action, was also grievously injured and will sit out her next game as well... Snake bites is NASTY!

Between the scenario rewards, and income from her settlement and newly acquired Gambling Den, the Pink Puncher brought in 175 credits AND recruited a new Juve for free! She decided she'd wait to do any new hiring or purchases until later...

The One-Eyed Red Snakes, on the other hand, only brought in 35 credits... and also recruited a free Juve. The credits weren't really enough to even equip the lad... I did have some credits left over from gang creation and was able to track down a Bolter for Artifex (though I didn't have enough to get a Power Axe as well - so I STILL can't actually use my Leader Figure for the Delaque Gang.... guess it doesn't matter much anyway, as he's missing the next game anyway...). As he was missing the next game, Artifex gave up a bunch of his equipment to the gang's stash and it was used to equip the young Juve - Neo86753. That, at least, brings my NUMBERS back up to six for the next game... but the rating of those available will be somewhat lower than whoever I end up facing...

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Probably something related to Necromunda...? I do have a fair few minis and terrain bits to paint before the game weekend in October - that I'm sure we'll make use of in our campaign as well!

At the end of the week there will be a regular weekly update on the September Game-A-Day Challenge.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Encounter a Fahr's Pipe

Bronze Gates Necromunda Dominion Campaign - Game One

You can find some background on the campaign and details of the gangs and territories here:

The Bronze Gates Campaign (A Necromunda Dominion Campaign)

Sunday evening we started out Necromunda Dominion Campaign. I went through the territories and what they did for each gang and it was generally decided that the two territories that the Delaque gang got Enhanced Boons from were far too powerful to fall into my hands and so Finnegan's Genestealer Cult challenged Amanda's Escher for control of Bung's Hole, the Drinking Hole territory... The two gangs clashed at Fahr's Pipe, just outside Bung's Hole. Both were on their way to Bung's to "offer" him some "protection" forces establishment. Neither was willing to step aside and let the other gang take control...


Rather than rolling we decided we should just play the Zone Mortalis Scenario 1: Tunnel Skirmish. We figured it was would be a quick way to jumpstart the campaign and maybe get two games in...

We played with only four Zone Mortalis tiles - for a smaller quicker game.

Where I had previously just set up everything, we actually went through the full pre-game sequence, and then followed all the standard set up, crew selection and deployment procedures.


Setting things up and getting organized. As it was Finnegan's Genestealer Cult that challenged Amanda's Escher gang, she got to decided where she'd set up, and then set up first.

The Average Joes set up in one corner.

The Crimson wave set up in flanking positions on opposite corners. On the right was her champion, Kat Hannah, with two gangers; Jo Njett and Tina T.

On the left, their leader, Mad Donna lead San D. and Paula A.

Mad Donna and her girls advance into the next room in search of these upstart gangers that want to control Bung's Hole.

Joe advanced to the door.

By the second turn, Joe Nono was exchanging shots with Kat, Jo, and Tina. As both parties were under cover the fire was largely ineffective. Jane Common, the Genestealer Cult's Magos did successfully hypnotize Tina fora couple of rounds.

Kat, Jo, and Tina all in cover exchanging fire with the enemy gangers.

Mad Donna sneaking up under cover.

Though Amanda looks rather bored she WAS actually having a good time! It has been a rather long day and she'd been out paddling on the river for a good chunk of the afternoon and was really quite tired - but determined to get this first game in!!

Joe Hello, the Aberrant, decided to charge out and say hello to Mad Donna! For his troubles he got a plasma pistol blast to his face! He'd swung and hit Mad Donna with his Power Hammer, but she simply stepped out of the way (the Step Aside rule is pretty rad - saved her from a number of potentially nasty blows). She then did her reaction attacks, the first one was with the Plasma Pistol - which seriously injured Joe Hello... but she failed an ammo roll, so it was done for the game...

Joe Schmoe, Joe Doe and Joe Flow flank the Escher gang's postion and fire on them. Tina T. was taken out of action, and the others pinned.

At the end of the round, both gangs had to make bottle tests. The Crimson Wave passed, but the Average Joes failed and bottled out! They all passed their Flee checks the following turn, though, because apparently Genestealer Cultists have really good Cool stats!

The game ended with both gang leaders in a vicious melee. Mad Donna took out Joe Nono, the Hybrid Acolyte with some brutal, rending slashes from her chainsword. After he was out of action, the gang decided it was just not worth it and tried to flee, but as Jane Common turned to flee the melee with Mad Donna, the Escher gang leader cut her down!


In the post game sequence it was discovered that Tina T. was pretty seriously injured and would have to sit out the next game, recovering. Joe Nono, the Hybrid Acolyte, it turns out wasn't so seriously injured... or maybe his genetic enhancement just made him heal REALLY fast. He'll be back for the next game. Joe Hello wasn't so lucky - that plasma pistol should to his face caused a permanent head injury - he will miss the next game AND his Intelligence and Wisdom stats were reduced - and he were't too smart to begin with! I think his Intelligence is now 11+... Guess he won't be the one to be overriding access panels or picking locks on loot crates... Probably wouldn't be his way of doing things anyway... Aberrant SMASH!!! Jane Common will also be missing the next game due to her injuries, but, other than some hideous scarring, the chainsword wound didn't leave any other permanent damage..

The Crimson Wave took control of Bung's Hole, and though it didn't provide them with any income, it did offer a steady supply of liquid courage (can re-roll a failed cool check, but then are -1 to all hit rolls for the rest of the game...), and, more importantly, kept it from the Delaque gang from taking it over - as they have access to a much nastier Boon if they control it (three enemy gangers are -1 to EVERYTHING from drinking spiked drinks - in each gang!)

The Genestealer Cult managed to recruit a free neophyte from their settlement - but will have to equip it (and Finnegan will have to get a new mini painted for his next game - as the remaining ones he has are armed with equipment he currently doesn't have access to!). The Crimson Wave has some options to spend their money on (they took in 100 credits from income and had 35 left over from gang generation) as their champions went to the Trading Post and were able to locate Rare (9) items and also now have a 5 Reputation - so are able to hire one hanger-on!

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Game #2 - Delaque and another Escher gang clash for control of the Gambling Den!