Sunday, June 16, 2019

Necromunda - ALL IN!

In the category of "Other Things Distracting Me From Completing Thirty Wyches By Next Saturday"...

I've been thinking about picking up the new Necromunda since it came out a year and a half ago.  I think I figured, at the time, "Nah... I've got Shadow War: Armageddon..." and it was only available in the box with the two gangs... I thought of getting it (and two more gangs) at Xmas for the whole family to play (though they didn't even have all the gangs out at that time)... but I'd just bought a skipload of Tallarn and wanted to focus on 40K... I thought maybe I'd wait until they collected them into separate books... and then there was Kill Team...

Then they finally collected the rules into hardcover books and I got all excited about it again, but I was busy with Kill Team and getting fired up about Wrath & Glory... And then I started buying up old metal Necromunda figures FOR Wrath & Glory... And then someone on the local 40K forum said "Hey! Is anyone playing Necromuda locally? Is anyone interested?" and a whole bunch of dudes were like "I'M IN!"

I went in to my FLGS (Dragon's Den Games) that weekend - which happened to be International Tabletop Day - and they had a storewide 20% off sale going on - and was prepared to just BUY IT ALL!!! But it was all gone - all those guys had come in and bought up all the rulebooks and most of the other stuff!

Well, I figured they'd restock it soon enough and in a couple weeks it would be Free RPG Day and they usually have a bit of a sale for that too!

So I went in yesterday - and they're restocked the Necromunda - but Free RPG Day was cancelled!?

(Well, at least in Saskatoon... short version of long story: They'd ordered boxes of the stuff like they usually do, but then their distributor didn't send any - apparently their shipment showed up "damaged". They guys at the Den phoned around to all their other distributors and no one else had any.... It was like Xmas being cancelled. My kids had been really looking forward to it - Finnegan for the Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure and Keira for the Dungeons and Doggies and the Kids on Bikes adventures... and they didn't even have a sale going on....).

(Al, blessed soul that he is, gave me a bit of a deal on these anyway... FLGS-FTW!)

So I've been trying to avoid reading these all weekend and failing miserably. It looks so good! The campaign system looks VERY promising. I'm super pumped to get a campaign going! As there is no ToonCon this fall, I'd been toying with the idea of running a miniature gaming weekend in the fall - probably Kill Team. but now I'm thinking it will probably be Necromunda!

I have a Delaque gang ready to go - whenever those other guys get their gangs painted - and enough Cawdor figures for a pretty sizeable gang when I get to painting those. I also have the beginnings of Esher, Orlock, and VanSaar gangs... and I just spent a LOT of money ordering more on eBay this past weekend... It's too bad they don't have rules for Redemptionists and Ratskins and Karloth Valois and his undead horde. But, if I'm running a campaign as an Arbitrator (like the GM for the campaign) there's no reason I couldn't come up with my own damned rules/stats for them and run some arbitrated-narrative-adventures-scenarios! Oh yeah, this is going to be good!

I'm already planning some new terrain tiles, too - along the lines of the Cavern Tiles I made a year or so ago. In fact, I'll be making them fully integratabtle with the Cavern Tiles - so I can use the cavern tiles as collapsed parts of the deep Underhive - or even deep, dark, dangerous parts of the Sump - below the very foundations of the Hive - where no one with any sense dares to go!

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Drukhari Wyches...

No, really...

I'm just about done the first batch, and after tomorrow's portfolio review with the homeschoolification coordinator, I have very little to do for the rest of the week and will hide in the basement and get the rest FINISHED!!!

(After that, though... expect some Underhive Gangs!!)

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

MORE Hellions

Here they are, finally, the last of the Hellions (Well... that we need for the upcoming tournament - I still have ten more to paint for Amanda at SOME point!).

I've had a few distractions in the last week or two (Lelith Hesperax and some Dwarves, Kal Jericho and Scabbs). I've also been doing a LOT of riding!

Ten more Drukhari Hellions for Amanda's Crimson Wave Wych Cult.

The massed horde of Hellions!

All the Wych Cult fast attack units (so far)

I still have THREE UNITS of 10 Wyches and a Succubus to paint in the next week and a half... Yikes!

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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Kal Jericho and Scabs

(more distractions)

I picked up the Kal Jericho omnibus novel collection and a pack of Kal and Scabs figures (the older metal ones) - not because I was planning to pick up Necromunda at any point in the immediate future (though it has been on the "Maybe Someday" Wishlist for some time), but because I was getting fired up to play Wrath & Glory and I thought the book might give me some background and inspiration and the figures might give me a couple more not-so-military 40k types to play with.

I have to admit, since the new edition of Necromunda came out, I've been tempted to jump in. But for one reason or another... haven't... so far... First I was playing Shadow War: Armageddon... Then I was deep into Kill Team... Since the hardcover rulebooks were released late last year, that temptation has grown even more - it would be cheaper having to buy the core box set and a half dozen Gang War books to get all the rules (and, hopefully, the collected rules incorporates all errata, rule changes and FAQs so far)... I already have plenty of figures I could use as gangers...

Now a couple of local guys are all picking up gangs and the rules and threatening to play... So I though I'd start reading the book and paint up Kal and Scabs (and I might just pick up those rule books...)

Kal Jericho and Scabs - characters from the Games Workshop/Black Library series set in the hive world of Necromunda.

I also started reading the Kal Jericho omnibus this past week. I'm about half way through the first novel collected in the omnibus and it's been a fun romp. I do like the pacing - cutting back and forth between what different groups of characters. It's kept me turning the pages.

One thing I noted about 40 pages in was of the 20 characters introduced so far, only two were women and both had been described as "buxom" - at least once (one had been described thusly twice). A third female character was introduced on page 53 and her "leather vest was pulled taunt around the gangers's ample bosom..." Is there something in the water in Necromunda? Why do they all have huge tits? I guess these were all written about 15 years ago - back when GW assumed it's entire audience consisted of adolescent boys (and were reprinted in this collection to coincide with the re-release of Necromunda), and they were maybe just trying to write stuff they'd dig... or maybe the authors (Messrs McDermott and Rennie) are huge fans of old pulp novels and were trying to make a tongue-in-cheek homage to those tales of old... let's go with that.

Lack of not-so-large-breasted female representation aside, I am quite enjoying the novel so far... and looking forward to seeing Kal and Scabs on the tabletop.

(I'll have to find an appropriate Yolanda figure to join them though!)

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Drukhari Hellions.

No, really..

Monday, June 3, 2019

Lelith Hesperax and Dwarf Wizards

The painting pace slowed a bit this weekend. I had to take a bit of a break. I was tiring of the Hellions (and Drukhari in general) so I splashed a bit of paint on a few other things and I even managed to finish up a few of thems Saturday evening! (I often keep a few other things around the workbench for just such an occasion - when I want to paint something but just getting sick of what I've been working on).

Lelith Hesperax - a Drukhari named character. Lelith is a succubus of the Cult of Strife.

She'll probably end up being used as a "Counts As.." mini in a detachment using the Cult of Strife rules. This may or may not be used in the upcoming tournament. I may finish up one of the regular generic Succubi for the force Finnegan's going to use.

Dwarf wizards from Lead Adventure Miniatures. I actually painted the female wizard some time ago, but repainted her dress as I didn't like the colour. It was originally painted blue, but that just wasn't working for me (and besides, I also painted another pair of Dwarf Wizards in blue).

I like this pair. I feel like I could build a Frostgrave warband around them... Not sure what TYPE of wizard just yet! Any followers still playing Frostgrave? Any suggestions?

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NOT DWARVES! I think I got that out of my system and am ready to push forward with more Drukhari!

Friday, May 31, 2019

May Games

Yeah... so... We kind of dropped the ball this month...

At the beginning of the month we made some changes to our Family 10x10 Borad Game Challenge. At the beginning of the year we said for a game to count towards the Family Game Challenge - all four members of the family had to play in it. This was mostly to keep Amanda involved in it and not just me and the kids cranking out games and her never joining in... but through the last few months Finnegan was clearly not having fun. He sat like a grump, sulking through most games and playing them in such a way as to end the game as fast as he could - often throwing the game just to end it quicker... which kind of sucked all the fun out of it for the rest of us... and that's kind of the POINT of games, right? "Fun"!?


I was kind of torn as to what to do about this. We had all agreed that these were all games we were wiling to play with each other. It's only two games a week. It doesn't seem like it should be such an onerous task. If nothing else the kid is compliant, but damn, when he doesn't WANT to do something he sure lets you know in a passive aggressive sort of way.

Anyway, we ended up decided that the games DIDN'T have to include ALL family members. There's no point in making the kid play games he's clearly not into (and ruining the fun for the rest of us).

So, I was a little discouraged at the beginning of the month after this decision was made and wasn't pushing to play games as much... and then Amanda got super busy at work - organizing a conference just for fun and preparing for a couple of other big things going on later in the month AND trying to get a months worth of work done in the first three weeks so she could take the last week of the month off while her folks were in town.... because... that's the way she is...

I've been doing a LOT of painting... and lots of activities have been wrapping up requiring extra rehearsals and recital performances...

And then Amanda's folks were in town for most of the last week... and they're not really game-playing types...

Here is what we did manage to get up to...

Saturday, 4 May 2019

The kids played Dungeon Crawl Classics... I think...

Monday/Tuesday, 6-7 May 2019

Keira and I played a game of Warhammer 40,000 (8th Edition)

She brought out her Eldar... I brought my Imperial Guard... it was pretty awesome.

You can read the full game report here:

The Battle of the Denfeld Wastes - Part One

The Battle of the Denfeld Wastes - Part Two

Friday, 10 May 2019

Amanda actually suggested we play a couple games this evening. Finnegan opted out. There was more interested in stuff on the computer to do... or... something...

First we played Century Golem Edition. It also ended up being a SUPER close game.

 I ended the game picking up a sixth card, but Amanda ended up being only 3 points behind me - despite me having 6 cards to her 5... and had I not grabbed the scoring card when I did, ending the game, she likely would have the following turn or so and utterly crushed us!

Then we played Splendor. It was a pretty close game. Keira ended up being quite upset as she came very close to winning and was feeling like this might be her first time doing so... then Amanda took something which got her 15 points - which triggered the end game...

 and then I took a 4 point card and a patron which rocketed me from 11 up to 18!!! Yeah...

Saturday, 11 May 2019

This was Keira's birthday party...

She decided she wanted a GIANT CHOCOLATE DONUT for a cake. She made it herself.

She pretty much invited the Saturday Dungeon Crawl Classics crew and ran a game of Dungeons and Doggies for them. (Heidi was supposed to come too, but her cat died...).

She also got them to play a few other games - like Just Desserts!

Friday, 17 May 2019

The following Friday our friend Laura joined us for a game of Terraforming Mars!

Laughing about something...?

This was the first time Laura played and she totally crushed it - ending the game with 71 points - taking the Mayor Milestone and being second for both the Scientist and Thermalist awards!! She played with a beginner corporation... which may have given her a BIT of an edge - but we've all played nearly 10 times, so...

Amanda played Thorgate and came in second with 67 points - taking the Builder Milestone and both the Banker and Scientist awards. Keira played Inventrix and wasn't too far behind with 60 - she was second for both the  Banker and Scientist awards. Finnegan actually played with us and he played the United Nations Mars Initiative and ended with 48 points - not sure what happened, early in the game he was off to a commanding lead...

I played Helion, which I don't think I've played before. I took the Gardener Milestone and was first for the Thermalist award - and had a tonne of fun playing the game. I ended up with only 59 points though... Ah, well... Strangely I only put ONE blue card into play all game? Just didn't ever draw any.

Next time we're going to try with a drafting variant.

Saturday 18 May 2019

Dungeon Crawl Classics

Monday, 20 May 2019

We played a couple quick games of Set and Retro Loonacy with a friend of Amanda's from work. I didn't take pictures... I think I won the game of Retro Loonacy, but was dead last in SET. I used to rock that game... but now even Amanda had twice as many sets as me!?

Saturday, 25 May 2019

Keira was at an all day dress rehearsal for dance so Finnegan decided to run the Saturday crew through a series of Four Against Darkness games.

Keira got home before everyone took off so they ran through one more adventure with her.

Friday, 31 May 2019

This evening we all agreed to sit down and play Abyss. Even Finnegan... and he was even in a good mood and happy to play.

I ended up doing pretty good in this one.

92 points - my highest score yet! Getting the right locations really helps.


At this point we should probably be at about 40 games played and we're only at 34... I guess that isn't TOO far behind. We'll probably get playing a few more games over the summer when we're less busy with activities and stuff (though I am, in theory, supposed to be renovating the "Game Room" in the basement...).

Need to get painting those Blackstone Fortress figures so we can start playing THAT!!! Maybe that should be my goal once the Drukhari are done for the upcoming tournament.

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Probably some more Drukhari - the rest of the Hellions first, most likely - and hopefully a bunch more 40K game reports!


The first batch of Hellions... I'm falling a bit behind my original schedule. I still have 42 minis to paint and 21 days to paint them in... that's two a day... 14 per week. Iv'e done that before... I could still get them done....

a Murderpack of ten hellions from Games Workshop.

These guys (gals?) seem like they'll be fun...

They're a little on the tippy side, and there are going to be a LOT of them, so I've been thinking about possibly making some little movement trays for them.

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May Games

More Drukhari

Saturday, May 25, 2019

MORE Reavers

Four more weeks to the Strange Bedfellows Team Tournament!

Yesterday I finished up six more Drukhari Reavers!

And that finishes off the first massive, full-sized murder pack of TWELVE!


I have nine more Reavers to do at some point. I'm wondering about doing them in different colours - so they could be from a different gang and could be used as rivals in Gangs of Commorragh (which I have a couple copies of!)

I'm already on to the Hellions! My hope is that I will crank through all twenty in the next week and then the last three weeks I'll just have ten Wyches to do each week (and one Succubus!).

Looking over this force of Drukhari, there is a total of 93 Power Level (and just shy of 1900 points). I'm thinking once I've done the stuff we have, I'll have to convince Amanda to get herself a Ravager to give the force just a bit more hard-hitting, anti-armour capability - which will also bring the force to a nice even 100 Power Level (and just over 2000 points) - and be fieldable as three detachments.

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(well... all the ones I'm going to paint for the upcoming tournament)

(Actually I'll probably do them in batches of 10... so it might be the first batch of 10 in a couple days and then another batch of 10 after that... probably next weekend)