Thursday, January 23, 2020

More Blackstone Fortress and other 40K stuff

I've been sick this last week and production has slowed, despite not actually going out or doing much...

Still here are a few things I've managed to finish up!

First a few things from Blackstone Fortress...

These are Spindle Drones - thought to be part of the Fortresses own defence mechanisms.

I've come up with a new way of doing the bases for the Blackstone Fortress minis. While they're not perfect, I'm a lot happier with them than with previous attempts. So much so that I've redone part of Jainus Draik's base (see below).

Three new explorers - now I have four done - If I can finish up the basic baddies, we can start playing!

Espern Locarno, Imperial Navigator

Amallyn Shadowguide, Asuryani Ranger

Shadowguide's background is that she is from the Biel-Tan craftworld - but rather than paint her in the Biel-Tan colours, I painted her in the camouflage of my own Biel-TIM fleet ranger camouflage!

Crusader Gotfret de Montbard - this fellow is actually from the Excalation expansion (yes, I've bought expansions for the game without actually playing the base game!?)

Janus Draik, Rogue Trader

glitchlings - from Warhammer 40000 Kill Team: Rogue Trader (remember that!? Yeah, still working on those! This year, for sure, I'm going to finish them up and PLAY through those scenarios!)

Finally a Commissar from Victoria Miniatures. I wanted to finish her up to use as the Commissar in the Wrath & Glory adventure I've been running the family through, in case they somehow manage to drag the Commissar into the action. (They probably won't, she is pretty busy with her own job, but if enough Exalted Icons were rolled on a persuasion or intimidation roll... she could be convinced...)

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I've tried to clear the paint desk of all things other than Blackstone Fortress... but a few other things linger (Noise Marines!) - Painting-wise, it will probably be more Blackstone Fortress minis... as much as I'd LIKE to get on with those Noise Marines, they're going to require some thought and planning, so... they'll likely get shifted off for the time being...

Other than that... I still have a lot of bad guys to paint before I'll get started PLAYING Blackstone Fortress. There could be Hellboy or Necromunda game reports in the not-too-distant future...? (If I can ever get over this cold and invite some people over to play!) Maybe even Kill Team (I've been feeling that itch again...).

In a week there will be a round up of the games we've played throughout the month. There have been few... not LOTS, but a few...

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Crab Clan for Dragon Rampant

I'm only counting this as a PSEUDO-Distraction from THE PLAN...

This all came about because I was tidying and organizing in the basement and these were left out from last fall when I was reorganizing my legends of the Five Rings forces for Dragon Rampant (I had reorganized both Lion Clan and Phoenix Clan - rebasing elements that had previously been based for Hordes of the Things). Organizing and putting things away is a good thing and helps with focusing on what's important... but these had been left out for a reason - I HAD painted one of the Kuni Witch Hunters and repainted two others... and that demanded a painting update post... which... I never got around to!? (I'm not going to bother counting it now, as it was painted months ago...).

This is a small force and was relatively easy to organize and, while there are a few miniatures still to paint, doesn't really NEED any more miniatures to field all the units once they are completed.

Now, I'm no expert on world of the Legends of the Five Rings, and what little I knew from perusing a bunch of books I picked up for both he role-playing game and the Clan War miniatures game, I've mostly forgotten. What I DO know is that the Crab Clan are a dour lot, living in the south of Rokugan  along the border with the Shadowlands - they've maintained a wall for centuries and are the first line of defence against the evil that lurks across the border. Always vigilant and on guard, they have little time for courtly matters...

Kuni Witch Hunters

These are super elite warrior monks tasked with tracking down and dealing with tainted individuals, Bloodspeakers and other servants of the Shadowlands that operated within the Empire. They could be the catalyst for many scenarios against other clan forces - the Witch Hunters have tracked down a blood speaker or tainted individual living amongst another clan and called down some fellow Crab Clan warriors to root them out as the opposing clan doesn't want to just give them up!

They would likely be classified as a Reduced Model, Offensive Light Foot, Cleric...? Making them 5 or 9 points (depending on whether undead are actually present - clerics only cost the extra 4 if there is something for them to oppose!). Alternatively, they could be given HATRED (+1 point) and nominate one unit to contain the Tainted/Bloodspeaker/etc that is their quarry...?

Some unarmoured/lightly armoured samurai.

I imagine these are poorer samurai, from poorer families or seventh sons, lacking the full armour of the more prominent families or earlier born brothers. They could be classified as Reduced Model, Offensive, Light Foot for 5 points.


I have four more to finish painting for this unit. These are bow-armed samurai - but without armour. Despite the lack of armour, they are highly trained and deadly -  their capacity to cause casualties and take (or deflect) damage is greater than a unit of massed Ashigaru, thus the reduced model count. (also, I only had six models I could put in the unit... so...). They will be classified as Reduced Model, Light Missile at 4 points. (If I wanted to make them SUPER bad-ass, I could add "Sharpshooter" for another 2 points, giving them a 4+ shoot value - making them even deadlier!)


I have one unit of lightly armoured samurai (like the one on the right of the picture), and two units of more heavily armoured samurai (like the one on the left). Both units of six warriors. Only these two have been painted of the 18 in total... The two more heavily armoured units will, obviously, be Elite Foot at 6 points. Unfortunately, there is no way to downgrade units slightly (as there are in later games by Daniel Mercy), so I think the best way to classify the more lightly armoured samurai is Reduced Model, Offensive, Heavy Foot, also at 6 points - it reduces their Armour value, slightly (which can have a fairly large effect in terms of casualties taken... but they get 12 strength points instead of 6... so they can TAKE a lot more damage before they all die... They also have slightly lower Courage and so are more likely to flee...

I also have a larger Hero figure - probably one of the named characters a warlord/daimyo type. He'll be in a unit all of his own - either as a Reduced Model unit or Single Model, Elite Foot unit (in the reduced model unit, he is accompanied by a standard bearer - who isn't really all that tough - it's still the big guy taking all the damage - the standard bearer is really just there as an abstract element to mark when the Big Guy is reduced to half strength!) Either Way, another 6 point unit. I could also add any fantastical rules... Fear, Slayer, Hatred...? Any of those could be used.

Light Foot

These I imagine as the retainers of all the samurai - lightly-armoured, spear armed, not-so-enthusiastic warriors that are brought out to hold a flank or something. They would be classified as straight up Light Foot at 3 points. I have four more to finish painting to complete the unit.

Teppo armed Ashigaru

Okay I do have ONE unit that I don't have enough figures for. All I have for this unit are these two, painted dudes with Teppo (harquebuses). IF I ever felt the urge to fill out the unit and pick up another four, they'd be a Reduced Model, Heavy Missile Unit at 4 points.

I'm not sure there ARE gunpowder weapons in Legend of the Five Rings. So I'd likely only bother finishing off this unit if I were to ever feel the urge to use them as a not-so-fantasy-rokugani samurai force...

So, lots of options there.

Kuni Witch Hunters - Reduced Model, Offensive Light Foot, Cleric - 5-9 points
Unarmoured Samurai - Reduced Model, Offensive, Light Foot - 5 points
Lightly Armoured Samurai - Reduced Model, Offensive, Heavy Foot - 6 points
Heavily Armoured Samurai - Elite Foot - 6 points
Heavily Armoured Samurai - Elite Foot - 6 points
Daimyo - Reduced/Single Model, Elite Foot - 6 points
Archers - Reduced Model, Light Missile - 4 points (or Sharpshooters @6 points)
Retainers - Light Foot - 3 points

A standard Dragon Rampant force is generally made up of 24 points of troops. Which means the Reduced/Single Model Daimyo (not pictured, but mentioned above) with the three other samurai (the two heavily armoured and one lightly armoured) could be a complete force right there.

To get these on the table quickest, the most likely route would to be to field the Kuni Witch Hunters and Unarmored Samurai (which are done!) for 10 points, finish up the archers and retainers for another 7 points (17 points total - 8 minis to paint) and finish up the Daimyo and his standard bearer and give them a one-point fantastical rule (Hatred or Enchanted Weapons... probably Hatred...) for another 7 points, bringing the total to 24 and requiring only 10 more models to be painted. Of course, if they were fighting undead, the Kuni would then be worth 9 points and the retainers could be dropped and the Daimyo added (without the Hatred/Enchanted Weapons)... even less to paint (six models!)!

In total there are only twenty-six miniatures I have to paint to complete this totally playable force with a few options... I'm trying REAL HARD to NOT think this is an option for 2020-Q1!!! Too many other things to do!! If I started looking around, I'd find DOZENS of other forces for other games that, likewise, only need a dozen, or two dozen, or three dozen miniatures to paint to either complete a force or make it, at least, a PLAYABLE force... but I need to focus on the games I'm actually PLANNING TO PLAY in the near future!!!

As they are all individually based, these could easily all be used in a Buntai for Ronin ("Skirmish Wargames in the Age of Samurai" - also published by Osprey), which I have actually used some of these for previously!

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Back to posting about 40K stuff - like I posted earlier today (if you missed it!) - Blackstone Fortress and Necromunda...


Blackstone Fortress Characters, Inquisitor, and Others

Finnegan's been learning about lighting for film production in his Communications Media course and so had to set up some lights - on a miniature scale and take some pictures with a Fill, Key, and Back lights individually and together.

So since we had this all set up I thought I'd take advantage of it and try shooting indoors today because...

it was FREAKING COLD outside today!!!

(I may yet have to go out and get groceries this afternoon... hopefully it will have warmed up a tad).

(Amanda had to go out in the -51°C windchill because she had a meeting to get to this morning).

(Did I mention that she rode her bike? Oh, she rode her bike all right!)

First we have Lady Marlaena du Shard of the Ordo Hereticus - an Imperial Inquisitor - the patron/employer (or whatever you'd like to call her) of the group of characters in the Wrath & Glory game I am starting up.

Two more Imperial Fist Space Marine Scouts. They may be used for Kill Team... They may get used in Necromunda... They may show up in a Wrath & Glory game.

The general story evolving around these guys is that they were recruited on Necromunda and after initial assessment and training and implants were assigned to the 10th Company as Scouts (as all neophyte Marines are). But, around that time, a Rogue Trade was setting off on a long voyage, beyond the boundaries of the Imperium and requested the aid of some Aseptus Astartes. It was the Imperial Fists that provided him with a detachment of scouts.

Now they've finally returned home, decades later, veterans of many conflicts, with a great deal of experience in unconventional warfare. There was really no place for them in the regular Order of Battle of a Marine Chapter - as Veterans, she should, at the very least be assigned to one of the battle companies - or possibly the first company (which is generally full of all the veterans - often donning terminator armour). But because of their decades of experience making use of non-conventional tactics - completely detached from the environment of battle companies which use entirely different sorts of tactics - they really wound't mesh well with the regular marines... and so have been left in limbo, assigned to the 10th Company detachment at the Fortress Monastery on Necromunda and tasked with training new recruits as Scouts.

Sometimes, due to their unconventional nature, they take recruits on "training missions" into the Underhive...

Daemonhost. a mortal that has been possessed by a daemon, but then bound and trapped for... whatever dark purposes the captor has in mind... often used by more radical members of the Inquisition (NOT Lady Marlaena! Perish the thought!)

I did, in accordance with THE PLAN, get cracking on some of the Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress figures over the last week or so...

Janus Draik - Rogue Trader - Explorer of the Blackstone fortress (Not to be confused with Janus Darke - ALSO a Rogue Trader and the "protagonist" of William King's Farseer novel - honestly, when I first saw the announcements for Blackstone Fortress, I thought they were bringing back this character - as a sort of prequel to Farseer, like, what Darke got up to BEFORE the events of the novel - SPOILER: Things do not go well for Darke in the novel! But then realized, no, that's Draik, not Darke...).

One of the Rogue Psykers

The other Rogue Psyker.

The Rogue Psykers will definitely come in handy other settings - the Wrath & Glory campaign, in particular!

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Might be more Blackstone fortress minis...

Might be a Necromunda game report (there is a plan to play this Sunday!)...

Or it might be a Hellboy game report from a couple weeks ago that I never finished!?

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Plague Marines!

Not really part of THE PLAN....

Sure, a Daemons of Chaos army WAS part of the plan... but that mostly involved painting up the stuff from the Wrath and Rapture box set... and maybe a few more Slaanesh items I picked up on Boxing Day...

The short version of a long and convoluted story was I was looking on eBay for something specific - that WAS kind-of, sort-of related to THE PLAN... and stumbled across... other stuff... Included in that "other stuff" was a lot of old plastic Death Guard Plague Marines - and they were dirt cheap! Like 20 for the cost of buying three new ones... so... How could I resist THAT action. (I guess people do't dig on the old models now that there are newer, fancier ones...?)

I should just never even LOOK at ebay...

Death Guard Plague Marines - with Icon of Despair.

The Icon bearer is actually a metal figure and wasn't part of the main lot - but from the same seller and still, pretty cheap... cheaper than buying a single new plastic marine - let along some sort of individual character model!

I tired to paint them very quickly with Contrast® Paints. I think they look pretty awful... but they're Death Guard... They're SUPPOSED to look "awful"!?

Since there will only ever be 21 of them, and are most likely to just be used in Kill Team, I gave them all names and painted them on the back of their bases.

With the lot I got an original box and some decals. I've never really used decals, but I thought I'd give it a go with these. They looked terrible. So, I scraped most of them off.

I also didn't use the bases that came with them. The "standard" for space marines, these days, are 32mm bases... so I stuck them down to a few of those I had kicking around. I'm running short on the 32mm fancy bases, but I DO have a load of plain bases (because I've had a bunch of figures that I put on fancy bases and didn't use the plain base that came WITH the model!).

In retrospect, it was a bit daft to pick these up. I really have no desire to build some "Chaos Soup" force, and Nurgle is my least favourite of the Chaos forces. These will likely only ever be used for Wrath &Glory (the 40K role-playing game) or maybe Kill Team or possibly a 40K game where there is a narrative reason to field them... or I'm trying to put together an Apocalypse force and need one more Chaos detachment...

I should probably keep a weather eye out for an old metal Nurgle/Death Guard champion and/or sorcerer, though - to be a detachment commanders for this small force. I actually have 21 of them (including the icon bearer) which means I could field three units of seven - three units is what is needed for a Vanguard Detachment in both 40K and Apocalypse, and SEVEN is the number of Nurgle!

I noticed the that new Death Guard Squads are actually sold in boxes of SEVEN! I was pretty excited to see - just a little bit - that the army organization was matching the fluff in some small way... I was disappointed to find, then - in the data cards for Apocalypse, at least - that the standard size for a Death Guard squad is still grouped in fives... five for Power Level 4, ten for Power Level 7... (you can get a "reinforcement" set of three - to make a squad of ten.

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

um... more Chaos stuff...?

Daemons or Death Guard (I do have another 16 of these... and they are pretty quick to paint with the Contrast Paints!)

Or possibly some Blackstone Fortress stuff!

Monday, January 6, 2020

Bloodletters of Khorne

MORE Daemons of Chaos!

Bloodletters of Khorne.

I actually started these BEFORE the Daemonettes of Slaanesh - but this month's painting challenge for the Hunters of the Warp (Local 40K club) was "SPEED PAINTING" and, though these could totally have qualified as speed painting, I'd already started them. So, I took a brief break to knock out the Daemonettes...

The Forces of the Blood God

This amounts to a small patrol detachment:

HQ (1-2)
Karanack - 4 Power Level/70 points

Troops (1-3)
Bloodletters (with Instrument of Chaos and Daemonic Icon) - 4 Power Level/95 points

Fast Attack (1-2)
Flesh Hounds - 4 Power Level/75 points

Total Power Level: 12
Total Points: 240

The only thing I have left for Khorne are three Bloodcrushers - which are basically Bloodletters riding Juggernauts of Khorne. They are Elites and will add an extra 8 Power Level (for a total of 20 Power Level) or 145 points (for a total of 385).

I seem to be blasting through this all pretty quickly. After the Bloodcrushers I'll finish off the Fiends and Seekers of Slaanesh, along with the Infernal Enrapturess, and then I'll take a break from the Chaos stuff and finally get started on the Blackstone Fortress stuff again!?

So glad I got these done today - as a little bay purchase arrived today! With these, the total painted so far this year is 27 foot (though five of those are Flesh Hounds), and... well... Karanack! A total of 28. 28 new minis arrived today... Mostly Plague Marines!?

I had no real desire to add Nurgle to the mix, but they were a CrAzY good deal (I guess no one wants the OLD plague marine minis anymore now that there are all those newer Death Guard figures out there!) - and I was originally planning on getting them just for the back packs!?

Short version of long story: I need chaos space marine bodies to put together some Noise Marines - a Slaanesh sort of thing (I got the "upgrade" pack from GW with include arms, shoulder pads and sonic blasters). I was looking at some very inexpensive chaos space marines from another seller... but then didn't HAVE backpacks... for the price I was going to get the two lots it would STILL be less than half the price of getting a box of NEW Chaos Space Marines (it's $70 for TEN of them!?). In the end I DIDN'T even get the backpackless marines... but DID get the Plague Marines... and then I found ANOTHER inexpensive lot of chaos space marines WITH backpacks and picked up THOSE!? Does this make ANY sense!? It shouldn't, it's CHAOS!!!

Anyway, I was hoping to keep the painted total HIGHER than the acquired total for the year..... and currently it's EVEN. I guess I better get painting as those other marines (that I'm going to be turning into Noise Marines) will be arriving shortly!!

I have no further plans to buy anything in the immediate future, though, so even if they do show up before my next painting update, it shouldn't be too hard to catch up - and get ahead!

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog: 

More Chaos Daemons - an Infernal Enrapturess and some Fiends and Seekers of Slaanesh.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Daemonettes of Slaanesh

As I think I mentioned in the 2020 Game Plan - Q1, I'm working on a Daemons of Chaos army for 40K (and, potentially, Age of Sigmar... if I were to ever decide I wanted to play that... OR Dragon Rampant...!?). There are SO MANY people playing Imperial Forces around here - Marines, Guard, Knights, etc... it's a bit of a drag playing blue-on-blue at the few events I've gone out out to over the last couple years. I did take Aeldari to the last two (last year's Battle Force Recon and Strange Bedfellows Team Tournament), but still ended up playing against another Eldar force and, given the events of the Psychic Awakening, even playing against Imperial forces seems a bit off - with the greater peril of the onslaught of Chaos forces pouring into reality through the Cicatrix Maledictum!

So... Chaos... I figure they are the perfect foe to play against at the Imperial-types... and any Aeldari... and, hell, they even fight EACH OTHER... constantly!?

I got a copy of the Wrath & Rapture box set for Xmas to get started and will slowly be adding more Slaanesh elements to the army... I also have a few Chaos Space Marines and Cultists I can add to the force as allies - and even a few Chaos Knights! (When I get around to finishing those!)

To start with... Daemonettes of Slaanesh!

I kind of speed-painted these - mostly using Contrast® Paints. They're not the prettiest minis I've ever painted... but they're freaking DAEMONS!? They're not supposed to be pretty (I know... Slaanesh are supposed to be alluring... but that's using tempting whispers and lies and drugs and Soporific Musk and such - their true forms are supposed to be horrific!

Daemoneetes with their Demon Prince (an old Keeper of Secrets model) and an old metal Fiend (and a couple of Chaos Space Marines lurking in the background).

For Slaanesh, I have a unit of five Seekers (Daemonettes riding Steeds of Slaanesh), three Fiends of Slaanesh, and the Infernal Enrapturess to paint up from the Wrath & Rapture box to finish (and two more units of Daemonettes, five more Seekers and an Exhalted Chariot that I picked up on Boxing Day, but an mot allowed to open until I finish the basement game room!).

At some point, after finishing up all of the above, I'd like to get one of the NEW Keeper of Secrets models to lead the army and MORE Daemonettes! The daemonettes can be fielded in units of THIRTY. When there are more than 20 left in the unit they get an additional attack. I thought it would be fun to just have SWARMS of them flooding the table and it would also mean they could take some hits on the way into close combat and HOPEFULLY still have at least 20 in one or two of the units when they slam into... whatever they're fighting.

It'll be a very melee oriented army, not much that shoots at all.

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Game Reports or MORE DAEMONS - probably the unit of Bloodthirsters of Khorne.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Daemon Hedgehogs

Yeah, you read that right...

Daemon Hedgehogs...

I found these little guys on.. eBay...? or Amazon...? I don't even remember now. It was a couple bucks for a bag of them. When they arrived a week or so ago, I got this idea that I'd make a couple of them into DAEMON HEDGEHOGS!?

Actually the idea came up because a friend of mine's son, who plays Khorne Chaos Marines, is also super into Hedgehogs...

So I made this one for him. Though maybe it could be used as a Greater Possessed...?

I had some spare bits left over from assembling my Fiends of Slaanesh, so I made a Slaanesh Daemon Hedgehog as well... just for fun...

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

More Daemons... but...  less Hedgehoggy...