Thursday, December 14, 2017

Shadespire, Genestealers...

Just a quick update. Haven't been getting much done this week - at least not much painting. I did finish off the first of the Shadespire  iniatures I'm painting for my friend John. The Genestealers I painted a week or so ago, I just didn't get to posting pictures of them.

I picked up some Necromunda bases at the Dragon's Den Games Black Friday to try mounting all of Finnegan's Space Hulk minis on to give them more stability. I looked at the 25mm bases but could tell right away they were going to be just waaaaaaaay too small. These seemed to have worked out okay - but will probably be a bit big for the squares on the game board... we'll make it work somehow..

This fellow is the first of the Shadespire  iniatures I've finished up for my friend John. The other two for this warband are just about complete as well and I've started work on the chaos dudes that also came in the boxed set. I'm pretty happy with how he turned out.

Backside of Shadespire guy.

In Other News...

The panelling on the pony wall went in along with baseboards, so I figured it was time to set up the new (to us) tables and chairs. Looking forward to playing lots of boardgames on this (though I'm not sure we're going to fit Firefly: the Boardgame or Railways of the World on this table...).

Tomorrow the door and drawer pulls go on. Monday the countertops are going in. Tuesday/Wednesday the tile for the backsplash is going in. Thursday/Friday the plumbers and electrician are back to finish everything off! PHEW!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Tallarn Leman Russ Battle Tank

I haven't managed to finish up the Shadespire minis. Screwy head and lack of focus made working on them a little difficult. Tanks are easy, though, so I finished up this Leman Russ tank that's been haunting the edges of may painting desk for far too long.

I bought it off eBay ages ago already assembled. So the  tracks are a bit messed up at the back and there are a few other things that don't quite match up... In fact when I got it the turret was glued down the the hull. I managed to pry it off and found that the older version of the Leman Russ had a separate ring that was glued to the base of turret - which has the tabs that fit into the slots on the hull the allow the turret to remain attached, but till rotate freely - it was glued on upside down so the tabs were inside the turret!? I actually managed to carve this off and flip it so now I have an operating turret.

Unfortunately the sponson guns were in there a little tight and, while they could move, it would just scrape any paint that was applied to the sides of the gun when they were rotated in and out of the sponson... so I ended up having to glue them in place...

I'd wanted to come up with some unit marking - and probably still will at some point when I get to the others. I was really torn as to how to number things or what other stuff to paint on there. I'd thought of using French WW2 tank identifiers (coloured card suites) but then decided against it...

I think it could have done with a bit more kit hanging off of it..

I though of using Arabic - as the Tallarn seem to culturally similar to Terran Arabs. This tanks name is supposed to be "Sala" or "prayer". I was thinking I might pick up a fifth tank and calling this the "Pillar Platoon" and naming each after the 5 pillars of Islam (Faith, Charity, Prayer, Fasting and Pilgrimage). I figured as new societies overtake others they often co-opt elements of the existing societies religion when converting them to their own. In the Grim Darkness of the 41st Millennium, a planet that had been settled by Muslims at one point, when brought back into the Imperial fold after the Age of Darkness, might simply replace Allah with the Emperor...?

I got a little concerned I might end up on a C.S.I.S. watch list with all the Arabic words I was looking up... "Death", "Kill", "Jihad", etc...

I also looked up words I could use for names on my Scout Sentinets ("Swift", "Watchful", "Vigilant", etc...).

Of course "Tallarn" isn't a real English word so I couldn't translate it. I tried looking for faux Arabic scripts and tried Writing Tallarn with that... I'm not so happy with it. I may have to repaint that.. Maybe just try to spell it phonetically with Arabic script?

I do have three other Leman Rus tanks to assemble and paint, two will be battle tanks and the third will be a Punisher variant - with the Punisher gatling cannon (with the new grinding advance rule, it will spit out forty (40!) dice per turn at Strength 5! It will be named Zakat (almsgiving/Charity). If I add a fifth, it will probably just be another battle tank... maybe a Vanquisher...?

In other news...

Cabinets and lights went into the kitchen this week!


Starting to look a bit more like a kitchen every day...

The countertop people came on Thursday to make their templates. Unfortunately it won't be until the 18th that they will be installed... but hopefully the tile guy will be able to come on the 18th/20th, and the plumbers are books for the 21st/22nd and then it will all be done just in time for the holidaze!!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Tallarn Scout Sentinel Walker

I love these little scout sentinel walkers. I think their fun models and the fluff is fun. I have no idea if they're at all useful in the game.

I'm not so sure the rules match the fluff - I mean, they're supposed to be reconnaissance vehicles - "The eyes and ears of armoured formations" - or so it says in the book. And yet, they are the SLOWEST VEHICLE IN THE ASTRA MILITARUM!? Slower than all the Chimera pattern vehicles, Leman Rus tanks, and all the super heavies... How is it that the SLOWEST vehicle available to the Astra Militarum could possibly work as their reconnaissance vehicle!? Okay, Okay, with the new "Grinding Advance" special rule no one will actually be driving their Leman Rus tanks at over half speed anymore... but still...

I had an idea that I'd like to do a few of these up to look like something like the Long Range Desert Group trucks or Special Air Service jeeps from World War Two - festooned with kit necessary for long range reconnaissance missions deep behind enemy lines.

I'm not sure if there's enough kit on here... or too much? There isn't a lot of places to OUT extra kit on these little guys. The braces for the giant promethium fuel drum I cut out of plasticard. The bins for the Jerry Cans are just bent wire - I imagined those would have water in them.

I also considered painting them pink - as I know the British used for a time on their desert vehicles - or possibly something like the Caunter Camouflage scheme... But ultimately went with a light tan and brown. I'm kind of wishing I'd gone with pink. I feel like there's just TOO MUCH TAN going on there...

I even had this crazy idea that I could do an entire "Outrider Detachment" of these - ten of them! like an SAS raiding Squadron. There'd be three units of three plus a command one. Of course there are no rules for a commander in one, but I figured if I paid for a tank commander less the cost of a Leman Rus and adding the cost of a Scout Sentinel that might work, right?

Alternatively, I thought for the command element I could put a company Commander in a Taurox (with one of the wheeled suspension kits available from Victoria Miniatures)...?

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I have some Shadespire miniatures on the workbench I'm painting for a friend. They'll probably be the next miniatures I finish.

I still have all the Space Hulk minis luring on the edges - at the Dragon's Den Games Black Friday sale I picked up some Necromunda bases to try and put some of the miniatures on - I'm relatively happy with the results - although it was the 32mm bases (because the 25mm ones were obviously just way to small for the miniatures) and I'm not so sure these are going to fit on the Space Hulk map boards so well...

Also still have a unit of Tallarn Roughrider and another unit of Infantry, and some Tau pathfinders...

Probably post some pictures tomorrow or Thursday of the cabinets going into the kitchen...

Friday, December 1, 2017

November 2017 Gaming Roundup

We played very few games in November. There were a lot of reasons for this. The two biggest ones were the never-ending renovation kicking into high gear. The first week I was finishing up framing and electrical and preparation for drywall (y'know, in my "spare" time). The second and third weeks the drywalling and mudding was going on - which added more stuff to the living room and plastic berries between room and dust everywhere. This past week the hardwood floors were refinished in the Kitchen - and they turned out AMAZING!!

These were buried under two layers of linoleum - the lower level was glued to them and after scraping as much as I could off - there was still lots of tar-like adhesive and they looked pretty awful, but once that was sanded off the hardwoods underneath cleaned up really nice. Unfortunately they look SO nice that Amanda's going to want to refinish the entire first floor now!? That'll be next summer though - hopefully while we're away on a vacation!

The other big killjoy was the return of the dizzy-woozy-screwy-head feelings - with he added fun of nausea! I kind of didn't do anything about it for the first few weeks - other than taking it easy when I could - figuring it'd just go away like it did last time and the added nausea made me think, at first, that I'd come down with a mild flu and that had brought back the dizzies. After three weeks of it I finally went in to see my doctor - who berated me (just a little) for not coming in sooner. After a bit of a talk about what was going on she figured what might actually be going on is a weird form of migraine. Wouldn't have occurred to me as usually "migraine" is associated with headache and PAIN - which I really haven't had...? I'm on some new medication for that and HOPEFULLY that will clear it up! (Though it hasn't done much so far - but I've only been taking it for two days  so I'm still trying to remain hopeful and positive...)

Anyway... the games...

Around the end of the second week we hadn't played any games and we'd barely played any in October, so I said to the kids we should each pick a game every week and make sure we find the time to play it. Though there were some limitations - it had to be playable on the living room coffee table - as that was the only surface we really had available. Also it had to be pretty light and not require any role-reading on my part because of aforementioned dizzy-woozy-screwy-head feelings... We managed to do this for ONE week... then things kind of ground to a halt as renos intensified and drywall dragged on way longer than it should have and then we had to paint the entire two rooms in two days before the flooring guys showed up...

15 November 2017 - Five Tribes

I an't remember who chose Five Tribes, it might have been Finnegan - it is HIS game. This was actually the first BOARDgame we've played since ToonCon - last month all we played was 40K (miniatures) and Tales from the Loop (role-playing). I got some Djinn early in the game that gave me some sort of advantage - I think I could claim tiles that had no maples on them that no one else had claimed - and with that I scooped a BUNCH of fairly high-point tiles. I think I also had the most vizier and a pretty good run of trade goods... but I spent a lot of coins to keep going first to get all those things so I don't think I won - I can't remember who did or what the points were - but I think we were all fairly close...?

16 November 2017 - Ra

Well that's off to a bad start!

It's been a while since we played Ra. As I was entering the play on Board Game Geek I realized it was the 10th time I played it - which got me thinking I should check out my Fives and Dimes (one of the many stats BGG tracks for you - games which you have played five or ten-plus times) and I realized there were a bunch of games with nine plays that I decided I should totally make sure I play over the next month to get them to TEN plays (Coup, Firefly, Nations, Nature Flux, Pax Renaissance, and A Study In Emerald)!

Ra was another game that I THOUGHT I was doing really well on, but Finnegan ended up ROCKING it. I had lots of monuments - but most just one shy of being able to score bonus points for having multiples. I had lots of Nile tiles as well and scored those each epoch, but I always has a hard time getting culture tiles - which the kids always seemed to scoop up. It was fun to play though, and easy enough that it didn't hurt my head, so...

17 November 2017 - Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu 

Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu was definitely The Girl's choice (it is her game). I think I played the Hunter. And we won - finally! That's about all I remember about the game - Oh, and I think Finnegan's character went insane at one point...?

The game basically a quicker version of Arkham Horror using the mechanics of Pandemic. I don't mind it, but I think I'd rather play regular Pandemic for a Pandemic type game and play Arkham Horror for and Arkham Horror kind of game... But The Girl likes it, so I guess I'll end up playing this from time to time.

18 November 2017 - Tales from the Loop

On Saturday Amanda and I headed over to our friends Emily and Aaron's to play Tales from the Loop. Christian and his daughter Maeve joined us this time, so we had some character making to get through and figure out a way to join the new kids up with the existing group. Progress was made. Should finish up the first adventure when we play again this weekend!

We were supposed to have played this on the 4th as well, but too many people were sick...

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Hopefully some miniature and some game reports! I've been getting a bit of painting done - not as much as I might normally do - due to difficulty focusing with dizzy-woozy-screwy-head feelings. Some days have been better than others - on those better days I get some painting done, on the not-so-good days I've done a bit of prep work - gluing figures to bases or priming - painting the tank - things that require less focus.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Weekend of Painting

Unfortunately, not the sort of painting we enjoy around here...

When the framing and wiring was finally finished up we contacted the guy we'd set up to do the drywalling and from that point on mostly other people were going to be doing the work and the work they were doing should have had fairly straightforward amounts of time to complete their task - so we figured the drywalling would be done last Friday and then we'd have a week to paint and so booked the flooring guys for the following Monday morning. They said three days to get done what they need to get done - and should be left for a few days to cure before anything else happens. So we let the Cabinet Maker know he could start installing the following week. The day after he comes in to install the first boxes, the countertop people will be in to take their measurements and make a template and then they said they'd need two weeks to get it done and they should be in on the 18/19 of December - which leaves a pretty tight window to get it all done before Xmas - but yesterday we did settle on a tile for the backslash and the tile people said it should take 2 weeks - maybe 3 to arrive and they'd have no problem coming in the 20th and 21st to install and then the plumbers should be in to install the rest of the stuff on the 22nd or 23rd! WHEW!

but that all hinges on us being done the painting by Sunday evening - so those flooring guys can be here at 8am. Monday morning.

There were a few setbacks in the drywalling. The drywalled was in a little car accident (he's okay!) but that and other little hiccups set him back nearly a WEEK!? He only finished up Thursday evening - and had to do a few little patches of mud to smooth a few spots out - which Amanda and I had to sand down on Friday.

Friday evening we got to priming the ceiling...

I tell you, this chick knows how to ROCK date night...

So that leaves me to do two coats of paint on the ceiling today and a coat of primer on the walls today (Saturday) and two coats of paint on the walls tomorrow... 

First coat of paint on the ceiling.

fun times... 

Amanda was out with the kids all day so I had to work on this all by myself... 

So I of course I had to screw around a little...

That reddish colour is called Dragon's Blood - we were assured by the paint store, however, that it was entirely synthetic and no Dragon's were harmed in the manufacture of this paint!

But then I WILL be DONE all of the stuff I'M doing for the project. After that it's pretty much other people for everything else!

The final wiring won't be completed until the 7th of December, however, so we still won't really be able to set up the new Dining Room table until then - and the stove and Dishwasher won't be going in until after the counter tops are done, so we really won't have a completely finished and functional kitchen until Xmas... Ah well... At least it will be done for the Holidaze and we'll have a new (to us) table and and some comfy chairs to sit up to it and play all our new (and old) games!!

Hopefully the next post will be back to the regular type of painting!

Monday, November 20, 2017

First Tallarn Platoon complete

Well... assuming I go with 3-squad platoons, the first one is complete. I've been back and forth on how to organize them. I have enough figures that I could field a company five full platoons of 3 infantry squads plus assorted special weapon and heavy weapon squads - when I ever get to painting all of them.

This Squad of Astra Militarum Tallarn Infantry - miniatures are © and TM of Games workshop, painted by myself and posted here entirely without their permission.

The entire force so far... Currently sitting at about Power Level 28 and maybe about 380 points...? I have enough infantry to field FIVE of these platoon. I also have three more Special Weapon squads (Two Melta and another Plasma) and PILES of Heavy Weapon Squads I think four armed with Lascannons and another four armed with Autocannons and two with Heavy Bolters...? To that I should be able to add three squads of Tallarn Roughriders. This should fill out a "Brigade" Detachment - and then some - probably a "Battalion" Detachment (or a second Brigade)??? On top of all that Light Infantry - I'm also planning to add an armoured force of four Leman Rus tanks and a pile of Scout Sentinels, and possibly a Super Heavy tank (or two!?) I don't know... We'll see. I should concentrate on painting what I've got so far.

In other news

I also painted up these two sample Tau Pathfinders - to try out the colour scheme I was toying with. I'm not sure... It does look better in this photograph I took out in daylight than it did in my basement painting corner. These are for Amanda's Shadow War: Armageddon Kill Team - when I was describing the factions to her she liked the idea of what I described as "Galactic-Space-Commie-Aliens". I had five of these I picked up a while back along with a devilfish transport - since she decided to play these I picked up another small batch to fill out a Kill Team of 10 - plus have a few options for weapons.

Oh, I also went back through the blog and tallied up all the stuff I've painted and updated the 2017 totals. Looks like I'm in the red so far this year... Hopefully be the end of the year I'll be slightly ahead... I was a little shocked at how many figures I'd bought this year... I did buy a lot of Great War stuff early in the year - and got ALL of it painted (even though the Vimy Project was kind of killed...). Then on top of that the Bones 3 Kickstarter arrived, and I back two Lead Adventure Kickstarters (Dwarf Gold Fever and Astropolis II) and then I bought TWO large batches of 40K Tallarn minis (those alone totalled over 200 minis..) and I did order a few ECW things in the spring when I was getting a lot of that painted up. Of those 652 28mm foot figures I've painted so far this year, 148 of them have been 40K (or other Sci-fi) figures, 236 of them were for the Great War, and 183 were for the English Civil War (there were also 46 fantasy, 23 modern, and 28 post-apocalyptic).

Coming Soon To Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

At the front of the workbench I have the Tallarn Roughriders ready to go next. After that I should probably get a company commander painted and then start in on the next infantry platoon. I do also have a Leman Rus and Scout Sentinel lurking at the back of the workbench that I've been occasionally been putting daubs of paint on, but I'm kind of waiting on a couple packages of stowage materials (extra gas cans and kit that I want to have strewn about the vehicles, hanging precariously off every side) before I get too much painted.

Before I get going on too much of that Tallarn stuff (but after I finish the Roughriders) I do have a few other things I'd like to finish up: Shadespire Miniatures and a Skitarii Ranger Kill Team (both for my friend John), some more Tau, and the rest of the Space Hulk Genestealers and Terminators. If I had to guess the order I might do these in I'd say Roughriders, then Shadespire minis, then some Genestealers, then maybe some Tallarn thingie, then maybe some more Genestealers, then the Skitarii Kill Team, then either some more Tallarn or the Tau Kill Team (and maybe the Devilfish, while I'm at it?). I'd like to get this all done by Xmas... (Of course that's what they said in 1914, isn't it..?)

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Pan-Dimensional Mercenary, Commissar, and MORE Tallarn.

A Few things rolling off my workbench this week. I've been sick again and the dizzy spells are back with it - which is a little disconcerting. I haven't been able to sit for too long and paint, but as I'm sick and not doing much else - I've had a fair few opportunities to sit - even inf only briefly - and get a bit of painting done before my head hurt or was spinning and couldn't focus anymore and I needed to lie down...

John Gaunt - A.K.A. Grimjack - Pandimensional Mercenary. I picked this figure up earlier in the year and didn't realize who he was at the time - just thought he looked cool and for some reason looked a little familiar, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. later, in the summer, I happened to pick up a collection of Grimjack comics and was looking though them and sudden though "Waaaaiiiit a minute.... Where's that figure I bought!?" Originally I'd planned to paint those trousers in a tartan of sort... but after I realized who it was I had to paint him like he was in the comics. I was torn as to whether I should paint the gold and gold or paint it yellow like it was in the comics... I settled on gold...

The figure is from Miniature Figurines.

This fellow is actually from Lead Adventure Miniatures - I picked him up in the Astropolis II Kickstarter (He was actually released in the first Kickstarter, but I had had to pass on that one, so I picked him up in the second Kickstarter). I think he's supposed to be the first officer of the Astropolis, but I thought he'd make a PERFECT Commissar for my Imperil Guard.

A Tallarn Veteran Sergeant - a Gen-u-ine Games Workshop miniature.

 and finally a Heavy Weapon Squad for the Tallarn - armed with Mortars!

I had pretty good luck with the Mortars against Finnegan's Orks in our last little skirmish, so I thought I'd start off with these for some Heavy Support.

 That's all for now.

In other news....

the Drywall is up in then kitchen. Mudding should be finished by Friday and over the weekend we could potentially be painting. After that things should move along fairly quickly - the flooring guy should only take a couple days, the cabinet maker is just waiting on us, so as soon as the flooring guy is done, he'll start installing stuff and then we need to get the countertop people in and then the plumber again to finally hook things up. Should all be done well before the Holidaze.

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I have a half finished Infantry Squad of Tallarn on the workbench that will probably be my next priority. After that? Probably the squad of Roughriders! Also on the workbench is a half painted Leman Rus Tank and a Scout Sentinel, assorted Astropolis figures, and just yesterday my friend John added some Adeptus Mechanics Skitarii Rangers and some Shadspire minis which he asked me to paint up for him. The Skitarri Rangers are for his Shadow War: Armageddon Kill Team as I will be starting a campaign of that in the new year.

After the kitchen is finished I think I'm going to be doing some minor renovating in the basement - no walls being torn out or anything - just hauling everything out of the game room, building some new shelves, maybe putting in some new lighting, reorganizing the whole mess and such. Hopefully it will all be done by the end of January - in time for the Winter Wargaming Weekend.