Friday, September 16, 2016

September Challenge – Part Two

30 Games in 30 Days – Week Two(-ish)

Day Nine – Friday, 9 September 2016 – Dominion

The game we played used only cards from Hinterlands and Conrnucopia (well and the victory cards and treasure from the base set). It was fun. Used some cards we hadn’t used before. Some of them were nasty.

Later in the evening Amanda and I played 5e D&D Primeval Thule run by my friend Bruce.

Day Ten – Saturday, 10 September 2016 – Forbidden Island

A few weeks back The Girl picked up a copy of Forbidden Island and we finally got around to playing it this evening. Originally we’d planned for her to run a Shadowrun game, but we just got too busy during the day trying to get toehr stuff dune and didn’t end up having time. We promised we would play on Sunday…

Day Eleven – Sunday, 11 September 2016 – Shadowrun

Before the kids dance class we sat down and went through how the game worked out what characters we were playing and how the basics of the game worked… but that’s about all we got to doing. We did get to play after supper for a bit. 

Day Twelve – Monday, 12 September 2016 – Ingenious

Monday turned out to be pretty busy – but we got in a quick game of Ingenious just after lunch!

Day Thirteen – Tuesday, 13 September 2016 – Pandemic

Tuesday we played Pandemic. It started off okay, but then…

It looks pretty bad, but we actually won in the end – we were down to only three cubes left in the supply – but The Girl was playing the Quarentine Specialist and was sitting at Atlanta so she shot over to Riyadh (where I think that lab was) with a shuttle and just sat down in the middle of it until The Boy (The Medic) could get over there and mop things up!

It was a weird game. I think there was only ONE red cube on the table the whole game - which you would think would mean well less stuff to deal with - but not so! With no red cubes coming out it just meant that MORE of ALL THE OTHERS were constantly coming out! 

Day Fourteen – Wednesday, 14 September 2016 – Legendary

Quick game against Mysterio who was storming the Daily Bugle. The Boy always seemed to snap up all the Spidey cards so I ended up with a lot of Black Cat and Moon Knight. 

Day Fifteen – Thursday, 15 September 2016 - Hanging Gardens

I like Hanging Gardens. I’m never sure if I should try and just grab everything I can and hope for the best or selectively go for certain tiles to collect specific sets.

Fun was had. I did manage to get a complete set of the statues and the sculptor and two queens – so I did well. The Boy also did well with a couple complete sets. I can’t remember who won – but we were within one or two points of each other. The Girl just didn’t seem to have any luck at all with the cards and tiles…

Day Sixteen – Friday, 16 September 2016 
Contemptible Little Armies

(It was actually a highly modified version of Contemptible Little Armies…)

Today the kids helped me play test my Regina Trench game for ToonCon NEXT WEEK!! The kids played the Canadians (as the players will be doing in the game)…

…and I ran the Germans!

It maybe wasn’t totally fun for the kids – but it was a totally good play test! It was a complete and utter failure for the Canadians (I made The Girl cry - and she was the one that was doing "good"). One entire brigade never even made it to the German first trench line - one of their battalions was effectively wiped out and the other below half strength with morale failing - and the other brigade was still foundering in the Germans first trench line long after their protective barrage had moved on - which happens, but it took over half the turns I was planning for the full game just to take that front line! If the same thing happened at ToonCon I'd probably have some pretty disappointed players. BUT, I have a very, very clear idea of exactly what I need to change to the game to make it work a lot better and (hopefully) not be so disastrous for the Canadians!

(The kids also had the worst luck with the dice – they failed EVERY morale test they had to take during the game – six of them, when probablility would suggest they should have only failed two… So it wasn't ALL bad scenario design!)

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Probably after next weekend – I’ve got a lot of stuff to do to finish up for next week. I’ll get it done, but I probably won’t have so much time for posting stuff (I have been dutifully taking pictures of the whole terrain-making process so I can do a big post about that when I get a chance!) 

Monday, September 12, 2016

15th Battalion, CEF (48th Highlanders)

The 15th Battalion, CEF, was originally recruited from the 48th Highlanders of Canada – a militia unit based in Toronto.

This finishes up the 3rd Brigade (which I should get around to taking a picture of all together) and the last of the Canadian units I need for REGINA TRENCH!

Only two of the figures are entirely newly painted – the Piper and the Infantryman I converted to be carrying a Lewis gun. All others were previously painted – but recently rebased and I did a bit of touching up of most – the helmets and the formation patches, and in a few cases the kilts. The Highland infantry figure that makes up the bulk of the unit (as with the 16th Battalion (Canadian Scottish) are figures I modeled and cast myself – in fact, this particular figure is the very FIRST figure I ever modeled. They’re not very pretty on close inspection, but I’m hoping in the tide of khaki no one will notice.

The Officer and Piper are from Old Glory Miniatures

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

15th Battalion, CEF (48th Highlanders), 3rd Brigade, 1st Canadian Division.

The unit formation patch is a blue triangle over the red patch of the 1st Division (blue, being the colour or the junior brigade in the division, and a triangle to denote the third battalion within the brigade).

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Terrain… no, really…

(or maybe and update on the 30 Games in 30 Days Challenge)

Friday, September 9, 2016

14th (Montreal) Battalion, CEF

The 14th Battalion, CEF, was originally raised in Montreal in 1914 from members of the 1st Regiment Canadian Grenadier Guards, 3rd Regiment Victoria Rifles of Canada, and 65th Regiment Carabiniers de Montreal – all militia units. Apparently Sam Hughes (Minister of the Militia and the man behind the organization of the Canadian Expeditionary Force) dubbed the new amalgamated unit the “Royal Montreal Regiment” – though without any… y’know… actual Royal ascent!! (It seems these sort of details were but trifles to bold Sir Sam).

All the figures are from Wargames Foundry

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version):

13th Battalion, CEF (“Royal Montreal Regiment”), 3rd Brigade, 1st Canadian Division.

The unit formation patch is a blue semicircle over the red patch of the 1st Division (blue, being the colour or the junior brigade in the division, and a semicircle to denote the second battalion within the brigade).

I also happened to finish up one of the MG elements for the 1st Divison (but I forgot to do the arrow above their divisional patch!?)

Another casualty/morale failure marker.

The Girl was fascinated by this last little vignette. She had asked why they were in different uniforms and I explained it was because one was German and the other was British (though I’m using it as a Canadian…) – to which she responded “but I thought they were on different sides”. This, of course, filled me with pleasure because, not only did it show she actually was paying attention last time we were talking about the Great War (I’m not sure Amanda could so easily identify who was on which side!) it also offered me the opportunity to explain a little more about history and human nature: a) often prisoners captured in battle would help carry the dead and wounded from the battlefield and b) once a human truly recognizes that another human is not actually a threat to them, they are usually pretty willing to help that other human out. These two chaps are both in a spot of bother and, despite what “country” or “side” they were fighting for, have come to realize that at this exact point in their lives, neither is a threat to the other and, really, they have far more in common than they have differences and why would they not help each other out?

The world has really been getting me down lately and feeling like “why should I even bother carrying on…?” I need to remind myself of these things from time to time.

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

I have one last battalion that I need finished for the REGINA TRENCH! game I and running at ToonCon (in less than two weeks now!!!). Luckily the unit is mostly done I need to add one figure and fix up a few others. I also need to finish up the terrain. So hopefully I’ll be posting pictures of terrain and the last of the figures for the ToonCon game shortly!! I have all Sunday set aside for terrain-making, so hopefully I’ll find time to at least post an update on the situation early next week. 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

September Challenge – Week One

It’s September and we’ve got a bit of a tradition going in our household. For the last three years we’ve tried to play a game every day in September. The first year it was any game – so we had a lot of recurring short games played just before bedtime. Last year we changed it to a DIFFERENT game every day for the month - 30 games in 30 days. This year we are doing the same.

30 Games in 30 Days – Week One

Day One - Thursday, 1 September 2016 – Monty Python Fluxx

I had hoped to start the month off with Broken Legions, but after getting it all set up we ended up not having enough time to play. Instead we played a quick game of Monty Python Fluxx. I think this is my favourite of the Fluxx games – the theme really fits the silly, chaotic nature of the game. Amanda hates it. Moslty because she hasn’t seen much Monty Python and just doesn’t get it.

Two of Amanda’s least favourite cards. Luckily she wasn’t around for the game.

Day Two - Friday, 2 September 2016 – Broken Legions

You can read about this game in a separate blog post:

Day Three - Saturday, 3 September 2016 –Agricola

Our friend Brent came over to play Agricola with us. I really like the five-player game. Had way more fun at this than the last couple games. Amanda still crushed us all… but it was still super fun. I say SHE should take over the gardening in our yard, she’s clearly got the theory down.

Day Four - Sunday, September 2016 –  Race for the Galaxy (and others)

A Quick game of Race for the Galaxy before we sat down and watched The Martian – which I’d picked up at the library the day before.

This is a favourite of ours. Probably because you kind of just do your own thing and then count up your points when someone triggers the end game. There isn’t a lot of messing with each other.

Not my highest scoring game, but I still did pretty awesome! There were first goals for both Uplift and Alien and when I drew the genetics windfall start world, I thought I’d be going for Uplift stuff… but then I couldn’t stop picking up Alien stuff?!  In the end I took BOTH the Alien and Uplift first goals – but it was the Alien stuff I totally crushed it with… 

Earlier in the day I went over to my friend John’s and played a couple games. First, we played Railways of North America (above)…

…and then we got in a game of Power Grid.

They weren’t played with the family, so they don’t really count… but I played them. They were fun… Railways and Power Grid are on my list of games to play this month - so hopefully I'll get to have another go at them with the family. 

Day Five - Monday, 5 September 2016 –Star Wars: The Force Awakens RPG

The Boy ran his very first role-playing game ever!

He actually picked up Star Wars: Edge of the Empire a few months back and was excited about running that for a bit, but then interest sort of trailed off and we got busy doing other things. But then when we were at the Sentry Box in Calgary he picked up the Force Awakens Beginner Game set and read through that over the last few weeks and then ran it for us. It went pretty good.

Day Six - Tuesday, 6 September 2016 – Retro Loonacy

Tuesday ended up being a bit of a gong show. We started our home0schooly activities and then decided to ride out to the Saskatoon Zoo for the (Not Going) Back to School picnic. Afterwards we stopped in at the Co-op Home Centre to pick up some stuff for some urgent home repairs, then we popped into the Dragon’s Den (our FLGS) where The Girl, inspired by her brother running Star Wars the day earlier, decided to pick up the Shadowrun Core Rulebook (a while back she picked up the Beginner Box - and is going to run that for us this Saturday! – but decided she is forsure going to run MORE of it and should just go ahead and get the Core Rulebook…). Then WE stopped in at a music store to get a new tuner for our violins (and accidentally bought one for a guitar/bass…. But that’s a whole other story) and then stopped in at the Grocery store for some food… THEN we had to ride home and MAKE supper in time for Amanda and the Girl to get out to their Karate class and then The Boy was going out to play D&D 5E at King Me Boardgamery (which is conveniently just a few blocks away)…

So How to get a game in there…?

Well I ended up playing a couple of two-player games of Retro Loonacy with The Boy before he ran off to play D&D

And then I played a few more games with Amanda and The Girl when they got home from Karate…. So… we didn’t all play together… but we did all play the same game on the same day….

Day Seven - Wednesday, 7 September 2016 –  Smash Up

I don’t love Smash Up like I used to. The kids still do. So we played it.

I played Mystical Ponies from Innsmouth. They worked out pretty good.

Day Eight - Thursday, 8 September 2016 –Ra

Finally we played Ra this afternoon. WE actually played this at the tail end of August and it turned out remarkably the same last The Girl and I were within points of each other (50+/-) and The Boy had half as many points as us (~20)?!

Surprisingly, no one bid on this second last auction of the game… I can’t figure out why…?!

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Just finishing up some more Great War Canadians – should have pictures of them up tomorrow. 

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Broken Legions

Broken Legions: Fantasy Skirmish Wargames in the Roman Empire by Mark Latham is one of the latest in the Osprey wargames series from Osprey Games. I’ve really been enjoying… well… most of the games in this series. They’re inexpensive enough that I don’t mind picking them up just to see what they’re like.

I’ve been pretty excited about checking out Broken Legions for almost a year now since the Big Reveal last September. Not because I had a clue who Mark Latham was at the time or what sort of rules he’s written (though BGG informs me he is the author of Trafalgar, Waterloo, and the Legends of the Old West series of games - all from Warhammer Historical Wargames – of which I have only played Legends of the Old West, once, almost 10 years ago), but I really like the thematic setting.

I really like Cthulhu Invictus. I had though about running it with Savage Worlds back when I was playing a lot of that, but never got around to it (too many campaign settings… not enough time… or regular committed players) (you’d think I’d have been all over Weird Wars Rome, but I’m actually kind of “meh” about it…). I thought at one point I might try running them using a mash up of Song of Shadows and Dust and Fear and Faith… and I still might! But I also thought I’d have a look at Broken Legions to see how they played out and if they could potentially be adapted.

So when Broken Legions arrived I though it would be fun to try out. I didn’t have to paint a thing. I could easily have fielded multiple Roman forces (either Soldiers of the Eagle or Order of Mithras), Sons of Spartacus (Gladiators), Cult of Set (Egyptians), the Argonauts (Greeks) or any of the others. I could probably run a campaign for a dozen people without having to put a drop of paint on a figure – just with stuff I already have painted…

I recruited the kids to play a quick game Friday afternoon.

Germania, 101AD


Centurion Carisius and his sacred band of Legionaries are on a mission deep into the heart of Germania to recover ancient relic the barbarians there might use to gain great power.


I decided to use Scenario 5: Darkest Before the Dawn. As written the players are to dice to determine who is the attacker and who is the defender. I simply decided that it would be the Germanic Barbarians that were attacking the Romans in their camp just before dawn. The scenario seemed simple and straightforward – there they are, get ‘em – no wandering monsters or objectives to secure…


I tried to keep things relatively simple – not try out too many different things in our first go at this. I also wanted to try and just use stuff that I had… which didn’t necessarily fit the lists exactly, but I did my best.

Soldiers of the Eagle – played by The Boy

1x Centurion (+ Tower Shield)
1x Warhound
4x Legionary (+ 1 Pilum each)
1x Auxiliary Legionary
3x Numerus

The "Numerus" seem like maybe they’re supposed to be hunters or scouts - they have the Pathfinder ability – but it was the only way to get an armoured archer so I could use these auxiliary archers I have (although they are classified as “light armour” even though they are wearing the same chainmail as the auxilary “legionary”)

Barbarians – played by The Girl

1 x Tribal Chieftan (+Shield)
1x Druidess (+ Miracles – Nature’s Wrath and Call of the Wild)
6x Warriors (+ javelin)
1x Berserker

I have these six Germanic warriors that are armed with Spears… spears apparently aren’t an option for Barbarian warriors in the lists… so I said they were javelins and their main weapons were “hand weapons”)



Germans, being the attackers in the particular scenario, automatically started with the initiative.

(Remember: click on the pictures for a bigger version)

In the darkest hour before dawn, the Romans are up in their camp – alerted to the presence of ambushers by the vicious barking and howling of the Centurion’s loyal canine companion; Rex.

The Druidess accompanied by her bodyguard approach the camp from one direction.

The Tribal Chieftan led another bunch towards the camp from the opposite direction.

The Tribal Chieftan was spotted in the darkness by one of the archers who loosed off an arrow at him, missing. Another archer joined him but couldn’t make out any targets. The Legionaries also rushed to that side of the camp, leaving the other side guarded by the solitary Auxiliary soldier, and single archer and Rex, the Centurion’s warhound.

The Druidess and her companions advance through the woods – at the end of her movement the Druidess performed the Nature’s Wrath miracle – all enemies within 3” of any woods or swamp or similar feature had to make a Physique Test at -1 or take a wound – this was particularly nasty because nearly all of the table is forest! The Romans lost two of their archers and three of the Legionnaires took wounds!

Large boughs lashed out at the legionaries, bashing them harshly – and the two archers who were standing a little two close to the woods were dragged into the dark wood by animated vines as they disappeared into the shadows of the forest their cries were snuffed out…

This was a pretty devastating blow for the Soldiers of the Eagle – and on the first turn – What if she did that EVERY turn!? To perform a miracle they simply have to pass a Presence Test (d10+Presence=10+ for success – with a presence of 4 that means it works 50% of the time… brutal…).

Perhaps this was overlooked in the writing of the rules, but while I could find a place where is specifically states that a model wounded by missile fire must pass a Presence Test or be Broken and in another place it states a model wounded in melee must also pass a Presence Test or be Broken. Doesn’t say anything about wounds received due to miracles or even simply witnessing “miracles” which I think would actually be pretty dammned horrific… Ah, well…


No sunrise, darkness rules still in effect. Germans continued to have the initiative.

The Germans continued to advance. As the Centurion finally spotted the Germanic Tribal Chieftain lurking in the shadows, he decided to take the “Bring Him Down” Heroic Action – thus for the remainder of the turn anyone in his warband that was able to spot the Tribal leader in the darkness and made a missile attack on him did so at +1. So all the Legionaries rushed forward and threw their Pilums at the Tribal Chieftain. The Germanic warriors also rushed forward and hurled their javelins at Legionnaires that hadn’t yet thrown their Pilums – on got lucky at took down a Legionnaire that had previously been wounded by the Nature’s Wrath miracle.

Three of the Legionnaires hit the Chieftain, but he deflected all three in turn with his shield (they failed to wound). At the end of their move three had formed up into a shieldwall.

Germans still advancing towards the other end of the camp. The Druidess failed to perform any miracles this round and narrowly escaped the Wrath of the Gods!


No sunrise, darkness rules still in effect. Germans continue to maintain the initiative.

Worried the Druidess might pull off another Nature’s Wrath miracle, the Centurion ordered his men back into the relative safety of the camp. Two made it back, but the third was charged by two Germanic Warriors – locking him in combat and preventing his retreat.

At the other end of the camp a Germanic Warrior charged out of the woods and hurled his javelin at the Auxiliary soldier – missing wildly.

The Archer put an arrow through him – knocking him out of the action.

A second warrior broke from the trees and this one hurled his javelin at the Archer – taking him down!

The Berserker joined the other two.

In the melee phase the two Germanic Warriors hammered on the lone Legionary. Despite their numerical advantage and the charge bonuses – they just couldn’t take down the Legionary – Heavy Armour with a Tower Shield is one tough nut to crack… best to stick to the miracles, because a regular warrior is just not going to take one out unless he gets very lucky!


Sun came up, darkness rules no longer in effect – and the Romans seize the Initiative!

The Centurion Charged into combat against one of the Germanic Warriors and shouted at his men “TO ME, MEN!” (another “heroic action” that allows D5 of his soldiers within 6” to immediately activate and move towards him – they used this to great effect, forming a shield wall on his flanks.

The rules about these shield walls and charging them aren’t totally clear. Three or more soldier with shields and the Shield wall special ability may form a shield wall simply by moving into line and facing in the same direction – then, in addition to the benefit of the shields themselves, they also count as defending an obstacle. Now if they are charged from the side or rear, soldiers can be peeled off that shield wall and if enough of them do so it is no longer in effect.  It SEEMS, though it doesn’t specifically state it, that when charging an enemy a model is to move directly towards it – otherwise why wouldn’t everyone charge immediately to the flank of it and break up the shield wall. So we said if models wanted to charge the side, they’d first have to move far enough over to the side – so that the closest direct path would be to their flank.

Despite that option, the Germanic warriors just charged straight in against the wall!

Rex the warhound charged into the wood in search of the sorceress – he can sniff out evil magic!

The Druidess fled from the vicious brute and attempted a Call of the Wild miracle – hoping to summon a pair of wolves or possibly a bear… unfortunately all she managed to summon was a raven (or, in our case, a giant bat… because that’s what we had) who only gives her the “Spy” special ability…

The Shieldwall looked particularly nasty… until the Melee Phase. Of those that charged, the Berserker had the highest agility and went first attacking a legionary to his front in the middle of the shield wall… and took him down! Now it doesn’t really specifically say when the ability is lost, but it seemed the wall was broken up and so it should no longer apply…?

The Centurion went next and managed to cleave one of the Germanic Warriors. The remaining Germanic Warrior then went and managed to would the remaining Legionary – being the only one NOT wounded by the Nature’s Wrath miracle in the first turn he still had two hit points and so being wounded and losing one of them in melee meant he actually got to take a Presence Test… and he failed it and ran away…

The Auxiliary at the end of the line didn’t get to hit anyone. One of the advantages of the shieldwall is that anyone in the shieldwall may participate in a melee and may direct their attacks at anyone in contact with the wall (which seems a little odd as a soldier at one end, it seems, could direct his attacks at an opponent in contact with soldiers at the far end of the line…? Anyway, as there no longer was a shield wall and the Auxiliary was never actually in contact with the opposing Germanic Warriors… he didn’t get to get in on the action.

Over at the other end of the camp the Tribal Chieftain and a third Germanic Warrior had joined in the melee against he solitary Legionnaire defending that end of the camp.

He  tried to sell himself dearly – and managed to take down one of the barbarians – the numbers finally took their toll and the Legionary was brought down.


The Romans won the initiative. So the Druidess used the Spy special ability that her raven/bat gave her and tired to reverse that. It didn’t work.

The Centurion charged into combat against the Berserker – thinking he’d have a better chance against it than the Auxiliary that was with him… and by charging the Berserker it prevented the Berserker from getting the bonus attack he gets every round in which he charges.

The Tribal Chieftain then went and challenged the Centurion to a “Clash of Champions”. The Centurion decided to ignore the hairy barbarian fellow that was shouting at him in Ancient German (but would suffer a -1 to his presence for the remainder of the turn for doing so…)

Other charges were made and there was a mess of melee combats. Everybody battered on each other with zero effect. What ended the game was the Druidess. She finally performed another Nature’s Wrath miracle – both the Centurion and Legionary – who were within 3” of  woods managed to pass their Physique Tests! Unfortunately, Rex the Warhound failed… and that brought the Soldiers of the Eagle to 25% of their original strength… which triggered some “All is Lost” rolls in the Recovery Phase.  Both the Legionary and Auxiliary failed their Presence Tests and decided that all was indeed lost and fled the battlefield (“removed as a casualty” says the rules) leaving only the Centurion. We called it at that point – saying he fled the field as well. Heroes are pretty hard to beat – they have multiple hit points (four, in the case of the Centurion) and the Centurion had Heavy Armour and a Tower Shield which is really, really hard to beat when trying to wound. He probably could have lasted the remaining three turns, but the writing was on the wall and he would not have taken down the entire remaining barbarian force single-handedly (he may very well have failed his All is Lost roll the next turn…)

There is a bit of a campaign system – which is always fun – but we only went as far as rolling to se what became of those injured in the game….

The two auxiliary archers that were dragged off into the woods by the animated vines in the first nature’s Wrath miracles on the first turn actually survived. They were bound to trees, but manage to get their daggers free and cut their way out… but not before the rest of their unit was massacred… The other archer that was punctured by the javelin died of his wounds.  He probably died right there in the middle of the action. Only one of the Legionaries actually died… I don’t remember which one it was. The Auxiliary soldier also died – he was one who fled in the last turn. Probably turned to flee and was run through from the back. Oh, and the Centurion died… as we said he gave up, we considered his “removed as a casualty” just as anyone else failing a All is Lost Check. He was probably captured by the Germans and was taken back to their village and sacrificed as part of some dark ritual before his remaining legionaries could regroup and organize a rescue…

The Dog was also never seen again. Maybe it died - that's what we rolled - but The Girl wasn't happy about killing a poor dog, so we decided that maybe the Druidess has a new animal companion…

Of the Germans only one of the Warriors died.

All things considered it was a pretty fun game and we didn’t get bogged down having to look up rules or anything. It would probably go even a bit quicker after a few more plays.

I can’t seem to wrap my head around the campaign system. It seems experience point are gathered individually based on who took out what stuff and whether your side won. The Soldiers of the Eagle, having only taken out 4 henchmen and lost the game would have gained ZERO experience points. The Barbarians, on the other hand, would have gained 8… or maybe 11…? Now these experience points can be saved and when individuals gain enough (3 for henchmen and 5 for Heroes) they can “spend” them to roll on a table for a chance at some sort of benefit. The points can alternatively be pooled and converted into points to recruit new members for the warband… I just can’t grok the economy of it all. It seems like it would be really, REALLY hard to just keep the numbers you have let alone expand your warband and have the experienced gain new abilities…? I guess I’d have to play it and see how it worked out.

There are Auxilia – mercenary heroes you can hire for your warband – which I didn’t bother with for this game. They have a point cost to hire them at creation or to add to your warband later, but they also have retainer you have to “pay” in points EVERY GAME to keep them!? I’m not sure how you’d be able to keep then around without wiping out your opponents every game and not ever giving your guys any advances…!?

Again I guess I’d have to play more to see if it works out.

Will I play more…?

I don’t know.


If I didn’t have loads of other games I like better I’d totally play this more. It’s a slick little game that plays fairly quick and has some fun elements and a campaign system and with a few rules clarifications and/or house rules to clarify things it would make a fine little game….

But I DO have loads of other games that I happen to like better (I still love Song of Shadows and Dust – and could mash it up with some elements from Fear and Faith and/or Advanced Song of Blades and Heroes to make a pretty cool skirmish game for a similar setting, but I get a lot of others don’t dig on the level of abstraction in the Ganesha Games Song of… Series, so…)

What I REALLY need to do is NOT explore any of these options and get back on track with the Great War projects and finish up the Regina Trench terrain! I will revisit the dark shadows of the Roman Empire after next April… (or maybe over the Holidaze, if I need a break in December…)

Coming soon on Tim’s Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Could be a post about our annual 30 Games in 30 Days September Challenge (Broken Legions was Game #2 for the 2nd of September…) or possibly pics of the next Battalion of Canadians I’m just finishing up – YES they are a battalion that I need for the Regina Trench game!! I AM doing some work on that!!