Saturday, May 25, 2019

MORE Reavers

Four more weeks to the Strange Bedfellows Team Tournament!

Yesterday I finished up six more Drukhari Reavers!

And that finishes off the first massive, full-sized murder pack of TWELVE!


I have nine more Reavers to do at some point. I'm wondering about doing them in different colours - so they could be from a different gang and could be used as rivals in Gangs of Commorragh (which I have a couple copies of!)

I'm already on to the Hellions! My hope is that I will crank through all twenty in the next week and then the last three weeks I'll just have ten Wyches to do each week (and one Succubus!).

Looking over this force of Drukhari, there is a total of 93 Power Level (and just shy of 1900 points). I'm thinking once I've done the stuff we have, I'll have to convince Amanda to get herself a Ravager to give the force just a bit more hard-hitting, anti-armour capability - which will also bring the force to a nice even 100 Power Level (and just over 2000 points) - and be fieldable as three detachments.

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(well... all the ones I'm going to paint for the upcoming tournament)

(Actually I'll probably do them in batches of 10... so it might be the first batch of 10 in a couple days and then another batch of 10 after that... probably next weekend)

Thursday, May 23, 2019

Drukhari Reavers

Having finished off the Asuryani stuff I needed for the Strange Bedfellows tournament, I'm on to painting Amanda's Drukhari (that Finnegan is going to use in the tournament).

First up, Reavers...

Drukhari Reaver Jet Bike Riders from Games Workshop.

I have six more of these I need to finish up, hopefully by the weekend!

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MORE Reavers!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

More Dire Avengers

It's the Victoria Day long weekend her in Canada and I stayed up stupid late last night to finish up this latest batch of Dire Avengers....

Two batches of five old metal Dire Avengers models from Games workshop.

The two groups will join my two existing squads to make two squads of TEN!

I do have a few more Dire Avengers (5 or 6?), which, at some point, I'll paint up to use as a third squad... and some day I might try to track down a few more figures to make it a full unit of ten as well...

For now, this completes the force I'll be taking to the Strange Bedfellows Team Tournament in June.
Base Detachment - Biel-Tim (as Biel-Tan).

My 1000-point Asuryani "Base Detachment" force for the Strange Bedfellows Team Tournament in June. This includes:

HQ (1-2)

Troops (2-4)
Dire Avenger(10)
Dire Avenger (10)
Rangers (9)

Elites (0-1)
Wraithguard (6)

Fast Attack (0-1)
Warp Spiders (10)

Heavy Support (0-1)

My entire War Host (so far)...

2 Warlocks

Dire Avenger(10)
Dire Avenger (10)
Rangers (10)
Rangers (5)
Guardians (8 - not quite a full squad)

Wraithguard (6)
Howling Banshees (6)

Fast Attack 
Warp Spiders (10)

Heavy Support 
3 Wraithlords
Dark Reaper (4)

I'll be taking a break from the Craftworld Eldar for a month while I crank out 1000 point of their dark cousins: The Drukhari!

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Drukhari! Possibly a squad of Reavers (jet bikes!)

Or... maybe some T'au?!

Friday, May 17, 2019

MORE Mistakes Were Made...

That thing I said about "No more eBay purchases"...?

Mistakes were made.

Actually, I did kind of tell myself I wasn't going to purchase anymore stuff off eBay... UNLESS one of these came along for a not-too-unreasonable price! Then that kind of happened.

Anyone paying REALLY close attention to the previous post might have noticed me mention some... stuff... needing to be painted.

Anyway, I woke up to this notification...

and I may have squealed like a little girl and then done a happy dance...

Then these showed up today...

An old Armorcast Eldar Phantom Titan and an equally old Armorcast Eldat Tempest Heavy Grav Tank.

Some of my other Aeldari Heavy Hitters - that all still need to be painted (or... Repainted). I also have a Wraithknight, but it's in pieces still and couldn't be propped up for the photo!

Looking at these, I'd seriously like to get a second Revenant Titan and third Tempest...

For a sense of scale here they are with my Imperial titans, a squad of infantry and Keira's Wraithknight - which is almost done! (She just needs to finish off the base!)

As exciting as these all are... I'm going to have to wait a bit to start painting them! I have other stuff that have DEADLINES!

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Eldar Dire Avengers, then a whole lot of Drukhari and THEN some massive Eldar titanic vehicles and walkers!!!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Painting Plans

It is, of course, the height of ridiculousness to think I could make a plan for what I'm going to paint ALL YEAR and expect I would actually stick to it.... ALL... YEAR.... I do recognize, however, that it is good to have SOME kind of plan and that I'm generally far more productive if I have a plan and am, more or less, sticking to it.

I was looking, recently, at the 2019 Painted Versus Purchased page I have listed over on the right under "Pages" and had a good look at the "Things I'd Like to Paint in 2019" list. Here is what was on that...

Reaver Battle Titan
Redemptionist Necromunda Gang
Imperial Knight Paladin
Imperial Knight Warden
Ratskin Necromunda Gang
Cawdor Necromunda Gang
Battle Sisters (~15 if them to finish off)
Tallarn (LOADs to do)
Valhallans (LOADs to do)
Craftworld Eldar (LOADs to do) - working on it!
Harlequins (Two Troupes and an Troupe Leader)
Grey Knights (Two Strike Squads and Castellan Crowe)
Drukhari Battalion (LOADs to do)
Rogue Trader Crew - Elucidian Star Striders
Gellerpox Mutants
Blackstone Fortress Heroes
Blackstone Fortress Adversaries
Imperialis Terrain (LOADs to do)
Mechanicus Terrain
Munitorum Terrain
Urban Conquest Terrain
Mice & Mystics Minis
British Regulars Rebels and Patriots Company
British Rangers Rebels and Patriots Company
French Regulars Rebels and Patriots Company
French de la Marine Rebels and Patriots Company
Soviet Modern Micro Armour
USMC Modern Micro Armour
Epic Eldar
Epic Imperial Guard
Epic Imperial Titans
Epic Marines
Epic Orks
Epic Chaos
Epic Squats

Only two items crossed off a rather lengthy list. The problem with it is Craftworld Eldar is ONE ITEM on that list - I'm never going to cross that off this year - or likely any of the items on the list - they are too vast in scope... So I started thinking about what I would like to paint this year... y'know... IF I had to pick, right now, what I had to paint for the rest of the year, AND was actually able to STICK TO IT!?

(The above list is no longer on the page, I've removed it and replaced it with a slightly more reasonable list below - something that I'll be able to cross items off of!)

I was thinking a squad or unit of 10-12 or a single vehicle per week is entirely do-able. The next five weeks... well... I'll be doing a bit more than that as I'm on a bit of a DEADLINE!

This week I've already completed 5 Rangers and 6 Wraithguard and still need to finish up 10 Dire Avengers over the weekend.

Next Five Weeks (before the Strange Bedfellows Tournament)

Week One - 12x Reavers
Week Two - 20x Hellions!?
Week Three - Succubus + 10x Wyches
Week Four - 10x Wyches
Week Five - 10x Wyches

After 23 June 2019, there are 28 weeks left in the year. So, I tried to think of 28 items (squads or units of 10-12 or a single vehicle) that I'd like to finish up. Right now, I'm feeling like finishing off the Asuryani - my Craftworld Eldar. In no particular order, here is what I'd have to do:

10x Rangers
10x Metal Guardians
10x Metal Guardians
(there are 80+ plastic ones that I'm not even thinking about at this time!)
10x Warp Spiders
8x Fire Dragons
7x Swooping Hawks
10x Striking Scorions
4x Phoenix Lords (Jain Zar, Fuegan, Baharaoth, and Karandras - I might be dreaming to think I could get all four done in one week... but whatevs...)
2x Warlocks + 1 Farseer
5x Dire Avengers
Falcon Grav Tank
Falcon Grav Tank
Tempest/Scorpion Heavy Grav Tank
Tempest/Scorpion Heavy Grav Tank
Revenant Titan
Phantom Titan

That's 17 Weeks right there... but DAMN, it'd all be DONE! And that would be 512 Power Level or 9500 points worth of options!! (Mind you almost 2/3 of that is the last four items on the list!)

What to do with the remaining 11 weeks...?

Well, I have harlequins still to finish up (if I want to stay focused on Aeldari forces)...
6x Harlequins
6x Harlequins
6x Harlequins
6x Harlequins

And I have some more of Amanda's Drukhari...
10x Wyches
10x Kabalites
10x Kabalites
5x Kabalites + Archon
10x Hellions
9x Reavers

This would finish off about 1900 points of Drukhari - enough for a pretty big game or lots of options for smaller games (which I like better anyway!)

I also have some stuff I've promised to paint for my friend John (at some point!?)...
Shadespire Skaven
Shadspire Dwarves
Space-Rat Kill Team (20)
Frostgrave Female Soldiers (22)

I'll probably get working on a few of these over the summer - mixing them in with the Eldar...

There are all the Blackstone Fortress minis I haven't painted yet...
9x Explorers (that might take more than a week...)
1x Chaos Lord + 2 Chaos Space Marines
4x Chaos Beastmen + 4 Negavolt Cultists
2x Rogue Psykers + 4x Spindle Drones
14x Traitor Guardsmen

AND there's all the Hellboy: the Boardgame stuff I was hoping to finish up BEFORE Xmas so we could play a campaign of that over the week between Xmas and New Years...
10x  Agent Miniatures
50+ Plastic Minion Miniatures
4-5x Plastic Boss Miniatures
PLUS all the stuff in the Box Full of Evil - that hasn't even been shipped yet! (That'll have to be a "Next Year Project")

Plus there are lots of other things on that initial list that might still distract me (because they are smaller items that might be nice to just finish off!!)
Ratskin Necromunda Gang
Cawdor Necromunda Gang
Van Saar Necromunda Gang
Karloth Valois and his zombie minions
Battle Sisters (~15 if them to finish off)
Grey Knights (Two Strike Squads and Castellan Crowe)
Rogue Trader Crew (Elucidian Star Striders)
Rogue Trader Gellerpox Mutants
Imperial Knight Paladin
Imperial Knight Warden

And NO END of terrain to finish up!? (Rogue Trader, Imperialis, Munitorum, Mechanicus, Wall or Martyrs, Urban Conquest, etc - plus loads of scratch build stuff I have in mind...)


I guess I need to just focus and get the stuff done for the tournament and then see how sick I am of painting Eldar or if it just gets more MORE fired up about finishing off the entire collection!

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Ten Dire Avengers seems most likely.


Just finished up a few more Aeldari I'm planning to use for the Strange Bedfellows tournament coming up in June...


I've had one of these models for years and never really got around to painting it up because I could never find enough others to make a unit. Oh, they're available out there on eBay, it's just that people want so much for them! So, I was REALLY EXCITED when I saw there was a full unit of five included in the Big Batch of Eldar I recently picked up - especially considering how well my Wraithlords have been doing in games - AND how well Keira's Wraithblades fared in our latest game.

Here is the rest of the force, so far... I just have ten Dire Avengers to finish up the 1000 point force. I hope to have them done by the end of the weekend - and then it's on to painting Drukhari!

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Ten Dire Avengers seems most likely.

I've also had a post about painting plans for the year congealing in my brain matter, that might show up soonish.

It is the Victoria Day long weekend this weekend - I really hope we get in a few games over the weekend. Board games will end up in the monty Board Game update post at the end of the month, but maybe I'll get in some mini games that I could post a game report about!

Monday, May 13, 2019

Path of the Outcast

I finished up the Rangers I need for the Strange Bedfellows tournament coming up in June.

"Need" is a funny word to use there, as I did not NEED them at all. I have other painted rangers I could have used...

But they don't MATCH!?

It's true, I AM a special kind of stupid...

MORE Aeldari Rangers in the Cool Alien Camouflage (cool as in cool colours - Blue, Green, Purple... as opposed to the Warm Alien Camouflage).

One of them is a conversion that I used a Drukhari head on. not because I thought, "Hey, it would be cool to put a Drukhari head on one of these rangers...", but because one of the Ranger minis I got in the recent Big Batch of Eldar didn't have a head... and I had lots of Drukhari heads... and I recently read Path of the Warrior by Gav Thorpe and one of the Striking Scorpion characters is later revealed to be a Drukhari that was captured or surrendered in a battle against the Alaitoch craftworld and somehow became one of them...? I thought, of all the paths, the Path of the Outcast (which the Rangers follow) seems the most likely to take in wayward Drukhair... If you can call a Drukhari that no longer wishes to be a BDSM Murder Elf "wayward"...?

The Whole Squad

Because of the acquisitions made in the Big Batch of Eldar, I will, eventually, be able to field three full squads of ten Rangers!

Now you see them... you don't! Can you spot all the Aeldari Rangers in the Deathworld Forest!?

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog: 

The plan is to finish off all the stuff I need foe my own force THIS WEEK! That means six Wraithguard and ten Dire Avengers. Then I have FIVE WEEKS to paint 1000 points of Drukhari!