Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Tallarn Command

Just two more Roughriders to do before the weekend after this lot...

The Command elements I finished up over the last few days... (all from Games Workshop!)

This finishes off:

Company Commander and Command Squad. I decided the officers needed a bit more "bling" that the standard troops, and that the Command Squad for the Company Commander could be similarly jazzed up. I'm not sure it works now... but I'm going to leave it as is (for now) too many other things needing paint on them to start repainting finished things now!

A second Platoon Commander and Command Squad. The Platoon Commander is a "Platoon Commander" in name only (for the fluff), they will likely always be fielded as Company Commanders in game terms not because they're a better deal - but because I have so few Headquarters options to fill up the necessary HQ slots for Brigade Detachments, and far more Elites units than I have slots for (Platoon Commanders in the game are Elite options - as are Command Squad - so a Platoon Commander and a Command Squad eats up TWO Elite slots of which there are only eight)

The entire force so far.

What we have here is:

3x Company Commanders
1x Lord Commissar

6x Infantry Squads

3x Command Squads
5x Special Weapon Squads (2x Sniper, 2x Melta, 1x Plasma)
1x Commissar
1x Veteran Squad

Fast Attack
1x Scout Sentinel
1x Roughriders

2x Heavy Weapon Squad (mortars)
2x Leman Russ Tanks (1x standard battle tank, 1x Punisher Variant)

Coming Soon to Tim's Miniature Wargaming Blog:

Two Tallarn Roughriders - so I can split the group I have into two smaller squads of five and six, respectively (giving me three fast attack elements and enough to fill out a "Brigade Detachment").

At that point I'll probably take a picture of the 1000 point force I'm taking to the tournament on the weekend.


  1. Excellent! The command staff look great. The whole thing (thus far) looks like a force to be reckoned with.

    1. Thanks!

      They may look frightening en masse, but I'm pretty sure I'm not going to win many games with them. There' just so soft and squishy and easily turned into pulp...

  2. They look great! I guess you need a lot of lasgun armed guardsmen, it's a lovely finish you've got on all of them.
    Best Iain

  3. I am really looking forward to seeing how you do! I hope the scenario objectives work in your favour - I would guess that objective based ones are good for you with your numbers and mobility? Your opponents might also be unnerved by ambushes, and the orders and strategems are handy force multipliers with your healthy number of command points given your force structure. I suspect you might upset someone ... but heck, if all else fails quantity has a quality of it's own and you'll get to roll lots of dice!


    1. Thanks Dave!

      I am curious to see how they do as well. I'm not really expecting to win any games - I'm mostly going to meet some of the guys in the local league.

      Though I have a tonne of guys, the 41st millennium seems like a pretty dangerous place for the lowly Astra Militarum. Having a pile of command points seems like it should be a good thing, but none of the stratagems seem like they're game changers. Grenadiers certainly looks fun... I guess I could have a lot of re-rolls...?

      The tournament is being helming in a bar and the tables are 3'x4', playing lengthwise. So, I'm not sure about using the ambush - at least not paying 3 Command Points to put stuff in ambush. To place them on the table they have to be at least 9" away from any enemy - on a 3' wide table I'm not sure there WILL be any places that aren't within 9" of enemy. No one will certainly be able to do it to my force as my deployment zone will be completely saturated with troops. I can put the Roughriders in ambush for free - and might give that a try with one or both - in case opponents take a lot of higher point stuff and have relatively few units it might give them incentive to not leave their deployment zone, lest it give me an opportunity to come galloping in the other side.

      The scenarios are all the same - based on the Maelstrom or War scenarios - but with only four objective markers and the organizers are making a custom tactical deck for each table. Most of the victory points are awarded for controlling objective markers. And bonus ones for killing the opponents warlord and wiping out the first unit (which I have a feeling will always go to my opponent...)

      It is only 1000 point, no Lords of War and there was some Power Level limit (no units PL 13 or higher...? Or something like that...?). But you can still field some hard-hitting MFs for 12 Power Level! Terminators and all sorts of things that could conceivably ruin the Astra Militarum's day.

      Anyway, it's the first 40K tournament I've ever gone to, so it will certainly be interesting!

      I just want obliterate ONE unit with my Punisher bullet hose. If I can do that once on Saturday, I'll be happy.

    2. I will try and post a brief after action report on Sunday with some pics - thought the games are limited to 2 hours including set up, so there probably won't be as many pics as my regular game reports!